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Carvela Apex

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Brand: Carvela / Type: High Heels

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    3 Reviews
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      07.06.2011 23:25
      Very helpful



      Lovely design and quality! Sexy shoes!

      I'm a shoe addict, if you see how many pairs of shoes of all different styles I have, you would cringe! I just love shoes and being able to add this pair to my collection has been amazing! I had bought a plain black dress especially for a night out and wanted some sexy shoes to jazz it up a bit, and my mum being the best mummy in the world agreed to buy them for me, of course not after some hard persuasion! When I came across these, I must say I instantly fell in love.

      The Carvela Apex shoes are abought 5 inches in height, which is very high even for me, but there is a chunky platform of about 2 inches to give you some stability. The shoe has a pointed tow which is slightly rounded, which is quite a common style that gives off a really stylish tone. The main section of the shoe is made from leather and the sole of the shoe is made with some synthetic material.

      I absolutely adored this shoes, I was worried about them really silly on me, but when they arrived I was over the moon at how well they suited me and it went perfectly with the dress I had previously bought! They are absolutely adorable and I'm extremely pleased that I'm lucky enough to add them to my collection. I was given a lot of compliments about them, and they made me feel great, which when it comes to a pair of shoes, if they don't make you feel good, then there's no point in wearing them! They were a little uncomfortable after a few hours, as I'm not used to the height. I will definitely be wearing them again, as there are just gorgeous and soo sexy!

      The only downside for me was the fact that they still feel a little to high even with the chunky platform, but I knew this would be like as I don't normally wear heels that high, but I think the chunky platform did help rather a lot, as it did give me some stability.

      I bought these off of Amazon for about £60 which I know is a hell of a price tag, but was definitely worth the money. And as I don't tend to spend more than £30 on a good pair of heels, the fact that my mum bought them made me a little happier about the price. But I would definitely say the quality of the shoes is worth the money. I also did read somewhere that the RRP is worth £140! Which is a ridiculous amount of money, and I wouldn't of let my mum that. The sizes available are 3-8 and come in two different colours a brown and black leopard print and a red leopard print. I particularly didn't like the look of the red leopard print, just because I not a big fan of the colour red.

      Overall a wonderful pair of shoes, which I thoroughly enjoy wearing, as they make me feel fantastic. I do feel that they are a little to high for my liking but as I'm not used to the size of the heel, that is completely understandable. Also felt that they were really expensive, but for people who don't mind spending there saved pennies, it's a lovely treat!


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      28.02.2011 08:09
      Very helpful



      An excellent quality, pretty pair of heels from Carvela

      I have a massive penchant for shoes, in a past life prior to becoming a mummy if I liked a pair of shoes the price tag wasn't important. The damage to my bank balance over the last few years has been caused by one brand specifically; Carvela. One pair of shoes within my collection is Carvela Apex.

      ***What do they look like?***
      The Carvela Apex shoes are described as "a day to evening court shoe, featuring a chunky platform and elegant heel. The super sexy stiletto will elongate legs and is the perfect complement to any outfit."

      Carvela Apex are a court shoe with an almond toe, meaning the shoe has a pointy tow that is slightly rounded. This is a very classic shaped and design of shoe. The chunky platform which is just under 2 inches gives some stability to the high stiletto heel which is just over 5 inches in height.

      These shoes are available in black, brown, multi-coloured (which is the brown leopard print shown in the above picture) and red (which is red leopard print. The black and brown shoes are a patent leather whereas the multi-coloured and red shoes are a pony skin leopard print shoe. I will be reviewing the "multi-coloured" shoes.

      The main upper section of the shoe is leather with a synthetic lining and the sole is also made from a synthetic material.

      Carvella Apex are available in UK sizes 3-8.

      ***Where are these shoes available?***
      Carvella Apex are available in KG shoe stores, KG concessions in department stores such as House of Fraser and Debenhams and are also available online at http://www.kurtgeiger.com/brands/carvela . You can also purchase these shoes in black and red from asos.com or from Amazon.

      Prices vary for Carvela Apex although direct from a KG store or online you will expect to pay £140.00 which is the RRP. At time of writing ASOS is currently selling these shoes for £91 and Amazon for £58.99 which is a massive saving to the RRP.

