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Converse All Star Double Upper

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Brand: Converse / Type: Casual / Gender: Unisex

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    1 Review
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      21.11.2013 18:11
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      An excellent pair of shoes, just wish they were wider

      Since my 18th birthday, I have owned at least one pair of high top converse, usually in black but I have branched out into more colourful varieties. They are my go to shoe, and I hate that I can't wear them for school! I'm not quite sure where my liking or rather want for them came from, but they are a rather good pair of shoes/trainers.

      The pair I'm writing about are a little different to the usual ones I wear. Usually, there is one layer of canvas, either in one colour or with a pattern (such as bright spots). However, a pair in Office caught my eye a couple of years ago; they had the usual outer layer (in this case, the traditional black colour), but some of it was cut away to reveal an under layer of canvas, and a second 'tongue'. In the case of these shoes, the underlayer is a brilliant turquoise-blue - and my favourite colour. With double layers comes the option of double laces. You have a choice of three colour, black, white and the turquoise, and you have two laces in at once; those shoes aren't going anywhere! I personally have white and turquoise, as these stand out very well against the black.

      I got a size 6 and a half, even though I'm a seven, as lengthwise converse can be too long for me. You need to be careful when buying them, as some types come in both male and female sizes; so a male 7 is bigger than a female 7 in converse. However, my issue with converse is the width. They are very narrow shoes, and looking back on my purchase, I should have got a size 7 at least. Unfortunately they were the last ones in the sale and I just had to have them! Even with the right size I sometimes find the shoes too narrow; one of the first places to break on the shoe are the edges at the widest point (usually where you bend shoes when you go onto tip toes). These become cracked and split along the edges, but the canvas and sole remain intact. The cracking even makes the shoes feel a little more flexible, but there is a risk of the cracks reaching the sole (this hasn't yet happened to me, but I'll keep you posted). Other than this, I have had no problems with my converse; considering I am quite tough on my shoes and wear through them quite quickly, I have yet to have a pair die on me - and some pairs I own are three years old. These ones get a little less wear, so have yet to split on the sides, so will last even longer!

      I do a lot of walking as I can't drive and haven't quite braved cycling around Cambridge. I find Converse are my shoe of choice as they are incredibly comfortable (even with the narrowness). The soles are fairly thick, which means I don't feel every stone through the base and my shins don't hurt - unlike with my dolly shoes, which barely have any soles. The downside of the double layer (and perhaps the fact they're half a size too small) is that occasionally my feet feel tingly after wearing them for several hours - it could be that the double lace is just a little too tight for my feet! Also, the double lace itself is a pain; as they are comfy, I go shopping in them. However, they take forever to get on and off as there is a lot of lace loosening to do, which means I don't really try things on when shopping - so I make sure I wear them when I shouldn't be buying clothes!

      Overall, I find these shoes really funky, especially the bold turquoise against the black. I have only ever seen one person wearing them (funnily enough, a male work colleague), even though Converse are quite popular. I got these shoes in the Office sale for about £26, whereas usually the price can be £40 and above (another reason why I was so keen to buy them). They are very suitable for all the walking round that I do, and it's a shame I can't get away with them for work. The downsides are that they aren't wonderful for my wide feet, and the double laces are a pain when you are trying to be quick!


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