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3D Killer Whale Padded Slippers

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Brand: Heelz So High / Type: Slippers

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    3 Reviews
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      02.10.2012 13:49
      Very helpful



      Much more comfortable than a pair of real killer whales...

      With summer a distant (and largely unsatisfactory) memory and the nights closing in fast, the prospect of the long cold months ahead is all too apparent. In other words, it's time to fetch a pair of slippers which for me involves my annual forage through the attic to try and find the ones I threw up there in the spring.

      I generally only wear slippers in the autumn and winter and allow them to gather dust in the solitude of the attic for the remaining months of the year. Some of them are found again and are again worn with affection, other are lost forever in the chaos of the attic - a scene akin to a jumble sale after an earthquake. This year though I managed to reunite myself with my far-from-subtle 3D Killer Whale slippers - quite possibly my favourite pair. Thankfully, slippers are not resentful items and they soon forget the neglect you have shown them for half of the year.

      Although I already owned several pairs at the time, I bought these slippers a couple of years ago because I liked the design so much. Despite this questionable basis for purchase they have turned out to be a very good pair of slippers - however they have clearly been designed by someone who values warmth much more than they do stable footing.

      === Appearances are everything ===

      The slippers are designed to look like a couple of killer whales emerging from the ocean, head pointing upwards and jaw wide open. Each whale is mostly black and white in colour but the inside of each whale's mouth is red and there is a light blue wavy stripe along the base resembling the waters from which the beasts are emerging. The material is very soft to the touch, like velvet but not quite as lavish, making them very inviting on a cold day. Completing the look is a protruding and slightly padded dorsal fin and a jagged row of white teeth along each jaw. Not forgetting the pair of large bulging plastic eyes which add a touch of menace.

      The whales are padded with a material very similar in texture to cotton wool but which holds its shape much better. Your feet slip into the whale's gaping maw which comes up over your ankles providing a cosy and snug fit. The reason I like these ankle-boot style of slippers is that they are much warmer than normal mule slippers and provide warmth to your entire foot.

      The visual humour is provided by making it look as though you are having your feet bitten off by a pair of killer whales (hilarious, I think you'll agree!) In normal circumstances, if you were to find yourself in a situation where not one but two killer whales have decided to take a snack on your feet, it's fair to say that you would be having a bad day. Not here though, these whales thankfully lack the means and the desire to commit such an act - leaving your feet warm and cosy...and still attached to your legs.

      === Comfort ===

      Fortunately, the slippers don't just excel on the appearance front. They are incredibly soft and comfortable to wear as well. The soles of the slippers are padded amply and provide a soft barrier between my feet and the floor and the delightfully soft surround padding means that they don't feel as tight as a conventional shoe style slipper whilst still providing a snug and cosy fit.

      Obviously they are very warm too with the amount of padding around your feet. Without trying to sound too lyrical, it feels like I have my feet encased in a very soft cushion! I find them very inviting on the coldest of winter days but at the same time they are not insufferably warm on a mild day so they are also welcome in warmer weather too. Personally though, I only wear these when my feet are actually too cold to be walking round in socks.

      It's not all walking on clouds though and unfortunately on more than a few occasions I have managed to discover the hidden ferocity of these seemingly cuddly killer whales. I refer to the eyes, which although they look harmless on the surface have a pointy plastic stem on the reverse which has the tendency to poke through the soft padding and into my feet. This happens when I rest one foot on the other which presses the eye into the padding giving me unwelcome jab in the ankle. I would imagine this would pose a problem if you are one of those people who likes to curl up on the sofa like a cat with your feet tucked up alongside you (for the record, I am not one of those people).

      === Practicality, or lack thereof ===

      Slippers of this nature were never going to be easy to walk in. The amount of padding around each foot does make navigating tight corners a little tricky, especially if you are not watching where you are walking. With a bit of practice though and after you have accepted that your feet are much bigger than your instincts may be telling you then walking around the house isn't overly treacherous. I do walk up and down the stairs in these slippers but it's not something I would attempt if I was in a hurry. Trying to skip up two steps at once would be pure folly; there is no happy ending to galloping up the stairs at record pace with these slippers!

      However, it's not the size of the slippers that present the biggest threat for me staying on my feet. The bottoms of the slippers are foolishly made from a thin cotton fabric which makes them very slippery at times. The soles are covered with many small rubber bobbles but these are too shallow to provide any kind of grip. The kitchen floor - a laminate tiled affair - is a prime spot for slipping. Apparently killer whales do not take too kindly to such terrain and I have lost my footing a few times here when walking quite sharpish.

      They do fare much better on carpet though but the soles are a bit of a disappointment with these slippers because they are otherwise very well designed. A simple rubber sole stitched onto the slippers would have made them much safer to walk in but I suppose this would have also made them more rigid and potentially a little less comfortable.

      === Life Span ===

      My slippers were bought about two years ago and have been worn quite frequently over the autumn/winter months for these two years. They have held up pretty well though and both whales are still sporting their striking black and white skins; neither colour has faded nor become grubby over time. It's worth pointing out that I have rarely worn my slippers outside (for fear of neighbourly ridicule) so they have avoided being exposed to too much dirt. They are machine washable though should you muck them up - after all, whales are pretty good swimmers.

      There is a slight issue with the sole though (no, not the fish). The already slippy material on the bottom has over time worn down and frayed a little causing them to look a bit tatty. I haven't found this too big a flaw though and generally time has been quite kind to these slippers. The outer padding is as firm as it was upon purchase and the under-foot padding is still very comfortable although noticeably flatter.

      Unfortunately though, it turns out that these killer whales' teeth are not made for chewing. Made from a fuzzy soft fabric they have bent out of shape over time and no longer point inwards like they should - no amount of dental work can permanently reset their nashers back into prime biting position. I'm not saying I would have preferred actual whale teeth over fabric teeth but the teeth really are an integral part of the overall image and them bending out of shape so easily is a little disappointing.

