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Hercules Deluxe Apex Metal Garden Shed

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Brand: Deluxe / Product Type: Metal Shed

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    1 Review
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      22.04.2013 12:53
      Very helpful



      Summary: Very good value

      When we moved house, we found ourselves in a situation where we had a great house, that needed a lot of work done to it - with a great garden - that again, needs a lot of work doing to it, but no storage space anywhere.

      Next to no storage space indoors and no sheds in the garden. Something had to be done about this.
      We researched thoroughly the size shed that we wanted, and what the shed should be made from and ideally we wanted a nice tough wooden shed, unfortunately the prices for the size shed we were after went through the roof, so we opted for a metal, apex shed. Much cheaper.

      The particular model shed we bought was from Homebase, at the time (twelve months ago) there was an identical model in Argos too. At todays price the shed is £499.99 (April 2013) but I know that this range of sheds in Homebase have various special offers throughout the year and we paid approximately £150 less - if you are considering buying one of these, then I suggest that you pay a great deal of attention to all the various stockists of these sheds as just shy of £500 is the most expensive I have seen this shed sell for in the last year.

      We ordered the shed for home delivery and t be honest we were both surprised and disappointed when it first arrived. For a shed as large as it is, it came in three flat pack boxes, that we 6 foot-ish high and surprisingly light.

      We had already cleared a space in the garden for the shed, we had made a wooden based and concreted it into the ground - we were ready to install it.

      There is a "novels" worth of instructions supplied with the shed and my husband spent quite a few hours going through all the instructions and paying attention to all the fixings supplied. Now my husband is a carpenter, so more than capable of domestic DIY tasks - but like any other instruction manual you receive when buying this sort of product it can be very confusing, so our advice most defiantly is to read through the instructions very thoroughly before starting work.

      A very useful (and obvious when you think about it) piece of advice regarding the installation of this shed, is do not attempt to install it when there is any wind in the air whatsoever. This is a fair comment as the metal panels are very flimsy and would very easily bend and buckle, making the shed impossible to fit together.

      Waiting for a day without wind last summer, was like waiting for the impossible - last summer must have been the dreariest on record, hardly a day went by without wind and/or rain - but we bided our time and eventually there was a decent weekend.

      Installing this shed is a two man/person job, the panels are tall and flimsy and you need someone to be constantly holding them, whilst the other person drills all the fixings into position. I would say that it took two men all weekend to get the walls and the roof into place. Possibly this could be done in one long day.

      Once installed, this shed is not nearly as flimsy as you think it is going to be. It has proven to be watertight and has stayed firmly in position. It is very spacious and is rapidly filing up - it would be fair to say that with the double doors on the front it is almost like a small garage.

      We intend to buy some windows for it, as it is very dark. It is not the most pleasant looking construction, compared to some of the lovely wooden sheds on the market, but it is totally functional and we have planted various plants around the edge, which we hope will grow and take the starkness of the big green shed away!

      Overall - to coin a phrase, you get what it says on the box - a functional, cheap (ish) shed. Yes, we are pleased with it - a good buy.


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