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Tesco Sensitive Shaving Gel Women

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Brand: Tesco / Body Care Cream / Female / Type: Shave Gel / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      14.12.2009 11:15
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      A good value product from Tesco!

      I have used some toiletry products from Tesco on and off for a couple of years now. The main reason for me doing so is that I shop in Tesco from time to time and find it convenient to pick up a few bits and pieces whilst I am there.

      One product that I have found is of quite a reasonable quality is the Tesco own-branded shaving gels. There are two available for ladies as far as I know, although please don't quote me on this as I shop in a few different stores and may be getting mixed up! From memory, the two ladies' shaving gels available in Tesco are the 'berry' variety and the 'sensitive' option.

      I have tried out both of these gels but find that from time to time (especially in the winter) I can be prone to very dry skin on my legs and arms. I also suffer from eczema and sensitive skin. Because of this, I tend to buy 'sensitive' options of cosmetics and toiletries if they are available.

      The Tesco sensitive shaving gel is slightly different from the product shown at the top of the Dooyoo page, but I think this is due to the product having been given a bit of a recent re-vamp. The packaging consists of a metal canister similar to an aerosol which is blue in colour and the name of the product is quite clearly printed on the front of the can. There is a see-through plastic lid on the top of the can which is made of blue coloured plastic and when this is removed there is a nozzle type dispenser at the top of the can, through which the gel can be dispensed when required.

      The price of the can of shaving gel tends to fluctuate a little, but it is generally priced around £1 for the 200ml can, and is of course only available to buy in Tesco stores as it is an own-brand product.

      I have found that the use of a gel when shaving tends to be easier to use than other products such as foams or oils. I am not sure why this is but the gel seems to allow my razor to 'glide' a bit easier over my skin. The Tesco sensitive gel certainly falls into this category and I find it is very easy to shave when the gel has been applied to my wet skin.

      Applying the gel could not be easier. I tend to use it when I am in the bath or shower and I basically squeeze a dollop from the canister, using a dollop that is maybe the size of a ten pence piece. I find that the gel spreads very easily over wet skin so this little amount is more than sufficient to start off with. There is a slight scent to the shaving gel but nothing major in my opinion, which is probably down to it being a sensitive product. This is fine with me as I do not personally feel the need to use heavily scented body care products all of the time. I also think that it adds to the 'suitable for sensitive skin' factor that the shaving gel has.

      The bright blue coloured gel rubs easily over wet skin and forms a sort of thick foamy lather. This can be easily smoothed around to cover the area that requires to be shaved. When I start to shave with my razor, I find that the gel gives a good barrier on my skin and it tends to lubricate my razor nicely, which results in less nicks and cuts in my opinion.

      After I have shaved with the gel, I rinse the residue away and this is removed very easily from my skin. I find that I am left with smooth, hair free skin and the results are impressive enough.

      The main difference between me using this product (or one like it) and other more 'run of the mill' shaving products is the way that my sensitive skin responds. I find that the Tesco shaving gel is gentle enough so that my skin is not left tingling or stinging after I have used it. This is quite a significant point to note, because any irritation to the sensitive skin on my legs in particular is the cause of quite a lot of discomfort after shaving a lot of the time. I find that the Tesco sensitive shaving gel doesn't worsen this for me, nor does it give me any real ill-effects which is obviously a huge bonus.

      Furthermore, I find that the shaving gel can be used daily on my EXTREMELY sensitive underarm area, whereas other shaving products irritate this area and make it very sore, with the results varying from a sensitive 'scratchy' feeling to actual broken skin under there. This is obviously very uncomfortable and painful at times, so the fact that my Tesco shaving gel doesn't irritate this area too is another huge plus point in my eyes.

      For these reasons I would recommend the shaving gel and I will continue to buy it. I find it easy to use, easy to apply, and it is very good value for money as the 200ml canister tends to last me for over a month.

      The fact that it causes no irritation to my overly sensitive skin is the main selling point for me however, and if you suffer with any of the problems I have mentioned it may well be worthwhile seeking out this product to give it a try.

      I would award the Tesco shaving gel full Dooyoo stars and I do highly recommend it.


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