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Wilkinson Sword Extra 2 Sensitive Disposable Razor

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Brand: Wilkinson / What it does: Smoothes / Type: Razors

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    5 Reviews
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      19.08.2013 03:43
      Very helpful



      good value for money, good razors, would buy again

      These razors are apparently for men... Something I did not know when purchasing them, nor when using. I have found however, that men's razors tend to work better than women's for some reason. I bought them from Boots for £3.65. There are 10 razors in the pack and this is very good value considering how much women's razors cost for just one or three, the way they are usually sold.

      The razors are easy to use. Simply remove the plastic protector from the blades, wet skin, lather with shaving cream and off you go. The razors provide a smooth shave and you only cut yourself if you slip or are not paying attention. Shaving rash is nothing to do with the razors, its to do with how you treat your skin after shaving, so in terms of shaving rash they're great.

      The Aloe Vera and Jojoba strip next to the blades provides a smooth shave and doesn't leave skin feeling sore or like you're about to get a rash. The handle on the razor is easy to grip and doesn't have the unnecessary curves and dips that the women's razors have. I feel that with women's razors you are basically paying for the aesthetics; the handle, the colour, the material used on the handle, the ridiculously over-designed blades, and you only get either 1 or 3 in the packet, so you definitely lose money. They spend so much time concentrating on the handle, that the blades are rubbish.

      I would much rather buy men's razors than waste my money on expensive women's razors where you are paying for the aesthetics. They are a bit ugly, but when they work just the same as expensive women's razors, I'm not going to complain. These razors are great. Easy to use and cheap, I'd definitely buy again.


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      08.01.2011 16:33
      Very helpful



      Wilkinson Sword - you're my favourite - for now!

      Well, will we ever know the truth?

      Is Gillette the best a man can get?
      Is Wilkinson Sword the name on the world's finest blade?
      Or does the humble BIC take the prize?

      In a previous review, I have come out in favour of the humble BIC - it's unpretentious and it's cheap and for those of us with not too heavy a beard growth, it offers very good value. That said, on my latest purchase, they seem to have done something funny with the shape and design and made them more slim line. What is more, they aren't anywhere near as good so I have gone off them now as well. Why do people try to fix things that aren't broken?

      Gillette have lost my faith with their infernal Fusion. It's ridiculously expensive, by all accounts does give a good shave but to me they have gone way over the top and made out that shaving is much more technical than it is.

      I have flirted with Wilkinson Sword in the past but never for any length of time. Shortly before Christmas for reasons best known to my other self, I bought what turned out to be some really naff own brand blades from Lidl and they turned out to be quite the worst I have ever sampled, going rusty within a day and only cutting every seventh whisker - for goodness sake, don't buy them!

      Anyway, with 20 effectively redundant blades in the bathroom cabinet destined ultimately for the bin, I turned again to Wilkinson Sword, primarily because my wife was purchasing the rest of Boots stock at the time in a pre-Christmas splurge and I had wandered along to the Mens section and noticed a pack of 20 of these at half price. I think I paid £2.89 for these twin blade razors. My goodness, if these are any good it's a bargain, I said to my wife and thereupon slipped them into her basket. Getting her to pay for them made it even more of a bargain so I was a happy chappy as we returned home.

      I tried them that night before bed and have to say that I was very impressed. They are a twin blade disposable razor with the usual strip of lubricant along the top. They each measure 11.5 cms long and 4cms wide at the head and sit nicely on the bathroom shelf.

      They are a fresh looking green on the top with the remainder being a nice clean white plastic. The green part has little stipples on it which aid grip and make it seem almost rubbery. On the underside there are narrow white channels which allow the water to easily glide off the blade in use. They don't clog up either but I tend to use a very thin shaving medium - often just soap - so that's the main reason I guess.

      They are comfortable to hold - it's a fixed rather than a swivel blade but I just swivel my face instead and it shaves all my chins in turn to a decent standard. I don't have particularly sensitive skin but I do have a small mole where I have to take care and a favourite nostril area which I often nick trying to kill off an errant whisker which grows the wrong way and to date I have not drawn any blood, having been using these razors for about three weeks now.

      I am on my third blade - so they last about a week. That's around 2p per day and despite the economic challenges we all face, I can still afford that.

      So am I converted? Yes, for the time being I think I am. I cannot guarantee that I won't try something different next time I run out, but then I have always lived life close to the edge, so we'll just have to wait and see.

