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Barratts Suede Faux Fur Lined Boot

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Brand: Barratts / Type: Boots

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    1 Review
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      17.01.2011 14:25
      Very helpful



      A great pair of boots for the winter!

      Every year I buy the same pair of boots from Barratt's. Their price might have increased enormously since I bought my first pair five years ago but the boots are still a permanent fixture in my winter wardrobe! As someone who has no intention of paying £200 for Ugg boots, these are an excellent alternative as they are the same kind of idea with a smaller price tag.

      I don't think Barratt's is necessarily a 'cool' shop, however if I ever need a pair of boots this would always be my first stop.

      ~ The boots ~

      The boots are a pair of faux fur suede boots from Barratt's. They are mid-calf length with a furry interior and a suede outer - basically the perfect winter boots! You can wear them pulled up which I tend to do as they keep my legs warm, or you can pull the top down to show some of the fur which I can only think is to do with 'fashion'! They are very soft and easy to pull on but fit snugly due to the faux fur inside. They have a thick solid sole which is durable and has never caused me an issue.

      ~ My experience ~

      I am a massive fan of these boots and as I said I buy them every year. This year I decided that with the rise in price I would look elsewhere and stumbled across a similar pair at Marks and Spencer's. I assumed they would be good quality as with most of their products, but unfortunately had to throw them away after a month of winter weather. They became stained with white marks from the rain and by the time I walked back from the tube station in the evenings my feet were soaking! I have never had this problem with the boots from Barratt's.

      They keep my feet nice and toasty through the winter months and as long as they are sprayed with a weather resistant spray they also deal with snow and rain very well. They are very comfortable which is probably why I wear them almost every day and never want to put anything else on until it's flipflop season! I wear them through the rain, snow and mud (the fields near my Yorkshire house!) and they always get me through the winter and last deep into the next one. I still like to buy a fresh pair anyway the next year in a different colour so I have a 'nicer pair' and a 'messy pair'! This year I bought dark brown but I usually go for the black as they just seem the easiest to wear with anything!

      My mum and sister swear by them too and always have a pair for cold months, although mum manages to make hers last a few years because she is sensible enough to wear wellies in snow and walking boots for hiking! It's fair to say they have a longer life than most other boots of their kind but if you're going to trek through fields of mud like I do, you can probably expect the boots to look a lot less attractive! The thick sole is very durable, not allowing any water through even in the worst weather. The soles on my last year's boots still look unworn and the grip is excellent.

      ~ Price and availability ~

      This year these were one of my Christmas presents but I know that they cost £55. This is £5 more than last year and a whopping £20 more than I first paid for them years ago. They are available in black, light brown and dark brown.

      The good news is that in the January sales the boots are always reduced. They are currently at £44 and as we edge towards springtime they will come down even further. They are available on the Barratt's website and in all of their stores.

      ~ Overall ~

      I used to buy these boots because they were a cheap alternative to Uggs and similar boots from makes such as Rocketdog, as well as some of the other high street stores such as Office and Schuh. However, with these higher prices I may soon discover that I can no longer afford to buy a pair every year and might have to find another alternative (or stop walking through muddy fields!) They are of an excellent quality and can't be faulted on that front. Warm, comfortable, durable and attractive - everything I would want in my winter boots! Overall, a great pair of boots which I would recommend to anyone. 4/5


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