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Deichmann Graceland Shoe With Applique Flowers

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Brand: Deichmann / Type: Flats

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    2 Reviews
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      11.12.2011 15:31
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      Lovely shoes for any kind of feet including problem ones!

      It sounds like something from Elvis mania, but in fact, Graceland is a brand of shoes, which is very popular at a store called Deichmann, a large chain store that sells shoes, boots and all kinds of footwear. While I have no intention of reviewing the company at the moment I think it's fair to say that this is a German company who have an excellent reputation both to their customers and to their staff. With branches spread out over three continents I'd say they are backed by the best in fashion and footwear for all occasions. So it's surprising that I've only just started to shop here and couldn't find much on Dooyoo about them. By chance I found one review on a pair of shoes I own, so that says something about the popularity of these.

      So what did I need?

      I don't intend to make a review on my health problems, but apart from arthritis, I have a condition, which affects the balance area of my brain, and I do find walking and standing difficult at times. I can only say that the balance problem is so bad that sometimes I have to stay indoors since I can't stand upright for more than sixty seconds without leaning on something. Naturally I need to find shoes that are flat and easy to wear. But I do get fed up of wearing old Granny shoes even if I am an old (ish) granny.

      An ideal pair of shoes for my needs has to be flat, have a comfortable fit since sometimes I get swollen ankles, don't rub or cause blistering and are easy to get on since bending to put on footwear can be a struggle for me. This usually means buying slip-on shoes with a soft upper and a round toe since pointed shoes are out. But last summer I wanted to wear a skirt and my normal shoes look hideous so I hide them with trousers.

      I spent an afternoon going around the shoe shops with my sister trying to find anything that didn't look like school shoes and on the off chance I tried Deichmann's a store I had previously ignored since I thought it looked both trendy and expensive at the same time. The choice was good but it was only when I was beginning to despair that I spotted these flat shoes in black that looked like the popular ballerina style shoes that were so in fashion early this year.

      Why are these so good?

      The shoes are shaped much like the ballerina style with a round toe and slightly elasticated sides so that they bend slightly inwards, giving them a rather strange look initially. When I picked then up I was surprised how light yet sturdy they felt. The sturdiness comes from the soles that have an integrated heel with a slight grip to them. The back of the shoe is rigid just around the heel shape and the sides of the shoes are soft with a pattern of holes so these are not really recommended for walking in the rain. But what sold them to me were the three flowers on the toes of the shoes. These give a pretty effect to what could seen as a standard shoe and since they are the same material as the shoe are strong enough to stay on.

      How do they feel?

      The best thing for me was the ability to pick one up and slide my foot into the shoe. With normal shoes this can lead to problems and if I can't get a shoe on my foot first time around there isn't any point buying it as sometimes I can't bend and have to slip my foot into the shoe like a slipper. With the elastic material I could also chose my normal size 6 and the shoe hugs my feet nicely without rubbing. The round toes took a little getting used to as I normally wear a shoe that comes up the front of my foot (think school shoes again). Since I was trying these for occasional wear I wasn't too worried about that. I just wanted shoes to go with a skirt or a dress.

      These cost just £9.99 but I have seen them at £12.99. I've paid twice that much before now and wasted my money since the shoes became unwearable after a while. I have to try them out on a reasonably long walk or for a few hours wear to know for definite whether they will suit. Unless I pay a lot of money then most stores wouldn't make a refund on shoes that have been worn a while. My condition is very changeable and what is comfortable one day can be agony another day. I've worn these a lot now, mainly when I've been visiting or for an evening out. But one evening I got home and didn't bother to change them since they felt so comfortable. I can honestly say these are like slippers but with the convenience of shoes.

      Final Thoughts.

      I've gone into some detail on the problems I get with buying shoes because these shoes tick almost all of my boxes. I wouldn't expect to wear them out a lot, but for times when I'd love a heel these are second best. I am unable to wear heels of any sort; I can't balance on anything that isn't flat. I suppose I could be fitted for special shoes but I'm far to conscious of being restricted as it is. I would say that these would suit many people who suffer from foot problems since they adapt so well. The round toes have allowed me the luxury of not having to wear insoles where my big toes have turned in with arthritis. I don't know if they would suit everyone but they are definitely worth trying. I haven't mentioned the material since these shoes were bought without a box (we have to pay for bags in Wales). They smell like leather but I think they are synthetic.