      ***What are they like to wear?***
      When I purchase new shoes I'm very aware of the new leather scent they have; especially more expensive shoes like the Carvela Apex have and they did not fail to disappoint. As soon as they were out of the box not only could you smell the new leather scent you could see they were a well made high quality shoe.

      The upper section of the shoe is dark brown leather and the exterior of this section is a brown and beige pony skin leopard print effect. The platform and heel sections are also a dark brown matt colour. This is very coordinated and gives the shoe less of a cheap leopard print look matching the upper section with a brown platform and heel rather than black as the contrast is not so harsh. The design of the shoe is a very classic stiletto shape and just by looking at these shoes you can see they are a high quality shoe.

      As soon as I tried the shoes on my feet they felt very comfortable as the leather is very soft but gripped round the side of my feet making these very easy to walk in. Even wearing these shoes for long periods of time my feet did not ache or blister.

      I have quite narrow feet and find that Carvela shoes fit perfectly across my toes, however for those with wider feet they may find these a little too narrow and uncomfortable. The Carvela Apex follows this trend. My true shoe size is a 4 ½ so I wear a size 4 or 5 depending on the brand of shoe. In the Carvela Apex I purchased a 4 as length wise the 5 was too roomy and was slipping off around the heel. It is definitely advisable for these shoes not to be slipping off as the heel is so high.

      When it comes to walking in high heels I would consider myself a pro. In my past job I would be in a pair of 5 inch heels 8am-7pm 5 days a week and even now as a mummy I am a regular high heel wearer. However I do find the Carvela Apex a more difficult high heel to walk in, therefore not a product I would advise for those that are new to heels. It took some practice to walk in these shoes because the heel is so narrow. The platform of the shoe gives some stability but because of the high narrow heel you need to walk slowly in order to keep balanced.

      The sole of the shoe is made from a synthetic material which is very smooth with no real grips. As a result on shiny surfaces mixed with the shoe having such a narrow heel, you can slip and lose balance therefore you really need to take care when walking.

      As with all Kurt Geiger shoes the recommendation for the Carvela Apex is to invest in suitable shoe care products to protect the shoes. I have used a spray from River Island which was £3.99 to protect these shoes, which helps with water penetration and to minimise stains. Although this spray helps personally I have found that it would be advisable not to wear these shoes when it is raining heavy or there are a number of puddles as the pony skin material does not mix well with the rain, and the shoes lose the smooth fur effect they have.

      It is not recommended to use cleaning products on these shoes, just to use a soft brush. I have found my shoes have not had any stains on them so have needed minimal cleaning. Because of the black platform on the shoe this protects the fur section slightly and is the main area that requires cleaning.

      KG advise that in order to prolong the wear of these shoes that they will need timely repairs, in particular to the sole and heels. I purchased these high heels mainly for work therefore they were mainly worn on carpet and on for short 2 minute walks on the pavement to and from the doors of the office to my car. I was very surprised though how quickly the heel wore down on these shoes. After 6 months wearing once or twice a week) I had these shoes re-heeled twice which I think is regular considering they were not worn outside often. I was advised by my cobbler although more durable not to purchase steel heel tips and opt for plastic. This is because of the lack of grip on the sole of the shoe; mixed with such a narrow steel heel tip would make these quite dangerous. In the works of my cobbler he "didn't want me breaking a leg!".

      After one year the sole of the shoes have not needed repaired or replaced, although most of the wear of these shoes has been on carpet or tiled floors.

      These were a rather extravagant purchase and I do feel at £140.00 this is a lot to pay for pair of high heeled shoes, although at the time I felt this was justified as there were no cheaper alternatives. The shoes are very attractive and look great matched with black outfits as they are a very striking pair of shoes in the leopard print colours. The Carvela Apex inject some colour and fun into plainer outfits, however the classic high quality design of these shoes minimises the cheap look that can often come from some leopard print products.

      Because of the pony skin design you do need to ensure you take care of these shoes and it would be advisable to minimise wearing these in wet conditions if possible as this damages the appearance of the shoe slightly. I would also say it is advisable to purchase a protection spray designed specifically for this type of material in order to protect your £140.00 worth of shoes!

