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Paul Smith London Men After Shave Spray

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Brand: Paul Smith / Type: Spray / What it does: Smoothes,

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    1 Review
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      23.01.2008 21:13
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      This really is a First Class Fragrance - Doesn't get much better than this

      Paul Smith is a leading British designer in clothes and accessories including aftershaves and perfumes. I will be reviewing the Paul Smith London aftershave. Paul Smith London is just one of the ranges that are out there. It is the designers answer to business attire. Paul Smith London focus on smart wear and smart casual wear, for businessman, and I would defiantly say this is a businessman's aftershave. It suits the businessman's look very well, for it smells deluxe, fresh and clean.

      Background Information

      If you go into London, Selfridges perhaps, you are sure to find a section devoted to Paul Smith designs, as you would do with any of the other designers. Paul Smith himself, born on July 5th, 1946 is one of the top designers. His business was founded upon his menswear, and he is a highly respected man. Personally, I think his merchandise is excellent, as I just love the originality. Anything with Paul Smith on it always looks good, and is well-made and worth the buy, despite the price tag.
      Interestingly, Paul Smith was knighted in 2001 by our Queen, after three decades as a menswear icon. His modern day look is the fabulous original stripes, along with modern designs, that fit together to make smart, good-looking clothing. As I said, this aftershave is from the Paul Smith London collection, despite there being a Paul Smith fragrance, simply because it suits the businessman's attire. This aftershave was launched in 2005, making it one of the newer ones.
      In case you were interested, there are twelve collections in total, here they are: Paul Smith, Paul Smith Women, PS by Paul Smith, Paul Smith Jeans, Paul Smith London, R.Newbold (Japan only), Paul Smith Accessories, Paul Smith Shoes, Paul Smith Fragrance, Paul Smith Watches, Paul Smith Pens and Paul Smith furniture and 'things'.

      The Look

      The aftershave is well wrapped in a rather simple packaging, nothing too special. The outside layer is just a box, coloured black with the 'Paul Smith London' title on the upper front, with the Paul Smith signature down below. Just below the signature, the volume of the bottle is indicated - more on that later. Some of the newer Paul Smith London aftershaves are purchased in a cylinder shaped tube instead. The tube is made of some kind of strong material, not quite glass, but it protects the aftershave bottle inside pretty well, leaving it no space to move around inside and get damaged in any way. This tube is pretty similarly designed to the Box. It has the 'Paul Smith London' title at the top, and just below is the signature and volumetric size. The lid opens easily, as does the box open easily to reveal the masterpiece - The bottle itself.
      I think it has quite a simple look, but actually simple is good, especially in this case as it looks impressive. Compared to other aftershave bottles though, it really is a simple design, but you don't want anything too posh anyway, as all it does is boost up the price. You are already paying for Paul Smith merchandise here, and aftershaves aren't cheap in general, so I think it's best to stick with a somewhat simple design, so you aren't paying for some kind of exotically-shaped bottle. Anyway, the bottle is shaped like half an hourglass. It has a circular base, which builds up gradually, then it gets increasingly narrow towards the top of the bottle, where a simple 'push to spray' mechanism is in place. The bottle itself is just made of a normal strong transparent glass material. Due to my excessive use of this delightful aftershave, and extreme use, I have eroded away parts of the bottle to discover that a black film is actually covering it, to tint it a rather luxurious black colour! Actually, holding it up to the light, it is seen in a dark blue colour. As it's description states, the actual colour is Cobalt Blue, but it appears black in dim light nevertheless. Yes, the aftershave itself really isn't black; it's a kind of light-yellow! Anyhow, the bottle once again has the 'Paul Smith London' title to the bottom; just in case you forgot what aftershave it was you bought. The top of the bottle, near the spray nozzle has a ribbed effect, which adequately places the fine nozzle on top. Just in case of leakage, the nozzle is covered with a small cylinder-shaped lid, with the initials 'PS' on it. Taking off this lid, here you have the nozzle. With a light amount of applied pressure, the fragrance comes evenly out the nozzle as a SPRAY, rather than SQUIRTING you in the eye, like some aftershaves I have had do...
      So, that's the look. Pretty simple design, but I am sure this keeps the price down a bit, as it wouldn't be as hard to manufacture, compared to a bottle shaped into a figure of a slim woman. The bottle itself is filled up to 80% of it's volume.

