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Yardmaster Deluxe Metal Garden Shed

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2 Reviews

Brand: Yardmaster / Product Type: Metal Shed

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    2 Reviews
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      21.10.2013 21:53
      Very helpful




      Hey all
      This is meant to be a review of a yardmaster metal shed... but honestly it should have been called the really complicated mechano game, because that is what it feels like.

      Ok, my parents got the shed for just udner £200 after my wooden shed basically threatened to collapse on the lawnmower equipment below. The shed arrived well packaged, and contained a mixture of corrugated steel-like panels, numerous bolts and washers and an instruction manual.

      At this point I should point out that my dad is a civil engineer, it his job to read instructions and designs, and ensure they get build properly. I myself have done many DIY build it your-selves, and have absolutely no trouble sticking together something from Ikea....

      But honestly... this is something else...

      We have had the shed now for around 4 weeks, and we still haven't managed to assemble the front of it properly.

      For a start, the metal is so sharp in the corners, my hands are covered in cuts from the razor sharp corners slicing through me as I tried to hold the various bits into shape.

      Also the metal "bends" as you try to build the shed. The isn't so much of a problem early on, but trust me on this, when it comes to attaching the roof to the walls, you will feel like killing youself, as it really is a 4 man job, 2 people to hold the roof, and 2 people to push the walls into shape (flex the walls into the right position).

      Now this would be fine if the instructions were clear, consise, and to the point. Honestly it took a few dummy runs to understand what those instructions were trying to say. I am a bit paranoid that the slightest gust of wind is going to blow down whatever it is we have standing in the bottom of our garden, but seriously we follow the instructions as best we can (my dad is an engineer remember? Even he had trouble).

      Now you may be thinking, aha, but once you stand back, its all worth it?

      Well... no, honestly not. The walls feel flimsy (you feel like if you fell over and grabbed hold of a wall to steady yourself, the entire shed would just flex). The overall fit and finish doesn't really justify the £200 either... (ok I know its just a shed, but there are "holes" from outside to inside, maybe they are necessary, but I am seriously struggling to see how a metal shed is any better than a normal wooden shed at this point).

      Furthermore, the bit where the door attaches... (ok I have to admit, this bit we did a bit wrong and are going to have to dismantle it and do it again, so maybe my opinion is a bit premature, but still) feels like they are made out of plastic you would scoff at if you had it holding chocolate in a tray, let alone holding the door onto your shed... which might be full of expensive lawn mowing stuff...

      Overall I have to say this is a bit of a dissapointment. I thought a metal shed would be easier to put together, stronger, better finish, and just overall better than a wooden shed. We haven't even finished putting it together after 3... or is it 4 weeks? And collectively there has been someone working on it for around 12-16 hours each weekend, plus the odd hour during the week.... so I guesstimate over 70 work hours (so if 2 people work for one hour at the same time, that is 2 work hours) have been spent on this thing, and there just isn't a lot to show for our work other than a load of cuts on all our hands, and a shed that feels about as secure as an investment in a business selling ice to eskimoes... not very secure at all...

      Overall, this has been a massive dissapointment, and at £200 its not been a cheap on either. Can't help but feel this is a bit of a pointless shed. Maybe in the long run it will need less maintainence than a wooden shed.


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      21.12.2008 21:31
      Very helpful



      Might be okay for you depends on what you need!

      My house is semi detached and there is a really useful (useless) space down the side of the house, which is walled in. The space measures over 20 foot long by 4 1/2 foot wide. I searched and searched for the right shed for the property and eventually found a lean to shed which measured 8 foot long by 4 foot wide the shed was made from hot-dipped galvanised sheets of steel, which will not rust. I though was perfect as I would not be able to get to it to paint and treat because of the space.

      I ordered the shed from Taylor's garden supplies website for £195 with free delivery. The shed arrived within 14 days as suggested on the site however when it arrived I was very concerned about the size of the package I understood fully that the shed would need constructing and that it came without a base but the box was only 6ft high by 3 ft wide.

      When we unpacked the shed to construct it, we noticed that the sheets we very thin so that was part of the reason for the small box. To make the long pieces you have to screw two pieces together, which has made me a bit concerned about the sturdiness and strength of the shed.

      The instructions were terrible the piece were not labelled and there are only illustrations with no written instruction after days out in the cold the shed started to take shape but it was a complete nightmare to construct and the instruction made it very difficult.

      We finally constructed the shed after popping to the DIY shop for extra stuff as they shed kit had some rubbish screws that were not fit for use. We also has to buy an extra hinge for the door as two would not have held the flimsy door properly and a new catch as the lock would have been a nightmare too.With the shed fully constructed and in its correct position down the side of the house I left it over night before filling it to discover that it gets really bad condensation. We are not sure if this is due to the base (concrete) we used so will have to try to sort that out next.

      I am glad the shed is going down the side of the house where it will be sheltered from the wind and rain because it does not seem to be very strong or sturdy and I think it would fold under extreme wind.

      The shed itself was a good price a complete pain to construct but perfect for the area I wanted to use. I am glad I got the shed although the construction has been very stressful and frustrating!

      I would recommend this shed but I would want people to know it is a bit flimsy and hard to construct before they bought it!


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    • Product Details

      This shed, manufactured in the UK from pre-painted hot-dipped galvanised steel with stainless steel screws, nuts and bolts, offers extra height and strength. Features includes translucent roof panels, double sliding doors, anchor kit for fixing to concrete base or flagstones (not supplied) and assembly manual

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