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Razorpit Razor Blade Sharpener

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Brand: Razorpit blade sharpener / Type: Razors

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    1 Review
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      08.08.2012 09:40
      Very helpful



      A must for anyone who uses razor blades.

      RazorPit Razor Blade Sharpener
      The purchase of this product that I am reviewing came about for two main reasons- both really because my sons were talking about razor blades, even though they live on opposite sides of the Atlantic! My eldest son who is 28 and lives in The States was complaining to me about the price of buying new blades all the time, and so had bought surgical spirit as he had heard it removed rust from blades as they aged - thus prolonging their life. He seemed to be having some success with this method, simply immersing the blade in the spirit after use, but it was messy. My youngest son at university was regularly sending me messages requesting money for razor blades, having been horrified by the cost of them in St Andrews where he lives. Then I found RazorPit - and the problem was solved.

      One of the things about having two sons and one husband is that I know a fair amount about razor blades, and one of the things that never fails to surprise me is that every five minutes a new and better razor comes out. This usually is presented on offer for half price, and so I have always been in the habit of stocking up with these packs that include a razor and two spare blades. These are invariably cheaper than being loyal to a previous type where new packs of 6 blades often top £20. However I don't think this is ideal because it is very wasteful and provides so many challenges to the environment. In fact 9 billion blades are thrown away every year!

      Enter RazorPit!

      This is where RazorPit comes in. Launched in 2008 in Denmark this is a revolutionary device that cleans razor blades and prolongs their life. The idea is that when you have finished shaving your blade is still covered with microscopic particles of hair and skin, and this causes it to feel dull. The RazorPit allows the blade to be sharpened in 10 seconds, and this process removes the build up of particles restoring the blade to its former newer condition.

      This device can be purchased from many places but I chose Amazon where the retail price is £14.95. On the website the product displays the claims listed below which I will evaluate in a moment.

      RazorPit removes the residues of hair and skin that make your razor blade feel dull.
      RazorPit makes your razor blade last for up to 150 shaves.
      RazorPit is made of recyclable materials that are also approved for use in the food industry.
      RazorPit razor blade sharpener works with all razor blades.
      Save up to 90 per cent on buying new razor blades and reduce pollution.

      So What Is It All About?

      It is a black device that is also ideal to store the razor on top of after use. The base is made from silicone rubber.
      To use the device after shaving you simply place a small amount of shaving foam or gel on the RazorPit, and pull the blade along the RazorPit surface about 4 times in the opposite direction to the way you would shave. This action removes any build up of skin, hairs or dirt and restores the blade to its former sharpness. That's it - nothing more - a simple technique and the job is done!

      So How Does It Really Perform?
      Looking at my Amazon order list I confirmed that this item was purchased in early May of this year, and here we are in mid August many weeks later, and to my amazement my husband has only used two blades in that time- both of which are still going strong. He only has two in use as we went on holiday and he didn't want to take the device away, but when he returned the two week old blade, then rather blunt, received the RazorPit treatment and was restored to full use again. Now normally you would expect to change blades at least every two weeks depending on how many times per week you shave, and he shaves every day except at the weekend when he only shaves once over the two days. The estimated cost of his blades that he would have purchased of the type I most frequently buy- Gillette Fusion would be £2.17 each, and he would have needed 7 of these in the 14 weeks making a total outlay of £15.19. As the RazorPit retails for just over £14 it has now paid for itself easily as the blades he is using are still going strong. In a year he will have saved so much money and countless disposals of blades.

      Now I think one important question that needs to be addressed is does this gadget restore blades to perfection- in other words to that brand new never been used state?- and the answer to this is a definite no- what it does though is restore them to a blade that you would expect to be using a couple of days into its life- so that to me is enough.

      Also For The Ladies!
      Now this gadget is not just for men it works on feminine razors too - even those with built in moisture strips, and I can vouch for this and have used this myself finding the same impressive results. As I shave my legs every day as I like to keep them smooth this has saved me a small fortune over the last few weeks.

      I think my youngest son is sceptical of the device, and has yet to try it out, but I am hoping he will do so before he returns to university in September, as I will then be able to send him off with enough blades to easily last the term.

      The savings for an entire family mount up considerably and I feel this is a revolutionary invention that should, assuming it gets publicity, change the way that we shop for blades going forward. I think the sad thing so far is that everyone I have spoken to about this has never heard of it. It is dreadful that something with so much potential to save rubbish ending in landfill has yet to be taken on-board. I would like to see local councils advocating this sort of product.

      I actually feel this is suitable for travelling, as although my husband didn't take it with us on our recent holiday I think that was more because he wasn't familiar enough with how it performed to trust it at that stage, rather than because it was bulky. It is very lightweight and it also has the added benefit that it can be used to store the razor on when not being used as it is a convenient stand for this purpose.

      I have calculated that the two of us may well save a small fortune. I think having trialled this product my husband is going to need to spend no more than £6.50 per year on blades as opposed to £65 he was paying before. This is a saving of almost £60 and the same savings also apply to my usage. So in one year we will save £125 minus the cost of the RazorPit -so a saving of well in excess of £100 per year can be expected for two people in one household!

      Any Negatives?

      I think the one improvement I could make to this is that I would like to see it sold with the option to purchase a specially designed case for it, as it would improve the transportability of the item making it appealing for the business and leisure traveller.

      My Final Thoughts
      I absolutely recommend this product to anyone and if you have any old blades lying around give them a trial in this as you will be able to use them again for sure!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under my user name Violet1278.

      If you look on this website you will see all the makes and blades this can be used with and there are many!


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    • Product Details

      We are proud to present Razorpit / The revolution that will change your shaving experience and furthermore, decrease the expenses related to it / Previously you would inconveniently have to scrap your used razorblades, after only a few uses, time and time again / This is no longer the case / With Razorpit you will prolong the lifespan of your razorblades considerably / The same blade can now be used for a minimum of a 150 shaves / You will thereby save money, spare the environment and give yourself a better, sharper shave, every day.

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