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Demonia Coffin Heel Mary-Jane Buckle Platform

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Brand: Demonia / Type: Platform Shoes

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    1 Review
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      04.05.2011 16:10
      Very helpful



      Versatile shoes which wear and last well, recommended!

      As a "bigger than average" girl I often find myself attracted to buying shoes, probably because my feet are one of the few naturally skinny bits about me (!)

      I have these shoes in the patent option, but other than that they are identical to those in the picture. I purchased them around 4 years ago now when I saw them online and fell in love with them! If I remember rightly I paid around £35 for a pair of these, as they were on sale, but usually they are nearer the £50 mark. This particular style from Demonia is available in sizes 4-10 (UK).

      Demonia make a fairly wide range of "Mary-Jane" style shoes, from flats to "mega heels", with various different heel types, straps and embellishments. One of the first things that attracted me to these particular Mary-Jane shoes is the heel. At 4.5 inches, they may at first seem like they would make a person totter whilst wearing them; I for one have struggled in the past with "stiletto" type heels (although my diminutive size of 5ft 4 makes me persevere with trying to get used to higher heels!), but the shape of these (sometimes known as a "coffin heel") encouraged me to think they would be easier to walk in than some other shoes of similar height! The base of the heel is approximately 2 1/4 inches by 2 3/4 inches, which means that alongside the platformed sole part of the shoe, a good proportion of your foot in is contact with the floor at all times! I definitely felt this made me feel a lot more stable and able to walk confidently in these shoes, despite their relatively high heel!

      The platformed part at the front of the shoe is another factor which adds to the feeling of stability whilst wearing them. It is approximately 1 inch deep at the deepest point, near the ball of the foot, tapering slightly towards the toe to around 3/4 of an inch, which is fantastic for that secure feeling but also means that the platform itself is very discreet; people often won't notice that these shoes are platformed at all, as the platformed part blends in very well with the front and sides of the shoe. Another good point to the platform is that is makes your foot less at an angle from the ankle when wearing them, which makes them a lot more comfortable in my opinion. I really hate shoes which make your foot twist at a funny angle for hours on end as I always seem to get pains in my shins from those types of shoes! I honestly think it only feels as though I am wearing a 2 inch heel in these shoes from a comfort perspective!

      The strap and buckle are very well stitched and secure, and despite having been worn on numerous occasions over several years have never seemed to start to come loose or become stretched or anything like that. I initially made an extra hole in the strap to accommodate my B fitting feet, but as apparently the UK average is a D fitting I am pretty sure most people wouldn't have to do this. There are several other holes too to allow a little bit of choice of width fitting for comfort. Having said that, I definitely feel this is one of Demonia's slimmer fitting shoes; on a couple of other pairs I own I have had to put insoles into them to narrow them down, but this is not the case with this particular style, making me feel that anyone with a wider than average foot should probably try them on before purchasing, or at least order from somewhere which allows you to try them on and return them if they aren't suitable for you.

      Although PU rather than leather, these shoes definitely pull off "fake leather" with aplomb! A friend of mine has the matt version (as in the picture), and has worn them alongside leather jeans without them looking "fake" next to the genuine leather as can sometimes occur. I do feel the "fake" look is less of an issue with patent styles, but have also found that unlike some cheaper makes of PU shoes these have not stretched noticeably at all over the years I have worn them and still feel snug and comfortable. The one down side to this is that they do not really mould to your foot over time as leather shoes do, so if they feel uncomfortable when you first try them on, they will probably stay that way forever, at least from my experience! I really don't think these shoes could be "broken in" particularly well at all.

      One thing I do tend to worry a little bit about when buying patent shoes is scuff marks. On this front these shoes have held up pretty well considering their age, and whilst I have used a patent leather restorer on a couple of occasions to spot treat more noticeable scuffs, other than this "minor repairs" job which has made the scuffs more or less invisible unless you closely inspect the shoe, the patent has held up really well and has not started to blister or peel at all, even near areas which I have scuffed but then treated. I think this is partly due to the rubber platform which protects the main body of the shoe from "normal" wear and tear whilst walking in them.

      One little whinge I do have about these shoes is that the inside footbed of the shoe is shiny, and when wearing tights this can make your foot slide about in them a little bit and has on occasion caused a few small blisters on the back of my heel! This could be easily resolved with a pair of insoles, although as the shoes are fairly snug and do not really stretch, you would need to bear in mind to leave a little room for insoles when you tried them on before buying.

      These shoes are very versatile and look great worn with jeans and hippy type skirts, or with glam outfits for evening wear. I also think they are a bit "stealth goth" lol, in that you could probably get away with them for work if you worked in an office for example, but at the same time they would fit in at a goth club on the weekends!

      Overall these shoes are a comfy high heel option for those who aren't 100% confident in skinny heels, sensible enough for day with jeans or for work, but glam enough to take you on a night out in town! They have lasted me really well over several years and I definitely would recommend them as a good buy!


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