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Tesco Men Sensitive Shave Gel

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2 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Shave Gel / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      23.05.2012 21:00
      Very helpful



      a great alternative to Nivea sensitive!

      If you have read my other review, you will know that I suffer from sensitive skin. I have tried so many products and none seem to work perfectly on my skin. I always suffer from pain after shaving, I have to say using tesco sensitive gel has really helped me out. I have relied on nivea for men for a few years, but wanted to try something different as I was paying a lot of money for that product. I saw this on the shelf and thought it was worth a go seeing as it was for sensitive skin, I do not go anywhere near shave gel for normal skin anymore because it just doesn't work for me!


      I paid £1.15 for a 200ml bottle, this is very good value as the other stuff I was using cost me nearly triple that for the same size bottle. It is also a very easy to use metal bottle, it has a nozzle which you press down and the required amount will come out. There is also a plastic lid to put on top afterwards to keep it all good. Overall the appearence is nice and it isn't instantly recognised as a tesco product.

      Does it work?:

      To an extent, yes! I rub it all over my face and use a nice new sharp razor and it glides over nicely. It doesn't cause it to snag and it really softens up the beard. It works just as good as nivea for the shaving part of things. The only thing is that afterwards my face does tend to sting a little, but not as much as non sensitive brands. This is completely bareable and makes shaving so much better! I am shocked that somehthing so cheap and unbranded can work so well. it isnt as good as nivea, but it isnt far off the standard! If you want to save a little bit of money than this is for you. You will be surprised at how good it actually is.


      This product gets 4 stars from me, it works well and not much to complain about. If you have sensitive skin or not, it will look after your face and allows a close shave! Im really impressed and will use this for a while now. Thanks for reading my review! Hope it was of some help :)



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      04.01.2012 14:23
      Very helpful



      Cheap and does the same job as the expensive stuff

      I started buying the Tesco own brand shave gel when we were both between jobs and lack of income forced us to start looking at some of the cheaper store brands and saver ranges. This was one of
      the many products from these ranges that I have continued to buy even though our finances have
      just about got back to normal again.

      My other half is very fussy about the shave gel he uses and always claimed only the highly overpriced Gillette Fusion or Nivea Extreme Comfort stuff work on his skin which meant cutting back wasn't going
      to include his shave gel. This led to a slight disagreement when he argued that if I stopped using it
      to shave my legs his gel would last longer and therefore save us money so I should go buy the cheap
      stuff if I thought it was the same.

      I decided to prove my point by buying the Tesco Sensitive Shave Gel for myself yes I know it's the for
      men range but hair is hair and the only guy thing about it is the scent. After I've used it I'm going
      to wash it off and cover my legs in body lotion so the shave gel scent is going to be long gone before
      I go out so what it smells like doesn't bother me in the slightest.

      This gel costs £1.45 for 200ml which is a huge saving against the Gillette Fusion Gel which usually
      costs around £3.50 for 200ml if it's not on special offer. On the latest can we have the name seems
      to have changed to Tesco FXM with a slightly posher looking can with metallic blue with silver
      writing instead of the previous ones which cost 90p for 200ml but inside it seems to be
      the same stuff. We only have a small local Tescos near us so maybe the 90p one still exists but
      ours have stopped stocking it.

      The top of the can has the same plastic push down cap dispenser that you find on Gillette or any
      other brand name shave gel although there is a little less gel comes out when you push this compared
      to the Gillette one. The gel is a lightish blue in colour and while the scent is slightly masculine it isn't
      too strong which makes it perfect for all those girls like me who refuse to pay extra for girls shaving
      products. When you put it on your skin the gel lathers up really well and provides a nice smooth
      lather ready to shave.

      I have sensitive skin and I have problems using some soap and body products but after using this
      shave gel I've had no problems with dryness,redness or rashes and my skin feels quite soft and moisturised after using it even before I've covered my legs in body lotion as I usually do after
      shaving. Even my boyfriend has finally given in and tried this although only because he had run
      out of his Gillette gel and concluded that it was good for the price and amazingly his skin didn't
      turn green and fall off because he had used something other than Gillette or Nivea.

      This is definitely worth a try and does the same job as the expensive stuff without the price tag!


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