      For now, they'll do me nicely and would give them 4 stars on the basis that there is always room for improvement.


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      20.11.2009 10:43
      Very helpful



      Not recommended

      I have used my fair share of razors in the past, and to get straight to the point, I was disappointed with this product.

      First things first, a little description. The pack I bought included 10 Wilkinson Sword Extra 2 Sensitive razors, which set me back £3.05 from Boots the Chemist.

      The razor has a green handle, and this is covered on the top side by a rubber strip, which is actually very useful for stability and accuracy whilst shaving. The ten razors come in a thin plastic packet - which is fairly standard for the disposable razor market, and the colour scheme of the packaging design is synonymous with the colours used on the razor. The picture on the front of the packaging is of the razor itself, and advertises the fact the razor is extra sensitive, although I have doubts about how sensitive it actually is.

      I have found other razors much more sensitve than this one, however my biggest issue is concerning the effectiveness of the razor. I have fairly thick stubble, and after about four strokes with this razor it becomes blunted, and the stubble gets stuck in the razor so it becomes useless.

      To summarise, I would really not recommend this product. Altough it has a good grip and is easy to use, this sacrifices how effective the razor is at actually removing hair from the body.


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      23.06.2009 10:46
      Very helpful



      A great buy!

      When it comes to shaving my bit and bobs I'm a right daemon for it. I hate stubbly legs and pits and stuff so it's something I pretty much do every day and have done since I was a very young lass which means I really do need to do it as the hair grows fast and strong and really thick nowadays!

      Usually I use my Sensor Excel but I find that I blunt the blades really quickly and therefore it works out an expensive pastime. However I was wary of buying these because I did buy some disposable razors a few weeks back and they tore my legs to absolute shreds and even now I'm slightly scarred from the whole experience! However I saw these on special offer priced at a £1.15 a pack from the usual 3 quid mark in my local Tesco and thought they may be worth a try and they were a bargain price after-all!

      The Packaging....

      Dark green and white oblong plastic wrapper with a clear 'window' so you can see the razor heads inside. On the front of the wrapper there is a picture of one of the razors on there and I'm told they are Wilkinson Sword Extra 2 Sensitive and that the pack contains 10 razors. On the back of the pack I'm told they have extra precision, grip and are extra sensitive, contact details for Wilkinson Sword are given, the recycle symbol is shown and finally there is a bar-code on there. This does look cheap packaging and when you first open the packet to pull out a razor to use it the whole thing does rip and fall apart but other than that it's ok I guess and doesn't enter into pointless info etc, they are what they are and if your buying them you shouldn't need instructions on how to use them!

      The Razors....

      White and green plastic and on the top, towards the bottom of the handle of the razor I'm told it is Wilkinson Sword and there there are lots of raised little bubbles which are meant to (and do) give a firm grip. The head of the razor is rather slim, contains one silver blade and above that a mint green moisturising strip. Although it's all as it should appear it really does feel cheap and nasty in the hand but not flimsy and it is easy to direct and control.

      Like I said earlier I like mine for shaving my legs, armpits and er other areas and these to be fair to them these are really rather good!

      I of course use a shaving gel or something like that on damp skin and away I go. These glide over the skin trimming hair rather close to the skin and give off a really smooth feel and you can see the little hairs on the razor. I mention this because I don't always see that so I do feel with these I get a deep down and close shave.

      Ok they are not the most comfortable razors to use. The head isn't flexible, the moisturiser vanishes rather quickly really and goes bare and if you not careful the plastic will graze/scratch you though if you don't bear down too hard you can prevent this from this happening and you just need to go easy really cos your not peeling spuds after-all.


      I think these are a really great, economical buy. No frills...they are but they do a great job with no fuss and no nicks and a great price (even at full price for 10 razors in my opinion). Depending on where you shave (of course) determines how long one will last you but I find I get about 6-7 shaves on large areas before they blunt which is me very happy!

      Sure I'd like them to be a bit more cushioned for use etc but then I'd pay more and I don't really want to to be honest about it and these do a wicked job. Simple to use, give a right close shave and I'm really impressed with no nicks and cuts and super smooth legs I'm proud to show! I have been using these ages now and have no fresh cuts or loss of blood to report thus far!

      Available in all good supermarkets and chemists just make sure you keep your eyes peeled for bargains ladies and gentlemen!


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        13.08.2008 15:48
        Very helpful



        Lower end of the disposable razor market


        Whilst living in the Netherlands I conducted an experiment regarding how good were several kinds of disposable razor and this is another round in the Wilkinson Sword competition.

