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Brand: Super-Max / Type: Razors

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    2 Reviews
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      15.09.2009 11:10
      Very helpful
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      Buy some and see! :)

      I use razors for shaving my personal bits as I don't have the patience for hair removing creams and I once tried my friend's epilator and it was painful, Ow!

      'Super-Max 3' are the ones we buy as they are really good value and really good quality and you don't want to be paying a lot for an item that gets thrown away surely?

      Although they say 3 there are four in the pack - well actually there are six as they always kindly give two free :)

      The last pack I picked up was £1.49 from Wilkinson's which makes these a really good purchase at 25pence each...

      They come packaged in a clear hard plastic container with a cardboard back, both parts can be recyclable and the razors themselves can be disposed at your local tip.

      These Super-Max 3 are designed for women and are made in a girly purple for the two tone handle and with three blades which the makers call 'Triple Blade Innovation'.

      These razors are made in the UK and have a patented 'Nature Strip' containing aloe and vitamin E and tea tree oil for sensitive skin.

      Each razor has a pivoting head which moves with the contours of the arm or leg easily, these don't pull, scrap or nick the skin but rather flow over it giving a really nice comfortable close shave that lasts!

      Advertised as The original 3 Blade Disposable Razor' I think these are great and really safe to use :)

      Each head has a see-through hard plastic cover to protect it and keep it clean, disposable razors are generally designed for one use but these are fine to use three of four time without getting blunt as long as you wash and dry them to keep them clean and hygienic...

      The aloe green strip gets moist and sticky when wet so helps the razor glide safely over my skin without cutting it or catching on any lumps or bumps like my knees, lol!

      Five stars from me for a great product, worth every penny and they really last! :)


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        26.09.2005 16:54
        Very helpful



        Decent razors at a decent price.....

        In my search for the ultimate in hair removal, I've tried many products including wax, creams, electric shavers, cheap disposable razors, hair removing gloves (which I use for my legs) and my most recent purchase were the Super-Max 3, which are mid-range disposable razors that claim to be the very first 3-blade disposables and exclusively for women.

        ---The Razors---

        Generally these razors come in a pack of four, but when I bought them they were on special offer, and I actually received six for a very reasonable £1.95. The razors themselves do not look very stylish, and in fact at first I thought they'd put the wrong razors in the pack as with their green and black colouring they look like something my husband should be using.

        They do, however, feel very sturdy when held in the hand and have a nice rubber grip, which means they don't slip even when used with wet hands. The actual blades are not covered with any kind of protection, other than the plastic cover (which is obviously removed before actual shaving). I must say here, that this cover is particularly well designed, and instead of clicking on, slides into place.

        The pivoting head, not only contains the three blades but also has a moisture strip, which is again green and contains a total of three active ingredients :

        Tea Tree : Which is renowned for it's antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and was known as the "medicine kit in a bottle" by the Australian soldiers.

        Aloe-Vera : Extracts of Aloe-Vera are known for their healing, soothing and restorative properties.

        Vitamin E : An anti-oxidant which helps protect the skin from environmental damage.

        ---The Shave---

        Now I normally use Silky Mitt hair removing gloves on my legs and only shave under my arms, but for the purpose of this review, I've used the razors on all my "hairy" areas.

        Now I personally prefer to shave after a bath, as the hair is then all nice and soft, and I always use the same shaving gel, so I will simply be comparing using these razors with Wilkinson's single and triple bladed ladies razors.


        After lathering up, I took the first razor out of the pack and found it very easy to remove the cap. Now, by rights you should always shave in the direction of hair growth, but I always find myself going against the grain, so to speak. Anyhow, I found this razor virtually glided up my legs, making a very satisfying scraping sound as it removed the stubble. As I rinsed the head after each stroke, I found that the blades didn't clog up (as they do with cheaper razors), and once I'd finally finished the leg and rinsed it, I found it was perfectly smooth and silky with no sign of any cuts or nicks.

        In actual fact, I found that the shave was better than using the Wilkinson's single or triple bladed razors, there were far less nicks and the actual head didn't get clogged which is something I normally find happens.


        As with the legs, I found the razors gave me a good close shave under the arms, and the pivoting head meant that it hugged the skin and therefore took far less time than I'm used to.

        --Bikini Line--

        I always use a fresh razor for my bikini line, as I find it's the most sensitive area and even a slightly blunt blade will result in itching and general soreness. So I took myself a new blade out of the pack for this part, and again I was impressed at how well these razors worked. The pivoting head once more meant that I could get the maximum hair removal with minimum pressure, and I was left without a bush, and surprisingly without any itching.

        ---The Results---

        I found these razors gave me the best results that I've ever had from wet shaving. Immediately after use, I found that my skin was soft, smooth and most importantly hair free. What I did not find was any sign of shaving rash or irritation, which for me was a godsend.


        Even after shaving my legs three times, the blades are still reasonably sharp (although not as sharp as the first shave), and surprisingly the moisture strip is still virtually intact. I'd previously tried the Wilkinson triple bladed razors with moisture strips, only to find that the strip had virtually disappeared after two shaves. I have found that these razors (as with all that I have tried so far) are only really any good for one bikini line job.


        As with all razors, there are sharp blades to consider so remember to keep these out of children's reach, but overall I felt these were as safe (if not safer) than any other disposable razor I have tried. I especially liked the way the cap slid on and off, which meant I didn't have to struggle to get at the actual razor.

        ---Price and Availability---

        I bought these razors from Wilkinsons for the very reasonable price of £1.95 for six, although the standard size pack is four, I've never actually seen these anywhere else.

        ---My Final Words---

        Although I'm not personally keen on using razors, (partly due to the fact that my daughter decided she wanted to be just like Daddy and ended up cutting her lip), I must admit these are pretty good value for the money. And while I doubt that I'll continue using them on my legs (unless I can't get hold of my Silky Mitts) I will probably carry on using them for my other hairy areas.

        For closeness of shave and ease of cleaning, these beat all the cheap disposable razors hands (or is that legs) down. When I think how many times that I've thrown cheapo razors away just because they've become clogged, then that alone makes these excellent value for money.

        I'm therefore recommending these razors to anybody of the female persuasion who uses disposable razors and wants a clean, nick free shave, as believe me these are the best in the price range.


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        Disposable Ladies Razor, with triple blades and lubricating strip /

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