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Clarks Daisy Time Junior

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Brand: Clarks / Type: Mary jane school shoe

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    1 Review
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      13.03.2011 17:27
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      well worth every penny!

      Madeline my daughter started school September 2010 and I believe she had to have good quality and well fitted shoes if she's to be in them all day, everyday. You can purchase clark's shoes online as well as the shop but personally I would recommend the shop as the assistants can tell you whether it fits correctly.
      At the time we went the measuring machine did not work so they had to do the old way. She popped her foot on a measuring board to measure size and then a tape went over the foot to measure width. Madeline does have one foot larger than the other and she does have big feet for her size as she is a very small frame with huge feet! When they bought the shoes and tried them they were to loose so they had to go a width smaller which luckily fitted as there is no width smaller than the one she had tried on! These shoes do come in whole and half sizing!

      These particular shoes are £36 and with the shoe cream it does cost a small fortune but in my eyes if you want children you provide the best you can. It did scare me a little when I thought we were going to have to make this costly purchase 4 times a year but now I realise we don't buy as many shoes as we use to so it hasn't made a difference anyway.

      These daisy shoes are made of leather, textile lining, rubber soles and a riptape fastening. The picture on dooyoo isn't the actual shoe! Daisy shoe has a little bow on the top at the front. Inside the shoe is a flap you lift where there is a doll and in the other is a animal. Maddie often takes them out and puts a littlest petshop in there!

      One of her friends has a pair of these at the same time as Madeline and they still look brand new where as Maddies are very scuffed and will need some new ones! Maddie is very active and runs everywhere never walks so when you compare her to her friend with the same shoes she is very different.

      I polish these shoes every Sunday and buff them till their shining sparkly and leave them to dry. I have always used clark's shoe polish and seems too do the job even on Madeline's scuffed up shoes!
      I can't blame Clark's for the front scuffing as that is my daughter unfortunately. Also the fastening is velcro so it collects hair,fluff well anything! So I do have to pick at it time to time to keep the fastening doing its job! Again we all know that velcro is a bloody nuisance but I think its the best fastener to have for little ones that can't tie with shoe laces and that they have the choice to how tight they want them. There is a little flower metal detail on the fastener that is correct in this dooyoo picture and both Madeline's have come off. But again I am reviewing my daughter with these shoes and as I say she is very active and boisterous so I am reviewing how hard wearing they are! lol.

      One Monday morning as my daughter runs around the school building I here a friend calling my name as I go around all I see is my daughter caked in mud head to toe! She of course ran into a muddy puddle on the grass and slipped. Luckily she had a long coat on so her uniform stayed clean but it was the shoes that had 3 inches of mud all the way around! When we got into class she changed out of her tights and popped her PE socks on whilst I was trying to clean the mud of her shoes! I did take a while but that's because I trying carefully not to get them wet inside. When the mud was cleaned off and I dried them under the hand dryer of course they were not shining but they were resilient! Later that day I polished them 'again' and they came up beautifully and they don't even smell like cross country shoes!

      Overall I believe these shoes to be very good, sturdy, hard wearing, decent quality shoes. If I bought some £10 shoes which I do and know they last a month or two, part time (with Madeline) then I know these are good as we are 6 months on and she wears them full time!

      Thank you very much for reading and do hope this was of some use :-)


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