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Morrisons Chique Twin Blade Disposable Razors

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Shaving & Hair Removal / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Type: Razors

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    1 Review
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      12.11.2009 00:52
      Very helpful



      Ok but not wonderful these!

      Being a girly girl I break out in a sweat thinking about hairy bits appearing I don't want! I shave my legs almost daily as well as my armpits and bikini line as my hair grows fast and stubble belongs on Brad Pitts face...not on me!

      So I usually use a Sensor Excel Razor (or I have a couple of others on hand that are not disposables) but when I saw this packet of 5 disposable razors costing only £1.26 I decided to give them a go and all that attracted me to them was the packaging and the name 'Chique' lol.

      The Packaging:

      Cream and pink coloured, oblong plastic bag and a section on the back is see through of which you can see the razors through it. On the front there is a picture of a heart and I'm told they are Morrisons Twin Blade Disposables 'Chique' With Rubber Grip x5 and I'm told they have a soft touch handle and contain Vitamin E. On the back of the packet ingredients are listed (for the lubricating strip), directions for use are given as are warnings, storage information is listed and contact details for Morrisons are there too. I like the girly looking but classy packaging of these and when I saw the razors were a bright pink colour I was unable to resist them!

      The Razors:

      Well like I say they are bright pink. Well they are in the main. The underside and the head of the razor are white and the outer side of the handle is fuchsia pink. Longish handle with vertical blades. I say blade's' as there are two thin stainless steel blades and above that a light lilac coloured strip of lubrication.

      To use it of course is as you would normally use a razor! Wet skin, lather up with whatever and shave away with it

      I found the feel of this to be sort of comfortable enough but it did feel cheap, which of course they are and it wasn't moulded or anything. I found them easy to use and that they didn't drag on my skin providing that I lathered my skin up well before using them. I found them to glide great and I got no cuts...as such. I did get some speckles of blood on my skin though which were like pin pricks. They didn't hurt though and I'm not sure why that happened though cuts didn't and I didn't go mad on myself or anything and used a lightish touch.

      I didn't find the lubrication strip to do anything really but I mean maybe it did but not noticeable to me!


      Well I shaved thoroughly with this and it did a decent job however not an amazing one sadly. I wasn't irritated after using it or sore at all and didn't have any razor burn but I did notice that I had some stubble left behind and they didn't give me as much as a close shave as I'm used to and like I say I did bleed slightly though I didn't get any lasting marks!

      These are ok but I found after using one razor on my legs, pits and bikini line it was badly blunted and needed to be thrown away so economical....not really when you think it's £1.26 for just 5 shaves. Not bad but certainly not brilliant value for money and as I said earlier they have a really cheap feel to them and remind me of the old yellow Bic razors from way back when lol!

      Only available in Morrisons stores.


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