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Wilkinson Sword Razor Shaving Gel

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Brand: Wilkinson / Creams / Type: Shave Gel / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      16.11.2008 00:57
      Very helpful



      It does work!

      When it comes to shaving it really is a job that I loathe and detest! I am now 34 and have been shaving since about the age of 13 having gone to a girls school where if you didn't pamper and preen yourself to within an inch of your life you got called a Tramp or Hairy Mary or something not particularly flattering lol. For years I stole other peoples in the house razors and blunted them without being found out but I got covered in wee scars I still have today from the dreaded yellow bic disposables we always seemed to have hanging about in our house lol. I think all that is the reason I'm obsessed with shaving because I developed a habit back then lol

      Of course a few years on I now own my own razors lol After careful deliberation I now own a man's Wilkinson Sword Titanium as I feel it gives my legs and my bits and bobs a much smoother and closer shave and with less accidents and longer lasting blades than women's flimsy one's. I don't want gels and strips and bendy heads and generally all singing and dancing razors! I just want to shave with ease, no blood spillage and results I can feel!

      I have of course exhausted other roots of hair removal over the years. Due to the fact I have shaved say my legs and armpits everyday for about 21 years that now my hair grows mega fast (now needing to be done everyday) and it's thick and coarse and I get alot of ingrown hairs. I have tried waxing at home and in a beauty salon and at home I almost lost half a leg due to wax being warm and not hot enough so when I pulled the strip off I pulled most of the skin on my leg off with it. I seriously was lucky there not to be scarred. In the salon I screamed like a hyena and got bruised ever so badly and hurt for days after. Due to the fact I had pmt and was due on apparently my skin was more sensitive than normal and boy did that whole experience put me off doing anything like that ever again. I seem to be allergic to depilatory creams and come out in bad spotty, bumpy rashes even if using sensitive one's on the market. I also own ladyshave which I find doesn't shave all the hairs off and become adequately smooth enough for my liking and the worse thing I own??? A rechargeable epilator! (see past review!). Not only does that hurt like crazy as your using it, I got burn marks on my body from pressing it to hard on my skin. I ended with very dry underarm skin that went purple and had cuts within it. The hair didn't get removed properly and grew into the cuts and stuff making it all look very dark and I couldn't shave! I had purple marks that were very visible for over a year and I couldn't wear sleeveless tops. That really looked ugly and upset me alot and I thought I was going to be stuck like that. Time healed that though! No doubt these things give the best results in my humble opinion but you have to know how to work them and boy do they hurt! You have to be brave and nowadays I will use mine but I hate the having to wait till the hair gets long enough bit and knowing I'm going to inflict pain on myself and that makes me question if it's all worth it and usually the answer to that question is a big fat no! lol

      So after trying out all them methods I'm back to a trusty razor and trying to be careful. As I said I do have scars. Shaving when your a kid you don't realise you have to be careful and you split your leg open and don't worry and it's only when your older you invest in creams, lotions and potions to try put it all right! I'm lucky though my legs arnt too bad and you have to look for marks but as I don't want any more marks to add to my beauty battle wounds I do occasionally use a a shaving gel or mousse or something like that.

      I don't always use this type of product though. I see it as an extra expense really. I use decent bath and shower gels and find Dove soaps great to shave with and never once I have really felt any benefits to using anything extra and if I did then I'd buy it as I'm not a tight fisted person when it comes to myself lol

      I saw this in Sainbury's for £2.99 a while ago and I like the bottle/can thing as it's a nice girly pink so I purchased it!

      The Packaging....

      Well it's a 150ml recyclable aluminum bight pink and silver can/bottle type thing. It's long and cylinder in shape with an integrated white push button nozzle/dispenser which has a frosted plastic lid/cap that you pull on/off. In white writing on the front of the can I'm told it is indeed Wilkinson Sword with two swords crossing as the logo. Under that I'm told it is 'Razor Shaving Gel 'For Firmer And Tighter Skin' and also I'm told that information in a foreign language (I don't understand). On the back I'm told a bit about the product, instructions for using it, cautions and ingredients. I am then retold all that information in a foreign language. At the bottom of the can I'm then given contact details for Wilkinson Sword, the recycle symbol is shown as is the aluminium one, size is stated (as I've stated already), and finally there is a bar-code on there. It's nice girly packaging and remains user friendly and simple to use.

      About The Product....According To The Can....

      This innovative Shaving Gel contains the care complex AlphaX1 for firmer and smoother skin. Creatin, algae-extracts, natural Vitamin E and A as well as active moisturisers protect the skin from irritation and assist it's renewal after shaving. The gel transforms into a rich foam with a fruity fresh fragrance. This allows the blade to glide safely over the skin providing a close shave. Compatible with sensitive skin. Dermatologically approved.

      Instructions For Use...

      Dampen skin with warm water. Put a little shaving gel in the palm of your hand it will foam as you smooth over your skin.

      My Experience Using It....

      Well I never how to use these products to be honest with you. I always feel happier to use this type of product and then rinse it off and then have my shower or bath after using soap or shower gel or whatever afterwards but then I think you lose the smell then of these products! So I've tried using it in a few ways and it comes down to whether you want to smell it on your skin or not cos by using other products after and over this you do lose the majority of the fragrance of it!

      So to use it you need to shake the can a bit first and then squirt some out into the palm of your hand as directed. It squirts out gel in a steady stream and comes out mostly bright pink in colour with a hint of white cream going through it and a few tiny bubbles. Smell wise it's rather lovely and is a massive plus point to this product! It has an expensive air about it I think and a fruity smell I don't recognise and can't trace but it's smooth and warm in smell rather than zingy and it has a nice sweet, airy feeling about it. It is a feminine smell so I don't think your bfs/husbands would really be pinching this one ladies!

      On contact with damp/wet skin and a gentle rub, brilliant white, rich, thick lather appears on the skin. Not too much that you can't see what your doing but it all feels soft and very moisturising during applying it.

      I then get to work shaving where I want to be shaved and I admit it is simple and a joy to use. It seems to soften my skin on contact with it and hairs feel softer and my razor glides over my skin easier without me having to scrape at my skin to remove hair.

      Sure it's not a miracle worker. You do need a sharp razor but this really does protect the skin and I have used my whole can (gave me about 8 uses on legs and bits and bobs lol) which actually proves how good I think this product is because if it wasn't I wouldn't go to the extra effort required into using this and just use my usual shower/bath products. However this does seem to give me a closer and cleaner shave altogether.

      Rinsing it off is really easy and it leaves me with no stickiness or residue. Skin is left smelling nice and ladylike and my skin also feels hydrated and smooth without feeling faked so. I can continue in the bath and shower with my usual body washing techniques or use this as my last product it's up to me.


      This is a really good product and I'm surprised by it really. It is worth the effort to use it as I feel it gently moisturises my skin with every use and my skin feels less dry and not one bit greasy and just generally cleaner and brighter and I get less in grown hairs. It's simple to use it.

      However it promises firmer skin? I don't agree with that statement I'm afraid. It doesn't give me tighter more toned and defined legs after using it once or even after prolonged use I'm afraid so if you buy it thinking your going to get that then I think you may end up a little disappointed on that front however as I have pointed out it does have it's benefits.

      If your just looking for something to shave with that smells nice and moisturises your skin in a soft and gentle way then this is great though! I haven't had any nicks or cuts while using this and I'm dead clumsy believe me lol

      Can be found in all good chemists and supermarkets.


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