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Chunky Knit Pom Pom Mule Slippers

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Brand: Boux Avenue / Type: Slippers

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    1 Review
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      04.04.2013 11:06
      Very helpful



      Snug woolly slippers

      When it comes to lounging around at home I like to be comfortable and usually stick to wearing my pyjamas and slippers as much as possible! My last pair of slippers got covered in muck and were ruined when I wore them during some redecorating sessions, but I spotted these lovely Chunky Knit Pom Pom Mule Slippers in Boux Avenue when I was doing my xmas shopping and was sure they'd be a good replacement. The RRP is £16.00 but when I purchased mine they were reduced by 50% costing just £8.00.

      Product description: "We love these chunky waffle knit mules in cream. Embellished with cute woolly pom poms in grey and cream, the soft, luxurious faux fur lining feels absolutely fabulous. While the hard wearing sole is perfect for popping outside and the mule style slips on and off with ease."

      The name pretty much says it all: Chunky Knit Pom Pom Mule Slippers they most certainly are. The slippers come in two different colour choices; either Latte which is a pale creamy colour, or Mixed Grey. I chose the Latte colour slippers as the knitted stitch patterns were slightly different depending on the colour option, with the Grey slippers having a diamond textured stitch pattern, and the Latte slippers having a cabled waffle stitch pattern. The slippers look really nice and have a knitted top section along with a soft lining material which is kind of fleecy with a soft fluffy feel to it. On the outer side of the slippers there are cute pom pom details, with each slipper featuring a cluster of four pom poms in natural looking shades of cream and grey. The pom poms look lovely and add a touch of fun. They are attached securely and even after wearing my slippers pretty much every day for months there are no signs of the pom poms starting to loosen or come away from the main structure of the slippers.

      The yarn used is chunky and seems to be durable even with frequent use. They have a sturdy rubber sole which helps the slippers to keep their shape and also makes them practical for if you have to make quick trips outside - I often keep my slippers on to pop the recycling into my collection boxes in the front garden rather than having to change into proper shoes for such a short trip. The inner soles of the slippers are very comfortable and provide a nice layer of padding that cushions the foot. I have noticed that there are a couple of compressed sections where the ball and heel of my feet are positioned inside the slippers and the filling material has compacted from the weight placed onto it, but they are still comfortable overall and this effect has been fairly minimal. I thought it could have possibly been a bad choice to pick a pair of slippers in such a pale colour, but they do not really show up marks or stains and it was only after several months of use that they started to look a bit on the grubby side. I decided to put them in the washing machine on my usual eco cycle at 30 degrees C and they came out looking renewed and the material brightened up considerably. The lining material did lose some of its softness as a result of this, but I was happy enough that they had come up looking fully clean again and this doesn't really bother me too much as I nearly always wear socks inside my slippers anyway so don't get the full effect of the fleecy lining material other than it keeping my feet warm.

      These slippers come in a choice of three sizes: Small = UK womens 3-4, Medium = UK womens 5-6, Large = UK womens 7-8. I personally dislike standardised size ranges in footwear and would have preferred to be able to choose my exact shoe size in the hope that it would give the best possible fit. As it happens I have size 7 feet but they are quite narrow and so although I chose the Large sized slippers I was worried that they may be too big for my feet when taking into account the extra allowance to fit a slightly larger size 8 as well. Added to which, mule style shoes are well known for being difficult to walk in as there is a reduced area of contact with the open back section and no fastening to make sure that it's held in place on the foot. Despite these potential downfalls I have found the slippers to be very comfortable to wear and they do fit my feet well, feeling roomy but not loose. There is some obvious excess space at the back edge of the slippers when my foot is fully pushed into them, but this does not get in the way and is no real problem. The mule design is actually really practical as I can quite literally slip my slippers on and off quickly and easily, and don't even have to bend down to do so as I can slide my feet straight in. Thankfully they are also easy to walk in and I can take normal, proper steps instead of having to shuffle around to keep them from falling off when I lift my feet.

      Boux Avenue is one of my favourite high street stores and they offer an exclusive loyalty reward programme as well as student discount. I am really happy with these Chunky Knit Pom Pom Mule Slippers and I can happily recommend them as they look lovely, are practical, comfortable and keep my feet warm. Perfect for keeping my feet cosy during this never-ending cold weather!


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