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Bronx Ripsaw Ankle Boots

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Brand: Bronx / Female / Type: Ankle Boots

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    1 Review
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      16.04.2011 16:58
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      Versatile and smart boot, probably best worn with jeans or trousers.

      "You should definitely buy them. You're the only person that's tried them on who's been able to walk in them so far"

      Ok, that wasn't the only reason I bought them, but when the girl in the shop said that to me, I said 'Sold!'

      I do like high heels. Being slightly 'vertically challenged' and not blessed with a slender and svelte physique, I do find that a good heel improves my posture (you have to stand up straight to stay upright on the things) and gives me a slightly more elegant look if I'm off out for the evening.

      == The Heel ==

      The photo doesn't quite do it justice - if you have a look at Vivaladiva.com there are other views of the boot which give you a better idea. In fact I wish I'd given Dooyoo a different picture as I think the boots look a lot better in the second photo (not sure if I can give a web address in a review but if you look on Vivaladiva.com you will find them under Bronx Ripsaw Ankle Boots).
      Measuring at the very back of the heel from the top to the floor it's 12.5cm, or 4.75 inches high. It's high! The base of the heel, ie the bit that's in contact with the floor, is just under a centimetre square. So if you're not keen on high heels, or not practised in walking in them, probably best to steer clear of these boots. I am used to heels and find it no problem, so I love the fact that these heels are so high, I think it gives a really elegant look to the boot.

      == Materials ==

      The upper and lining of the boot is leather. I have also seen the same boot in a suede upper. There are contrasting elasticated side panels which give the boot a bit of detail and also have the added benefit of making it quite easy to get onto your foot. I did have to use a shoe horn the first few times I wore them but now I can put them straight on without one.
      The sole is made from rubber and is called a 'tracker' sole. Again you can't see it very well from the picture, but it is a slightly rugged sole, with an irregular and fairly thick, ribbed tread. Again this has a dual purpose - it adds to the look of the boot and also makes it easier to walk in them as it gives you a good bit of grip. The sole, including tread, is about 3/4cm thick.

      == Colours ==

      Mine are brown, it is a lovely rich mahogany type brown and not a completely solid colour which is quite easy to see from the picture. The leather ones also come in black and I've seen suede too which I have only come across in black.

      == Quality ==

      These are really well made boots. The quality is evident from the moment you look at them with a robust but soft leather having been used and the stitching is exceptionally neat and tidy. Because there are a few panels on the boot, there is quite a bit of stitching and it is all tiny, tidy and uniform, not one bit has come loose. I have worn these boots quite a bit in the several months that I've had them, including dancing in them (yes, I can do that too - although not very well, but that has nothing to do with the boots!) and they still look great with really no signs of wear at all. Even the sole has stood up exceptionally well to use - the bit on the heel is made of much harder stuff than the sole under the ball of the foot, presumably as it has to take more pressure, and it has hardly worn down at all.

      The toe is slightly rounded so it's something in between pointy and round. The boots are reinforced at the toe, so if you push on it, it doesn't give. The same goes for the heel part of the shoe (the part that your heel actually sits in, rather than the stiletto bit). This means that the boot has held its shape perfectly and I'm really impressed with this for a leather boot.

      == So are they comfortable? ==

      In a word, yes. Ok, if you're not happy with high heels then you're not going to find these comfortable. But if you are a heel person, then these are incredibly comfortable for what is in essence a stiletto boot. This is partly due to the sightly rounded toe, partly due to the slightly padded insole, and partly due to the sole being rubber with a thickish tread. It is also due to the fact that the boots are so well made. I try not to wear these if I know I'm going to be doing a lot of walking, but I have happily worn them for long evenings and, as above, have even done a bit of dancing (if you can call it that) in them too. After a particularly long night my feet might start to ache a bit, but then I could probably say that for almost all of my 'smarter' shoes.

      == The Look ==

      Again, I now wish I'd given a different picture as the one above doesn't quite do them justice. But to try and put it into words, in my opinion these boots give a look of elegance, but with a slightly 'rugged' edge to it. I'm not really one for pointy shoes but because I like heels, it's hard to find a more, shall we say, 'boyish' shoe which still has a good heel. These hit the mark which makes them that little bit different with their contrast of extremely high heel, yet with the elastic sides and rugged sole this kind of tones them down a bit. It also means they are quite versatile as they can look really smart with a pair of smart trousers, but they are equally at home with a pair of jeans and casual top - they just serve to 'dress it up' a bit.

      == The Price ==

      I can't remember exactly but I think I paid about £80 for these. I have seen them online recently for £67 which I think is an absolute bargain. I have seen the price you have to pay for a decent pair of designer boots and I think these are just as good but for less than half the price you might pay elsewhere.

      Thanks for reading.
      (Review will also be posted on Ciao)


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