      === Price/Availability ===

      You can catch a pair of these killer whale slippers from the usual suspects of Amazon.co.uk and eBay with prices ranging from £8-12 (inc. delivery). The sizes range from 6/7 to 10/11 (UK sizes), mine being the latter. I don't think the sizes matter a great deal though with these slippers and you could easily get away with wearing a slightly larger or smaller size if necessary. The surround padding will simply compress or expand around your feet and the ankle-boot design means that the slippers provide a snug fit.

      These slippers are also unisex in my opinion despite being categorised as mens/boys - Having your foot bitten off by an orca is not a gender specific activity as far as I'm aware.

      === Verdict ===

      My recommendation for buying these slippers would depend on what you want from such footwear. If you are looking for some warm, comfortable and amusing slippers and you don't mind looking a bit odd then these are an excellent choice. If however, your days are spent scaling the stairs at pace or tearing through the house with a hot drink in your hand then you might want to go for something a little more practical and ultimately a lot safer. That's not to say that these are completely unpractical - they aren't. I manage to stay on my feet whilst wearing them just by exercising a little caution.

      The slippers are very good quality and although they have shown signs of wear and have one of two design faults I think they are very good value for money and well worth the buy. I have been very pleased with these slippers since I bought them and am even more pleased that I managed to find them again this year - a feat which cannot be overstressed given the state of my attic!

      Thank you for reading! :-)


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        28.08.2012 00:25
        Very helpful



        These slippers are nice but they are a bit too padded

        WHAT ARE THEY?

        Whale shaped slippers for men and boys. They are a boot style and the design of them is that you put your foot into the whales mouth and that will warm and protect your ankle.

        WHAT I THINK

        I bought these slippers for my husband after he passed one of his PADI examinations, it was as a joke originally but he liked them so much that he has used them for his sloppy weekend slippers. The slippers are shaped to look like cartoon whales and it's quite funny that when my husband is wearing them he looks like his ankle is being bitten by the whales teeth.

        The padding is very thick all around the slippers so they are very warm, I've worn them myself sometimes and think they are very comfortable. The sole doesn't feel very stable because the padding makes it feel very round under my feet and I think these could be a bit dangerous to walk down the stairs in. The bottoms of the slippers don't have very effective grips and sometimes I feel unsteady on my feet when I wear them, I know they are my husbands and too big for me but I think this unsteady feeling is because of the shape and not because they are too big.

        The teeth of the whale are made of felt and these have stretched and come loose from the mouth, that makes the slippers look tatty even though they haven't been worn very much. The stitches are all hidden and tight so none of he seams look like they are going to come undone or start to fray.

        My husband says these are very comfortable but they make his feet feel very hot so he prefers wearing his sandal style slippers, but winter will be here soon so then I think the warmth will be more welcomed.

        4 Dooyoo Stars.


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          08.08.2012 15:37
          Very helpful



          well worth owning a pair of these

          SO, i wonder what there is to say about a pair of slippers. I bet that is what you are thinking, am i right?
          Well, let me start off by saying these are the most comfortable pair of slippers IN THE WORLD. Well, in my world anyway! I have never purschased a pair of slippers that are so comfy and cosey to wear.
          I was given a pair of these recently as a birthday present (and what an odd looking present it was when wrapped up lol)
          I already had a pair of memory foam slippers at home, though they were standing the test of time I guess they had seen better days.
          I was dubious about these at first, I dont use go for novelty slippers. But not to dissapoint the buyer of them I immediatly put them on. They got quite a few giggles and laughs to start with, and a few whale related jokes. However once the novelty had worn off with other people they soon stopped quipping me about them.

          As soon as I put the slippers on I realised how comfy they actually are! They are nicely padded and very well made. There were no loose ares of stitching anywhere on them. the padding keeps your feet so warm and cosey, without them feeling too hot. My feet certainly do not get at all sweaty in these slippers.
          There is an unusual added advantage to these slippers, due to the amount of padding in them, if you should hit your toes or feet (something that I actually regularily do) it doesnt hurt half as often as when wearing non padded slippers. Seriously, it makes sense really does it not? More padding equals less pain and bruising. I can not say for sure but I am certain i may have even saved mysefl from having a broken toe by wearing these! PErhaps they should be recommended to other diabteics too! (PLEASE NOTE this is NOT MEdical advice! It is merely MY HUMOUR and not to be mistaken for medical advice in any way shape or form)
          Suffice to say they act pretty good at protecting your feet as well.

          One slight draw back at first - i looked a right muppet when i first tried walking in them! It takes a short while to get used to wearing funny shaped slipper like this, and i for one walked with my feet coming up off the floor in a high wide circle. THEre were even a few comments of you like a chicken walking! This gave my fellow party go'ers a bit of entertainment too, so i guess that is another unusual added bones, these slippers have entertainment value too! Now who would have thought these simple slippers would have so many unusual benefits! Arent you amazed? Do you not just want to rush out right this minute and buy yourself a pair?

          I love whales, hence my kind birthday party guest buying me whale shaped slippers. I can not sing the praises of these slippers enough. They are the comfiest slippers I have ever owned, and fast became my firm favourite's.
          I am assuming they are great vlaue for money, and i assume this as I do not know what they actually cost. I have never looked up what they cost, as it really doesnt matter to me, they were the best birthday present i got this year.
          I could not be happier with them at all. I completely love them and theyre so durable as well> I have practically lived in mine and they havent lost thier shape at all, and havent got thinner on the soles or spilt anywhere, so theyre a pretty sturdy pair of slippers too.
          all in all awesome


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