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Clarks Slap Stick Leather Sandals

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Brand: Clarks / Type: Sandals

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    1 Review
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      08.10.2010 21:41
      Very helpful



      A nice sandal that needs wearing in

      My Slap Stick Leather Sandals were a bit of an impulse buy, that I saw in the sale and thought would be good to wear for the remainder of our much awaited british indian summer. I have worn them a good number of times but as the weather has now changed somewhat, they have been put away for sunnier days or future holidays.

      Although I have not had them for the whole summer I do feel that I have had them long enough to make my mind up about them and to be honest I do feel they are an attractive sandal, but do have certain limitations. When I bought these they were reduced by 50% to £24.99 and as such I feel thats about what they ought to have been sold for in the first place.

      My Slap Stick Leather Sandals are a gladiator type sandal and so they come right up and over my ankle. The 2 straps buckle tightly at ankle height and above, to give a snug fit and stop the sandals from rubbing my ankles too much, there is also a rear zip fitting. Sadly they don't manage to fit my ankles altogether and I have had to wear blister plasters when wearing these for longer periods. This is a definite minus point for my sandals.

      I picked these as being leather sandals I thought they would prove to be more durable and offer greater flexibility and comfort when in wear. Issues I have had apart from the ankle straps rubbing have been that the sole of the sandal is not as padded or flexible as it might have been. Whilst this is another minus point its something I have managed to get used to of sorts. There is a simple zip at the rear of the sandal for ease of fit and this makes for a less time consuming way to put these on or take them off once the straps have been suitably adjusted.

      One thing that really stands out for me about these sandals is the front panel which covers the front part of my ankle and top of my foot. It has a very nice patterned effect to it, that really makes these sandals look good. There are plenty of silver and gold toned blingy studs arranged so as to catch the eye and this is something that drew me to these sandals. I picked the brown toned version of these, but they also came in a taupe shade (looked more like tan to me), which is also attractive.

      The over all feel and look of my Slap Stick Leather Sandals is one of a good value product and so I feel confident when wearing them that they look smart but casual with the right outfit. I do like them and so would recommend them to a point. As I have had slight fitting and rubbing issues when wearing these, I feel that they will take a great deal more wearing in before they become as comfortable as some other sandals I have.

      In terms of rating my Slap Stick Leather Sandals, which by the way is a really silly name and has no bearing to the design of the shoes, I need to factor in everything mentioned above. I do like them and they look nice when on my feet, but for now as I cannot say they have given me the perfect fit and feel, I can only rate them with an average 3 star rating.

      A better piccy can be found on the Clarks website if needed and sizes range from size 4 to 8, with the only half size still available at size 5 1/2 for some reason. Clarks still have both the taupe and the brown leather options on sale for the same price I paid which is a fair price for a sandal like this.


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