      The Smell

      Perhaps the most important factor when it comes to aftershaves, if not THE most important. The smell is one of a kind. There is no other aftershave that smells too similar. The scent is rather hard to describe, but I'll give it my best shot, with knowledge of it's ingredients too.
      The scent is not too strong, neither too weak; it is just in the middle. It has a slight spicy smell beneath the surface. The odour originates from green mandarin, violet flowers, mint, lavendar and jasmine. Added to this fusion of aromatic flavours is vintage brandy accord, Australian Sandlewood, 'Tonka beans' and amber, all together forming a lovely aroma.
      The smell is wonderful, and goes well with smart or casual wear, for an evening out or even a day in the office. It simply has a lovely scent, and doesn't fade away much like other aftershaves do. Just in case you weren't aware, all people have different skin, so according to your skin, different aftershaves will give of different strengths of fragrances, and sometimes even slight varieties of smell too! This aftershave goes really well with my skin, it is one of my favourite. It will last me all day long, and has a beautiful, warming odour to it. The least you can do is try it, as it may smell just as good on you as it does on me!

      The Price & Sizes

      This aftershave comes in three different sizes, with the following prices:

      P.S London Aftershave Spray 100ml - RRP £29.00
      P.S London EDT Spray 100ml - RRP £39.00
      P.S London EDT Spray 50ml - RRP £29.99
      P.S London EDT Spray 30ml - RRP £24.00

      If you are confused, the aftershave spray is the original spray, and 'EDT' is a commonly used abbreviation, that stands for 'Eau De Toilette'. These have a softer fragrance to them. For your information, 'EDC' stands for 'Eau De Cologne', and these are the basic aftershaves like the one listed first in the list above. 'EDP' would stand for 'Eau De Parfum', which have a somewhat more concentrated fragrance than the normal aftershave. Why you pay more for a softer fragrance, I do not know, perhaps they are harder to produce.

      The prices aren't too bad, considering this is one of the newer Paul Smith aftershaves, having been released in 2005. You are going to end up paying twenty to thirty pounds anyway for an aftershave, especially one with a tag such as Paul Smith.


      In every cosmetics store that has a range of perfumes and aftershaves that I have walked into, I have spotted this aftershave. It is very common, and I am sure you won't have any trouble finding it in shops. A variety of shops will stock them, including the good old Duty Free shops at airports, Selfridges (where the price may be a bit heftier), the perfume shop and any other shop that sells perfumes and aftershaves should have it in stock. It isn't hard to find.
      However, if you are having trouble, then just search on the internet. Many sites sell these aftershaves very cheap, but bare in mind you do have to pay for postage and packaging (p&p) on top of the base price, so don't be fooled! They can still work out cheaper on the internet, and on eBay you will also find the aftershave, either from someone who received it as a gift and didn't want it, or from shops that sell through eBay.

      The Verdict

      To me, this aftershave is one of a kind. It is one that literally glues to my skin, whilst giving off a lovely odour that is fresh and spicy, just how I like it. Don't get the idea it is too spicy though, but just like most other aftershaves, it has a spicy essence to it. Rather than dissolving into my skin or something, it keeps it's place on the surface, and sends out a lovely fragrance. The bottle is simply shaped, but good-looking, and it works well with a good quality nozzle that evenly sprays out into a good sized area, not concentrating it too much, or squirting like some aftershaves do into your eye... It is well made (after all it is made by Paul Smith), and I would defiantly say it is up to Paul Smith's high quality standards. Nothing more to say really; the least you can do is try a tester when you next pop in to your local cosmetics store. Just test it out, and see if it suits your skin. I sprayed this on myself this morning, and I can still smell it, clearly as can be - that is how effective it is if applied to the ideal skin, which I guess mine is. After all, there is nothing worse than an aftershave that simply fades to nothing, because what would be the point in wearing that?
      So, whether you are a businessman, or an ordinary worker, this aftershave is perfect for all occasions, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Therefore, I award this product the highest rating of five stars, as it truly is a first class fragrance.

      Thanks for reading,

      - Recon -


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    • Product Details

      From British designer Paul Smith, a deeply sensual and spicy scent with sparkling green mandarin and violet flowers / Shots of frosted mint with just a hint of jasmine and lavender / A warm base smoothed with a splash of vintage brandy accord / Australian sandalwood, Tonka beans, and amber / In a clean, lean, cobalt-blue apothecary-inspired glass bottle /

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