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Keter Plastic Apex Garden Shed

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Brand: Keter / Product Type: Plastic Shed

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    1 Review
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      20.04.2013 20:18
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      A great easy shed for my needs

      **What is it / why buy?**

      The Keter Plastic Apex Garden Shed is an alternative to a wooden shed and as the name suggests is made entirely of plastic. I decided to get one because I didn't want the hassle of having to keep creosoting a shed, and I've seen too many cheaper wooden sheds fade and split anyway. I basically wanted an easy life!

      I only wanted to put low value items in the shed - an old lawnmower, half empty paint cans, hand tools, that sort of thing. I know that security can be a concern with a plastic shed however I didn't worry too much about this aspect as I have a totally enclosed garden.

      **Price and Availability**

      I bought my Keter Plastic Apex Garden Shed from a specialist online shed retailer and I paid £229 for a 4 x 6 (fairly standard size) shed.

      I think this is a fair price and though you can get wooden sheds cheaper I was not happy at all with the quality of them.


      The Keter Plastic Apex Garden Shed comes in a huge box (yes, it's a flat pack shed!) and it's very heavy, we had this delivered to our home but should you find it in a garden centre you'd need them to deliver it or you'd need a transit van at minimum to transport it. It is a two person lift.


      The Keter Plastic Apex Garden Shed comes in parts, with all fixtures required and a very IKEA-like guide to putting it together. You'll need a screwdriver (I HIGHLY recommend an electric, there are thousands of screws!!)

      Due to having to hold walls and the roof etc whilst it is screwed, it is a two person assembly. The instructions are clear and it is easy to follow but it is quite time consuming and it took myself and my husband just over three hours to put it together. The plastic is corrugated and very strong, but not too hard to screw through (with the electric screwdriver).

      The Keter Plastic Apex Garden Shed has pre punched pilot holes and is screwed together, with some plastic caps in areas. It has a plastic floor and can be set on flat, levelled ground, we put down flagstones also.

      Overall I'd say it wasn't difficult to put together just a bit tiring, but three hours later, yes we had a nice looking shed.

      **The Assembled Shed**

      It has one long 'blank wall, one blank end (the walls have a mock tongue and groove effect), one long wall with a plastic window in it and one end with the door in it. The walls are a caramel colour (think varnished pine) and the roof and door is a chocolate brown.

      The great thing about the shed it's ready to use - no painting, no waiting for anything to dry. It's totally waterproof and it's very very low maintainance.

      We use it with a workbench inside and with some plastic drawers (which I've actually reviewed previously). The shed has held it's own in heavy snow, strong winds and rain, and looks as good today as it did when we bought it 18 months ago. I was initially concerned that it might fade in the sun, but no, it never has, it looks brand new (whereas my neighbour's shed has a torn roof and is faded and needs repainting - she's asked us where we got our shed from, we're starting a trend!)

      For our needs, it's a perfect shed and looks lovely in the corner of the garden.

      **Any Downsides?**

      There are a few little ones, namely -

      - the Keter Plastic Apex Garden Shed does not come supplied with any way to lock it, so you will need to buy a decent padlock ahead of time.

      - if you are wanting to keep very high value items in the shed then the Keter Plastic Apex Garden Shed may not be right for you especially if you don't live in a place where it can be reasonably protected (as I've said I have a totally enclosed back garden with high walls / fences). Of course if someone wants to break into a wooden shed they will do, but a plastic shed is, of course, cuttable (though with some brute force, it's not a thin plastic by any means) and meltable. So whilst it's ideal for me I appreciate not everyone will find a plastic shed for them.


      I do recommend the Keter Plastic Apex Garden Shed, for anyone who's looked at their shed needs and feels a plastic shed would suit them, it's a reasonably priced, very sturdy shed which is as low maintainance as a shed can be (after you've spent your Sunday afternoon putting it up, that is ;) )

      I will give it a very fair four stars out of five, it's a good shed, available in many sizes and colours (you can also get it in cream and forest green) and at a fair price. If you are thinking of getting a plastic shed I highly recommend the Keter Plastic Apex Garden Shed.


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