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Original Source Lime Shave Gel

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2 Reviews

Brand: Original Source / Texture: Cream / Type: Shave Gel / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      19.12.2010 00:30
      Very helpful



      Good quality comes at a high price

      For the daily chore, I generally use either soap and water or Palmolive Shaving cream with a bristle brush. I also have a can of Original Source Lime Shaving Gel which I found at the back of the cupboard on Friday- an unwanted gift from one of my sons a couple of Christmases ago as I recall.

      Saturday is often Have a Proper Shave Day, so I put it through its paces this morning. The top of the lime green can had gone a little rusty and I had to free up the nozzle in hot water, but I was then able to squeeze some out onto my fingers and slap a bit on the face to reacquaint myself with this product.

      I can confirm that I actually quite like it and I have resolved to bring it back into use until the can is finished. The first thing you notice is the lovely strong citrus smell which leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh. It lathers well and before long I was looking like Santa, whereupon I began to shave my thick white beard.

      I think I used a bit much because with every pass of the razor, I had to swill off the excess creamy lather in the sink. Anyway, the shave was really rather invigorating and my skin felt nice and taut afterwards. My wife also noticed the smell and remarked that it was a lot better than most of the smells that emanate from the bathroom. She's very cheeky to me, you know.

      I don't think you can still get this particular Lime variant, but according to their website, you can get 3 different Original Source shaving gels

      Avocado Oil and Aloe Vera
      Kelp Oil and Zinc Ore
      Mint and Tea Tree

      They have also updated the can which now has a silver background and a rather less 'in your face' Original Source branding.

      You can get a whole range of Original Source products and they are stocked by the Top 4 supermarkets, together with Boots and Superdrug. Some say these products can cause irritation to sensitive areas/skin but this hasn't been a problem for me.

      I won't be trying any of their new gels because I now favour a straightforward soap and water solution, but that's not to say that this isn't a very good product for those who like using shaving gel.

      A typical price for a 200ml can is £2.50. Quite pricy.


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      18.05.2008 22:55
      Very helpful



      Original Source lime shave gel.

      I hate shaving, I hate the mundanity of it, I hate the cuts, I hate the fact I have to! On top of all that I am useless at it, which considering I have been doing it for 30 years, is pretty poor really.

      Generally I use an electric razor but every now and then, about twice a month I have a 'proper' shave. I have never found a razor I liked, and never found a shaving foam/cream/gel I liked, until now!

      I do like the Original Source range, the shower gels and the shampoo's so when I saw a shaving gel, I thought I would give it a try.

      Green, recyclable can, very green in fact, with the familiar (to me) Original Source font and the heading 'refreshing and cleansing'.
      Nothing else exceptional or different about the can or squirty nozzle; directions for use and ingredients on the back. They make a point of listing that fragrances and oils are all natural, though I am not sure that all of the ingredients are, and I'm not listing them all, go to the website for that: www.originalsource.co.uk

      The smell:
      This is the first thing that hits you, it is just pure, fruity lime, it smells clean, fresh and fruity, so much so that I would warn against leaving this in reach of small children, because I nearly ate it myself, lol. Without a doubt the nicest smelling shaving gel I have ever smelt, 10 out of 10 for fragrance.

      You only need a very small squirt of this, seriously, one teaspoon full is more than enough for a good shave, it comes out a lovely bright green, lime smelling clear gel and then lathers up on the face to about 10 times the original amount and becomes almost white (how do they do that?). It feels very smooth and soothing on the skin, almost cooling. The razor slides through the gel very easily, it is, just bloomin' perfect.

      Firstly, not a nick, not a scratch and my face actually tingled, in a really nice way. I have not used a different razor, yet my face is smoother than it has been in a long time. I bought this on Friday (today is Sunday) and I have shaved three days running, a record.

      In conclusion:
      I love it. I never, ever thought that I could be enthusiastic over a ruddy shaving gel. To top it all, it is recommended by the Aromatherapy Trade Council, and is Vegan. My advice to any men (okay, and women) who need to shave but hate it, or who are just looking to try a different product, use this. I swear, as long as this is made, I will never change shaving gel again.

      Not the cheapest, though at around £2 it is not the dearest either, but it is definitely the best, bar none.


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