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Asda Heart Print Ballet Slippers

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Brand: Asda / Type: Slippers

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    1 Review
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      07.03.2012 11:06
      Very helpful



      Gorgeous slippers from George at Asda that I would highly recommend!

      I recently purchased two pairs of slippers for myself, both of which were from the 'George' clothing range in my local Asda supermarket. One of the pairs, called the "Heart Print Ballet Slippers" caught my eye immediately as they are so brightly-coloured and pretty and I decided there and then to purchase them for myself. I paid only £5 for the slippers which I thought was a great value price.

      The slippers are available in sizes 3 to 8. I usually like my slippers to be quite loose-fitting, and so I purchased the size 7 although I usually take a size 6 shoe, to ensure the 'fit' was not going to be too tight and also to ensure I would have plenty of room in the slippers for socks if I chose to wear them as I often suffer from having very cold feet!

      The slippers are a gorgeous cerise pink colour, or "hot pink" if you prefer, with little cream-coloured love hearts printed all over the cerise background. There is a cream bow detailed at each toe, which have been formed into a delicate rounded shape so the slippers have a sort of 'ballet pump' look to them. The fabric is wonderfully soft and comfortable, being a sort of soft fleece type velour.

      The insides of the slippers are also made of a soft fleece or velour-type fabric, which gives a comforting feel when the slippers are being worn. The insides of the slippers - as well as the insole - are a plain cream colour which is perfectly co-ordinated to the colours of the outer fabric. I find that the soles of the slippers are lightly padded which offers a comfortable 'step' to the slippers when they are being worn. They are not so padded that my feet feel as if they are fully protected, but I can find slippers with a hugely-padded sole can feel quite cumbersome, or even heavy on my feet. For this reason, I prefer to wear slippers that are much lighter to wear and the Heart Print Ballet Slippers fit the bill perfectly.

      The 'heels' of the slippers have a little elastic section in them so that they fit snugly on your feet. I have never found this elastic to be uncomfortable or found it 'digging' into my feet as a result of it being too tight.

      The bow detail on the toes really gives a lovely finish to the look of the slippers overall. The bow is actually made of three layers, from three different types of cream ribbon sitting on top of each other, and this gives an attractive finish to the slippers. The middle ribbon is made of cream lace, with the bottom ribbon being made of a see-through cream material which contrasts nicely with the lace resting on top. The outer ribbon (being at the top of the bow) is made of a plain cream ribbon which looks slightly more robust than the other two beneath it. Perhaps this is the reason it has been chosen to be placed on top, but either way the attractive bow is extremely pretty and provides an attractive, eye-catching detail.

      The slippers are made from man-made materials and are completely machine washable. I don't recall whether there were any instructions to this effect attached to the slippers when I bought them, but I have washed them myself and have found no problems with the colours running or from the slippers suffering extensive wear and tear as a result of being washed in my machine. There is nothing on the slippers to tell me what the materials are, and the information provided on the "George" website simply describes the material as being 'Textile' so I did tread carefully and wash the slippers on a delicate spin for the first time to ensure they didn't sustain any damage. After this initial wash however, I have since washed them at a 30-minute 'mini' spin and this has proved to be effective at removing any grubby marks that may have settled on the slippers.

      I don't wear any of my slippers outdoors, so any damage to the sole will always be quite minimal. The sole on the underside of the slippers is made of a slightly thick material, but again there is nothing on the slippers to tell me what the material is. I would describe it as a sort of thick 'suede' type fabric that is slightly textured but I wouldn't have thought that this fabric gives a particularly great grip, it has to be said, although to be fair I personally haven't felt my feet slipping on any floor or carpet surface when I am wearing them. There were some little pink/purple butterflies imprinted on the sole, alongside the brand name and shoe size etc, which provided a slight 'texture' to the sole due to them having a sort of 'raised font' on the soles. I have found that these details have worn off quite easily however, and this was exacerbated when the slippers were washed in the machine, so now only little 'segments' of the printed detail remains.

      For the low price of only £5 however, I wouldn't necessarily be expecting a pair of slippers with great grips to the soles, and I do think that these little Heart Slippers are more a sort of 'lounging around the house' item. They certainly don't claim to be robust or hard-wearing, but I think for the low price I paid, they have served their purpose well, still have plenty of life in them, and look extremely attractive. They are extremely comfortable to wear and fit my feet perfectly, feeling quite 'roomy' and spacious without falling off my feet. They are snug and warm thanks to the sort of 'fleece' in the insides, and I have no complaints about them at all.

      I am more than happy to recommend the George Heart Print Ballet Slippers and think they are a very attractive pair of slippers that would make an ideal gift - worth bearing in mind as Mothers Day approaches! I think they offer great value for money and are fairly robust, despite being quite dainty-looking and having a thin sole.

      You can buy the slippers in larger 'Asda' supermarkets, or you can order online at www.asda.com.


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