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Original Source Sensitive Shaving Gel

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2 Reviews

Brand: Original source / Type: Shave Gel / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      16.10.2011 08:46



      A simple product that delivers what it promises.

      Having for a number of years had skin problems which cause me dry skin which is very sensitive it is important for me that I use products which are going to be good for me and enable me to have the least impact on my skin that I possibly can so when I saw this sensitive shave gel offering from Original Source I decided that it was well worth a shot but has it been that good?

      This shaving gel is colouring free and has avocado oil and aloe vera which ensure that it is going to be as gentle as it can on your skin which for people like me who have skin issues is hugely important.
      The shaving gel is one which foams up well so that you use only a small amount but this will still enable you to have a full shave with no problems.
      The shave gel is very good in its quality and enables you to shave with less drag than other shave gels available out there in the market.
      The shave gel comes with a simple to use pump action so that you can use just the amount you need allowing for this to last a longer time than some of the other shave gels out there.
      The fact this is allows for your skin to feel soft and refreshed even though you are shaving does not mean that it has lost the nice fresh smell that I have come to love in other products as the avocado oil and aloe vera provide a nice fragrance.
      The packaging is nice looking meaning that it is one of those which is good as a gift for the guy who likes his grooming products. Simple silver, grey and black means that this looks classic.
      Well priced for such a well known and respected brand and as it will last well then well worth the money.


      This is a great addition to the Original Source products range and works extremely well as it provides you with a great shave that is drag free (this is always going to be dependant on your razor but the shave gel does its part). Sensitive shave gel which is perfect for those like myself who have skin issues and I have been using this for a while now and not had any skin flare ups caused by this.
      Overall I highly recommend this as I think it delivers what I have come to expect from Original Source products...a great quality product that delivers exactly what it promises.


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      27.03.2011 21:14
      Very helpful



      Brilliant for men or not I shall continue to buy this skin friendly gel!

      I am 36 years old and since I was about 14 years old I have shaved my legs and bits and bobs daily! Going to an all girls school we groomed oursevles within an inch of our lives and I do remember my Mum telling me to not shave as nothing was there but like most young people I didn't listen and nowadays I do have to shave every single day as the hair on my legs is dark and coarse, however with summer fast approaching I was starting recently to get fed up with the nicks and cuts on my legs so decided to look for some shaving gels and foams to help to try prevent this and stop getting razor burn too!

      I spotted a few Original Source shaving products on sale in Asda, on offer for a pound each and realising I was making about a pound saving on each one I was buying I decided to try them all out...one thing I didn't notice though was the word 'Men' on the front.....yep these are meant for the guys to use but come on ladies does it matter if it is a good product and doesn't smell too butch?! lol.

      The Packaging:

      This shaving gel comes in a silver, brushed metalic can with a black plastic pull on/off lid/cap to the top of it concealing a matching push button dispenser to the top of it. On the front of the can and in white and silver writing we are told that it is Original Sourse 'Men' Sensitive Shave Gel With Avocado Oil And Aloe Vera 'Anti-Irritation Formula To Banish Burn'. On the back of the can other information listed includes being told a bit about the product and how to use it, ingredients are listed as is the size given and contact details for the manufacturer. Nice, easy to hold can this is and of course it is informative enough too.

      Using It:

      Well my boyfriend uses this on his face and uses it in the usual way that men do really lol. I use this on my legs, armpits and other bits and bobs too!

      Fragrance wise, well this is a unisex smell in my opinion and very clean smelling indeed. To my nasal passages it smells a little citrusy with a hint of advocado and its lovely...I really don't want to smell like a man after all and this doesn't make me thankfully!

      This pumped out is like a clear, thick gel and then when it comes into contact with damp, wet skin it goes into really thick, white and rich lather that feels really soft and not one bit drippy and away you go....get your razor out and gently glide it through the suds!

      This removes easily and rinses off completley too. It leaves my skin feeling lightly moisturised and cut and graze free after using it as well as soft like its really helped to give me a close shave. I can't feel any residue left behind once I have rinsed and after rinsing this away and drying myself I really don't feel any reason at all to use a moisturiser which is a bonus and the fragrance lingers very gently on my skin for a couple of hours too!

      I love this thick, rich shaving gel...mens or not! Since using this my skin in general (where I have used this) feels softer and I have had not one mark left on my skin and so I give this a big thumbs up and so does my lovely boyfriend and he has since using mine been out and bought a can of his own as he agrees that it leaves the skin on his face as smooth as a babies bum and he also feels it gives him a real close shave meaning stubble isn't appearing as fast as when he was using other shaving products!

      Available in all good supermarkets and chemists etc.


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