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BHS Micro-suede Comfort Mule Slippers

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Brand: BHS / Type: Slippers

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    1 Review
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      11.10.2010 23:59
      Very helpful



      A comfortable slipper from BHS

      My BHS Micro Suede Comfort Mule Slippers were bought earlier in the year and have served me very well. When wanting to review them here I was not able to find an exact piccy of them, (as BHS seem to have replaced the colour with the mauve ones shown here). I picked this one out when making my product suggestion here. They are the same type of slippers as the ones I had with the same cushioned fit and feel and are made from the same materials.

      My slippers lasted me a good 5 months before the insoles began to look too care worn for me to want to wear them, although I have to say I do ring the changes with my slippers so they were not worn every day during that time. The cost of my slippers was £12 at the time of purchase and the updated version of my slippers can still be found on sale at the same price.

      The top piece or upper of my slippers was in a light Mocha brown with a pale pink lining inside the slipper. The updated version has the same mocha upper with a light beige lining. There was a nice design stitched into the top of my slippers which was pale pink to match the lining. On the updated version the design is in beige to match the lining. Other than that my slippers were made from exactly the same materials and formed in the same shape and style.

      The inner part of the slippers where you place your foot had a slightly extra padded bit on the side where the arch of your feet sits. Along the arch the words 'Contour Comfort' were stitched in a matching shade of thread and the version thats on sale now has exactly the same feature on them. The material used for this part of the slipper has plenty of padding underneath it which gave my slippers a lovely soft and comfortable feel. With this added arch support when brand new, I didn't have to wear these slippers in at all, they were an instant hit.

      The uppers on these slippers is very durable and made from a faux suede type of material. This was something that lasted very well and I found that even when it came to the point of me throwing out the slippers the suede effect uppers still looked great. The bit that let them down in the end was the insole, which had worn down in the toe area on both slippers to the point of there being small rips in the stretchy cotton feel material base.

      This was the only reason I replaced these slippers with newer ones from Clarks. Other than that the uppers and the soles were still in good order and I feel that as I had worn the slippers over the course of around 5 months on and off, they performed rather well for me. The soles of the slippers is made from an odd kind of spongy feeling rubber that has a pattern to it and seems to be covered in material but isn't. There was plenty of texture to the soles and I didn't feel that they ever let me down in terms of grip or stability. The 'Contour Comfort' wording is continued on the soles of the slippers along with a swirly pattern.

      The sizing for these slippers comes in small, medium or large and that was something that I found I wasn't all that keen on. I do find that these multi sized slippers can sometimes be in odd size combos, but luckily in this case I found that the size I picked out worked well enough for me.

      On the whole I found these slippers to be of a good quality. They certainly kept my feet warm and snug until the inner lining went, so I would certainly recommend them and feel they ought to get a 4 star rating. The updated version of these slippers is still showing at £12 on the BHS website which is good value for a comfy pair of cosy slippers. The new colours are mauve and the same mocha shade that I had, but with more closely co-ordinating linings.


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