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Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Ox Clear

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Brand: Converse / Type: Sneaker

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    1 Review
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      01.02.2011 19:09
      Very helpful



      Not as good as other Converse shoes

      I can see Clearly now these Converse have gone!

      As fan of the range of Converse All Star Shoes that incorporate a range of styles which are all based around the original classic styles made famous by the brand, I am often on the look out for a funky new pair of Converse to add to my ever growing collection of shoes. When I saw the quirky looking Chuck Taylor Ox Clear Shoes that are shown in the picture that I suggested to Dooyoo so that I may review them, I wasn't really sure if I liked them or not to be honest as they are very different to anything else I have bought from this maker. I was completely swayed in the end by the super cheap as chips price I was able to buy them for and that in the end was my main reason for opting for them on the day I bought them.

      This cheapness did turn out to be a false economy as these shoes lasted for a very short time before I parted company with them. The look of these Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Ox Clear Shoes is set apart by the semi see through effect of the plasticy almost rubbery material used to make up the uppers of them, which I feel makes these a pair of Converse shoes that you will either take to or not. The usual Converse signature style materials are used to finish these Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Ox Clear Shoes with them having white rubber side walls and a white rubber toe cap which offers a good amount of protection for your tootsies and means you won't end up stubbing your toes on things when wearing these although I did have issues with the sides coming away from the uppers which did compromise the durability of these shoes.

      ~The devil is in the detail~

      The trim details in the white rubber retainer panels are in soft lemon and pink in these shoes, which I feel was chosen as a way of making these a summer time option rather than suitable winter time footwear, as I cannot really see that a combination of pale blue see through material combined with lots of white rubber and some pink and lemon will at any time be a good all weather choice of footwear. The uppers of these shoes have teeny perforated holes all over them which are almost like super tiny breathe holes to allow the air to circulate and in theory stop you from having sweaty betty feet when wearing these for any length of time. Of course as you can see your socks through the shoes you need to think about slipping into a pair that will not look out of place with them.

      The laces on the Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Ox Clear Shoes I had came in white and mine had a spare set which were also in white, although as I bought these in a discount store I cannot say for sure if they may have had a contrast lace with them when sold at full price. When I saw these in store there were a multitude of them and they were all at the same knock down price although not all came with a spare set of laces. The insoles of these Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Ox Clear Shoes had the usual amount of cushioning and padding to them which made them feel as they would if made with any other upper, although the actual uppers on these really are not very comfortable at all and can rub you feet when wearing them for too long.

      My pair of Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Ox Clear Shoes didn't last all that well at all as within a very short time of less than two weeks parts of the edges of the uppers had come away in two places from the rubber side walls of the shoes and whilst that does happen over time to a certain extent with all Converse shoes, they can generally be stuck back in many cases with a little super glue. My feeling is that this should not happen when your shoes are only 2 weeks old so it was the main reason that I felt displeased with these. I also felt that had I attempted to stick the sides back as I have with other Converse shoes I have, the result would have been less than ideal as with the uppers being see through you would have seen where they had been glued back in place.

      ~Rating and price~

      Over all I feel that these Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Ox Clear Shoes are not of the standard that I have come to expect from this range of shoes so I feel that they will not warrant as high a rating as my other Converse shoes have had. Whilst the idea of the Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Ox Clear Shoes I had was quirky and slightly different to the norm I feel that over all they seemed to be of a lesser quality than my other pairs. As such my rating for the Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Ox Clear Shoes is a low 2 stars which I feel reflects that way I feel they performed.

      Luckily I was able to obtain a refund for my shoes based on the fact that after two weeks they ought to have been in better condition as they had had only light use and I used that to put towards a nicer leather and suede pair which are still looking it tip top condition. Prices for the Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Ox Clear Shoes can be as much as £27.99 although I feel that they are not worth spending that much on as they don't seem as durable as most other Converse I have had. I paid just £9.99 for my pair of Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Ox Clear Shoes and I feel that is a fairer price based on my experience of having these shoes.


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