        THE RAZOR

        The Extra 2 Sensitive razors are fixed head and so aren't as manoeuvrable as ones that do, which limits it a bit in comparison, quite noticeable if you're used to swivelling heads. It has 2 blades on its head packed closely together. The shave cap is clear and there is a green rubber grip on the back of the white razor which helps a lot with holding it. What I like is what they call the "clean bar", a little plastic piece which pushes through the slight gap between the blades when pushed by a little plastic piece on the back of the razor head. This is a neat little touch to clear the bits of hair you always get stuck on blades, so full marks to them for this innovation I haven't seen anywhere else. There is a lubricating strip which has vitamin E added, sounds great but I'm not wholly convinced of its merits.

        10 razors were in the pack that I bought, in a green plastic bag. I note that there is another razor in the series, the Extra 2 Precision, which doesn't seem a whole lot different from the blurb on the website. You can pick up a pack for about £3.30. This is quite comparable with competitor fixed head razors.

        THE SHAVE

        I used this with Gillette Gel Sensitive Skin as the lubricating agent for my face, as on previous razor reviews.

        On my first shave with the razor I got an OK shave, nothing special but the result was acceptable. I struggled with my chin somewhat and tiny flakes of the lubricating strip ended up staying on my face.

        The second shave was even more tricky to shave my chin properly and the strip appeared to be patchy, almost crumbling, and I suffered a slight cut on my chin, possibly a result of this.

        On the third shave the strip was just about holding together but looked very knobbly. The shave wasn't actually any more difficult but again a slight cut was experienced.

        The fourth shave was after some days and so I had some quite tough stubble. I had to go over some areas of my face several times, and the razor felt a bit blunt on my face.

        The fifth shave was actually OK. I went over areas several times again but got an OK shave. The shave strip was still just about holding together. I decided enough was enough at this point.

        I've used pretty much all of the pack and the shaving experience has been pretty much the same as that above. Rather surprisingly, the effectiveness per shave doesn't seem to change that much if I shave every day or leave it for a few days, which I suppose is a good thing, although the number of times you have to go over each area is fairly proportional to the number of days facial growth it has to tackle.

        It's not an uncomfortable razor to use, and you don't feel in any particular danger of cutting yourself badly. Even the cuts I experienced were very minor and didn't even require the application of tissue to stem any bleeding. If you like to apply a decent amount of pressure onto your face with the razor when shaving then this is quite a good option.


        This is a reasonable disposable for one with fixed blades but it is a real inconvenience to have to go over several areas again and again, resulting in slight cuts more often than not. It would be a bit unfair to compare the smoothness of shave to that of a premium razor such as the Gillette Fusion for example, so comparing it with other similar razors such as the Gillette Blue II fixed blade, it does reasonably well and is one of the better single blade disposable razors that I have used.

        I would say that swivelling head twin blade razors do give a better result generally, and a much better result on the chin, where it can glide round better than a fixed head. Personally, I would favour more expensive razors that don't require the hassle of going over the same area several times. There is definitely a trade off of convenience and quality versus price and this razor doesn't quite satisfy it, but would be worth picking up at a bargain price. Put it this way, I wouldn't pay £3.30 for them.


        Wilkinson Sword were founded in 1772 by gun maker Henry North. They became royal gun makers to King George III in 1804. Later on the company expanded into sword manufacturing and from the 1890s the product range was expanded. At the turn of the century, over 5000 products were sold, including cut throat razors. They introduced a safety razor in 1898. They produced armaments for World War I and commando knives and armoured clothing such as Flak jackets in World War II. They expanded into garden tools after this, and in 1956 produced the first stainless steel double edged blade. Lots of razor innovations followed, including in 1983 Retractor (first disposable razor with retractable blades) and in 2001 Xtreme 3 (first disposable with triple blades).


        Wilkinson Sword Ltd
        Sword House
        High Wycombe
        Bucks HP13 6DG
        Tel: +44 (0) 1494 533300

        Email : use the link http://www.wilkinsonsword.co.uk/contact_us

        Website : http://www.wilkinsonsword.co.uk/men/showroom/extra2_sensitive


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      • Product Details

        For a smooth, close shave without the fuss or expense, Extra 2 Sensitive is the right choice for you / Perfect for shaving sideburns, goatees, moustaches and getting into those hard to reach areas /