      The shoes are very comfortable to wear and the leather is very supple and feels comfortable when your feet are in these for a long period of time. Although a very high pair of shoes I found my feet did not ache and the section under the ball of my foot felt very soft and cushioned.

      As someone who does wear high heels very regularly I would probably say these may not be a great choice for those who are less experienced in wearing very high heels. Although the platform helps with stability, the very slim heel means that you need to take care when walking, especially as the sole of the shoe does not have much grip.


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        18.01.2011 12:17
        Very helpful



        A gorgeous pair of animal print shoes

        When it comes to my shoes (my vast collection!) the majority are black as when I do buy a pair of shoes I try to make sure I can wear them for work and during the day so I get my monies worth as I do tend to buy expensive shoes. Over the past few months I have tried to add a little colour into my wardrobe as it was looking quite bleak. I have tried to buy items in brighter colours but I have always been drawn back to the darker shades. However, when the animal prints came out and became a huge hit, I found that I could keep with the darker shades but still add a bit of change to my wardrobe because of the patterns.

        One of my favourite animal prints has to be the leopard print. I love the natural tones but the print is incredibly sexy and quite glamorous. I wanted a pair of shoes which looked classy as I had seen some animal print shoes which did look a tad cheap. After going to my local John Lewis I came across a gorgeous pair of shoes called Apex which are made by Carvela.

        What Carvela say:

        "Apex by Carvela is a day to evening court featuring chunky platform and elegant heel. This super sexy stiletto will elongate legs and is the perfect compliment to any outfit!"

        Apex come in black, brown, multi-coloured (leopard print) and red. I obviously opted for the leopard print. The print is a large spotted print than most others I had seen which had the small spots so it was nice to have a pair of shoes which looked a bit different. Also the leopard print looks a lot more real than most I had seen, if that makes sense! The cream, chestnut and black tones of the print all go well together and make the shoe look incredibly gorgeous.

        The shoe is made of leather and then has a layer of faux fur over the top which give the shoes an even more realistic look and feel to them. The leather supples up quickly when worn making the shoes comfortable right from the word go. Because of the faux fur these shoes do need looking after. A suitable spray needs to be applied and it isn't recommended that any other cleaning products are used on the shoes. When the shoes are worn in the leather even though a lot softer than when originally bought the shoes manage to keep their shape well.

        The black heel of these shoes is around 13cm which is quite high and what makes it feel even higher is that it is so thin which even though quite elegant it is also not the sort of heel you want to be wearing if you have had one too many drinks as you can loose your balance quite easily. They do take a bit of getting used to even for me who lives in heels! They have a wide matching black platform which doesn't help the balance issue but once you get used to them the platform takes quite a bit of height off the heel making them feel lower than they actually are. Because the heel is so slim the heel tip will be taking a lot of weight and pressure and will need replacing far quicker than a wider heel. I've had my shoes for quite some time now and after six months the heel tips did need replacing due to wear.

        The shoes only have the leopard print as detailing which is enough to make these shoes ideal for an evening shoe as they are glamorous without being over the top with any bling. Compared to other leopard print shoes I had seen available these were and are definitely the nicest I came across as they didn't have a cheap look to them. They didn't take long at all to wear in and I didn't experience any rubbing whatsoever. They have a lovely almond shaped toe which has plenty of wriggle room for your toes! The only thing is that they are quite narrow so those with quite wide feet may struggle with these shoes as they would definitely rub the sides of your feet. As for giving support, they don't offer much other than the leather is sturdy enough to keep the shape of the shoes.

        Apex as I said are available in other colours and are now on sale. Carvela shoes are available from stores (and websites) such as Kurt Geiger, John Lewis and Debenhams. I bought mine from John Lewis and I paid the original price of around £140.00 (I did have a voucher to use as well!) but they have been reduced to around £89.00. They come in sizes 3 to 8.

        For me, these are a lovely pair of shoes which jazzes up any black outfit I choose to wear on an evening out. They are extremely comfortable, they have never rubbed me once although because they are quite high my feet are certainly happy once they are in my slippers! A gorgeous pair of shoes with a slightly larger leopard print pattern making them more unusual. A definite recommendation from me!


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