      I have to mention that the store are also one of the very few I've found that sell Velcro shoes and snow boots at ordinary prices. For people like me this is a godsend.

      Thanks for reading.



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        24.01.2011 12:04
        Very helpful



        An inexpensive shoe which provides comfort and style.

        I really love shoes and boots with heels, especially for social events, and I always wear them when I go out to town or for parties. However I have never found them to be ideal if I am going out all day, and for these occasions I love flat footwear which is comfortable, but it has to be stylish.

        Redfoot Shoes which are fold away alternatives have really impressed me, and if you haven't heard of them then take a look over at www.redfoot.co.uk, where you will find shoes which fold up and fit inside even the smallest handbag, for those moments when heels become just to hard on your feet!

        Another flat alternative which I can highly recommend can be found inside Deichmann's stores. These shoes which are the subject of my review are comfortable, but very pretty, flat shoes which I have lived in for the past three years.

        I came across Deichmann's stores really because we have a store in my local town of Chelmsford. I ventured in there one day, and really liked the layout of the store and what they offered in the way of the shopping experience- that being the opportunity to try on shoes by yourself from boxes without supervision.

        I really enjoy shopping in stores where the assistants are there if you need them, but not if you don't. This store is exactly that. You can walk around looking, and then you can try on the shoes of your choice without anyone bothering you. In a shoe shop this is of paramount importance to me as getting a comfortable fit is what I seek. The shoes in Deichmanns are lined up along the top shelf in rows, and underneath each style are the boxes containing the different sizes pertaining to the relevant shoe, boot or sandal.

        I spotted the Graceland collection as they were near to the door, and I particularly liked a style which had appliqué flowers on the front. Depending on the time of year these range from £12.99 to sale offers at £9.99, and they appear on their website under style number 1120514 over at www.deichmann-shoes.co.uk. I have purchased these in black, but I have also seen them in navy and also in a summery yellow, and I believe that they have similar styles in other shades including turquoise. During the spring and summer these shoes are displayed close to the store front, but in the winter they tend to be further back as the winter boots take front place. Season to season you may notice a slight variation in the flowers, they can be less or more of them, but the concept is the same. The shoes are a basic but functional flattie, designed with comfort in mind with an eye on style.

        The shoes are extremely comfortable and are made of a synthetic material. I made a point of checking with an assistant at the weekend, when I popped in there, to verify that these shoes were not made from leather. I try to avoid leather shoes as I am a vegetarian, although some synthetic shoes can be less hard wearing and can made foot odour problems worse if you have them. I have not found either of these problems to be apparent with these shoes, which have been excellent in so many aspects.

        I must confess to owning three pairs of these shoes despite still wearing the original pair most days. The reason I bought the subsequent pairs is because whenever I find comfortable shoes, I will often find that a year on they are old and worn, and when I go to replace them they are no longer sold. My original pair is now in their third year and still look really good, and the replacement pairs still sit in their boxes waiting to take their turn! The line is still stocked in the stores, so I needn't have worried anyway! I must add that I have wide feet and am generally very hard on shoes, so the fact that these have lasted in such good condition for so long is testament to their quality, which for the bargain price is remarkable!

        The material is lovely and soft, and they mould to the shape of your foot. They never rub at all, and I have found them to be comfortable from morning until night. The top of the shoe has an elastic band which facilitates the foot hugging aspect. I wear jeans most days and these are ideal to wear with all trousers and skirts.

        I have to confess I never expected to find such comfortable shoes in a stack them high type shop. I normally have to really look hard to find something to fit me with my wide feet, so this was a real surprise. I haven't purchased any other of their shoes, as my other shoes and boots come from my favourite shop - Fat Face, but for comfort and everyday wear I have no doubt in recommending this style which has served me so well for so long! A bargain price too!


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