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Tesco Satin Disposable Razors

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2 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Type: Razors

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    2 Reviews
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      09.05.2013 02:12
      Very helpful



      Overall a great value pack of disposbale razors - good clean shave

      =Tesco Satin Disposable Razors=

      Although I do use a battery razor there are times where i feel that a disposable razor comes in handy from going on holidays and also for shorter hairs under my arms.

      =Price and Availability=
      This is a Tesco own brand product and can be brought in store or online (there may be a delivery charges). The razors are a pack of 4 and I paid £2.20 for them.

      The first part of the razor that my eyes were drawn to was the flexible head of the razors, as these you don't always find on the packet disposable razors. I liked the handle as well, as it has a textured feel so that you can get a good grip on the razor, there is nothing worse than trying to do by your ankle and the next thing you have nicked yourself.

      =Design Factors=
      The razors are lightweight even though the handle feels strong, the handle itself is made from white plastic, and the main body of the razor is a bright pink shade, so there can't be any errors in the bathroom with Mr Thrifty "borrowing the razor".
      The razor head is a triple blade design, and this has a pivot feel during use.

      =To Use=
      I find that the razor has a really good grip, and with the triple blade you get a really close shave with it, I found that I did not need to go back and touch up any longer hairs as one shave was enough.

      the razor has a lubricating strip with botanical oils, I didn't notice a massive improvement after using the razor but when shaving under my arms, I found they were smoother, whether it was my skin is softer under there.

      I found that the razors were really smooth on my skin, and i had no rashes or nicks from using the razor, as when I have used the "cheap 10 for £1" razors, my legs just come up bright red and all I want to do is scratch them for England, so any razor I am weary about using.

      =Would I recommend=
      I would highly recommend this pack of razors to everyone, they are great value, work really well, and my skin feels really sort.


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      15.04.2013 13:10
      Very helpful



      I would buy them again and thought they were quite good!

      One of the main disadvantages of doing my grocery shopping online is that there are often occasions where my chosen items are unavailable, causing the supermarket in question to send a replacement item of their choice. This is how I got to try out the "Tesco Satin For Women Triple Blade Disposable Razors", when they were sent in place of another Tesco Ladies' razor that I had selected online. This review outlines my experiences of using the product.

      The Tesco Satin Disposable Razors are supplied in pack of four, and the current selling price (as @ April 2013), for the pack is £2.20, which I do think is very reasonable in terms of value. The packaging for the razors is quite typical for an item like this one, comprising of an oblong package made of sturdy plastic, which requires the use of scissors to open.

      The razors themselves are attractive enough, I suppose, although I can't say that the appearance of such items is a main priority for me when selecting them for purchase. There are a couple of little 'features' that I do prefer my disposable razors to have, however, which are a 'flexible' head rather than a static one, and a sort of 'rubber' or textured feel to the razor's handle. Both of these features are preferred, for me, anyway, but I can't say that such things are a matter of life or death. I was pleased to note, nevertheless, that the Tesco Satin Disposable Razors did have both of these features present.

      The Tesco Razors are quite simplistic in their design; both their razor 'head' and their handle is made of rather thin plastic, although I don't find that this feels flimsy or too 'fragile' during use. The handle is made of white plastic, but the main 'body' of the front of the handle houses a rubber section within it, that is coloured in a bright pink shade. The razor 'head' contains a "Triple Blade" design, of course, and I find that the head will 'pivot' slightly during use.

      During use, I have found that the rubber section contained on the razor's handle allows me to maintain a firm and steady grip, meaning that the razor doesn't slip around during use. I have found that I am able to keep my grip on the razor quite securely, even if my hands have shaving gel or water on them. I find too that the razors are quite lightweight, so they don't feel clumsy or cumbersome during use, allowing me to keep full control during my usual shaving routine.

      The last razors I was using had quite a strangely-shaped 'head', and this felt quite cumbersome during use. The Tesco Satin razors, in comparison, are easy to control and manoeuvre over the skin's surface, as they feel so light to use, but also because their head is much neater in size, allowing the razor to reach easily into the body's natural contours, where required. Another plus-point I have found when considering the design of the razor's head, is the fact that it has a "Unique pivoting head with 3 blades" as described on the product's packaging. I have found that the head pivots quite easily, allowing for a smoother, easier 'glide' across the skin's surface during shaving. This allows the razors to feel easier to use than other razors that have static heads that do not move. Such razors feel slightly less 'free' in their movements, meaning that some little areas can be 'missed' during shaving, requiring me to go over them again.

      I have found that the razors' blades seem to be of a premium quality, as they work effortlessly and without fuss. After use, skin is left hair free and smooth, with the need to 're-shave' any areas or patches being a rare occurrence. I don't find that the razors leave behind a sort of 'patchy' result, which of course would probably render them pretty useless!

      The product's packaging informs me that the blade contains a "Lubricating Strip with botanical oils" but I have to be honest and say that I didn't really notice much benefit from this addition to the razor. It's possible, I suppose, that my skin has benefited from its addition without my realising it, but in terms of the claim on the packaging that states; "Lubricating strip with grape seed and jojoba oil to moisturise and soften", I can't say that I find this to be particularly evident and in actual fact I was only aware of this addition as I removed the final razor from the pack for use, with the previous three having been used and replaced with another from the package without me being aware of the strip at all. In terms of moisturising or, indeed, softening my skin, I can't honestly say that I have noticed any difference to the condition - or dryness - of my skin after using these razors. That is to say that I feel my skin still requires a generous application of a good-quality moisturiser or body cream product after shaving, irrespective of whether the Tesco Satin Razors have been used or not.

      I didn't suffer anything in the way of excessive cuts or nicks during use, and in actual fact I found the Tesco razors were surprisingly gentle on the skin, being suitable for use on my very sensitive skin and causing nothing in the way of excessive irritation. It is true that my underarm area still felt quite 'tingly' after shaving here, but this is common practice, and certainly this result is commonplace with most razors that I use on a regular basis. Taking these results into account, I do feel these particular razors are suitable for those consumers who, like me, suffer with sensitive skin.

      For the price I paid, I am more than happy with the performance of these little razors. True, they don't offer anything particularly innovative or 'different', but neither did their performance feel under par or disappointing. For the price I paid, I had been expecting a sort of 'budget' type of razor which I really am not very fond of, but instead, I found these little razors performed much better than this, exceeding my expectations. As a result, I feel that full marks are more than deserving in the Dooyoo product rating score, and I would buy the Tesco Satin Razors again.


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