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Asda George Boys Wellington Boots

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Brand: Asda / Type: Boots / Gender: for children

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    1 Review
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      20.11.2013 23:56
      Very helpful



      Good boot

      Winter is approaching, which means a change in clothing and footwear, especially for my children. My daughter has her first pair of wellies glued to her feet now and my son is stuck in his school shoes. When he was in nursery, and there was no formal uniform, I bought him a pair of these wellington boots from my local Asda store, for £5.00.

      Why did I buy these?

      I bought these because when my son first started nursery, the staff mentioned that each child really needed to bring in a pair of footwear suitable for all weather conditions, so they could play outside regardless of what the British weather had to bring. I've never bought or worn a pair of wellies in my life, I understood the logic but didn't want to pay a premium for this as children have a habit of growing and unexpectantly. So just in case I needed to buy another pair but bigger, I felt the look and cost of these fitted the bill. They were also readily available in different sizes.

      How do they look?

      One of the things I've noticed is that Asda have been selling the same wellies for afew years now, but they tend to change the colour of them every so often, possible every few months. The pair my son has is in size 9. The colour is blue, quite a bright blue rather than being muted. Around the top of the wellies is almost a rim ( slightly raised line ) running all around it. Same colour as the wellies itself. Further down, you have the same rim, running around the front of the wellies and running around a third along the foot. Then this raised line goes up and creates a slight curve then drops back to the base of the wellies. Around the back of the wellies, where the heel is, the same rim goes around this area.

      Around the bottom of the wellies the colour changes, and is a lime green colour. This is the same on the bottom of the wellies on the shoe tread except for the centre of it as it reverts back to the colour of the rest of the wellies which is blue.

      The toe section is rounded, and when you look closely it actually widens out slightly after the toes have finished, when in the boot, and comes back in to line with the rest of the boot. I found this enables space and comfort.

      The tread itself is quite chunky and a decent thickness. Perfect for different forms of weather e.g wet, snow etc.

      There is a thin lining inside the boot which appears to be some form of fabric but breathable, as you can see how its woven and made up. Its completely connected to the inside of the boot and doesn't come out or off, and is a off white colour.

      As you can imagine with a wellington style boot, its made of some form of plastic, shiny in touch and look and easy enough to wipe down if and when needed.

      When my son wears these, and he is average in height and leg length for his age, this boot stops afew inches below his knee.

      How do they perform?

      The look of them firstly is nice and eye catching. Because of how they are coloured, they are noticeable, which made this great for me when I needed to search around for them in my son's nursery if he placed them somewhere and forget where they were! The colour meant it didn't go with every outfit, but I didn't buy them to make a fashion statement more for practicality. I thought the colour would be fun for such a young child ( he was 3 at the time ) to wear and enjoy.

      Due to their height, I found they protected my son's feet very well, and stopped that area from getting wet or too dirty in regards to his clothes. It meant if he fancied jumping into puddles, he could do so with minimal damage.

      His feet remained reasonably warm in these, but he did wear socks underneath which helped.

      Easy to clean, when I could be bothered. But to be fair, not something I did regularly as these are the type of footwear that should get alittle dirty and grimy.

      Very lightweight, so I didn't have to worry when I placed these in his backpack that he would be too weighed down, nor did they take up too much room in a bag, his sister's pushchair, as they could be placed quite flat down but also because of the material they're made out of could easily be folded or scrunched up. Although I wouldn't do this regularly as I wouldn't want to mess around with the integrity of the structure.

      Despite these being advertised as boys footwear, the colouring which we have I personally feel could be for either boys or girls. Despite my son wearing these on and off over a 12 month period, running in them, jumping, causing general havoc, they are still in great condition, so could be passed onto his sister ( if her favourite word wasn't pink that is! ).

      Any negatives?

      This is the first time my son ever wore these types of boots, and I found for the first few months the tops of the boots would rub against his leg and leave a mark. This was never painful, as he never complained or mentioned it, but I could clearly see this. This was despite any clothing he would wear on his legs.
      Afew of the other children in my son's class at the time had the same footwear in exactly the same colour. Asda is popular for most people for clothing/footwear due to prices and quality, but you do find certain items are owned by every other person which can be off putting.

      Would I buy these again? Yes I would. They are a good quality boot, they do the job which is protect the feet from rain and just below the knee, and they are very affordable. If for whatever reason they get lost or damaged, then replacing them isn't expensive.


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