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Dr. Marten's Original Kenda Sandals

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Brand: Dr Marten / Gender: Women / Type: Sandals

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    2 Reviews
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      16.01.2011 04:09
      Very helpful



      Comfy........ if you're not planning on doing a lot of walking.

      When it comes to shoes, I have one rule and that's that whatever I wear on my feet, it has to be comfortable! Of course the way something looks is important (we all have a degree of vanity), but where my feet are concerned, comfort is very much my main priority. In my experience, Dr. Marten's are one of the shoe manufacturers that make footwear with a high priority given to comfort and stability - and this is why, when I saw sandals made by Dr. Marten's, I didn't hesitate to buy them. I was going to Kenya and wanted some shoes that would provide comfort day long which still keeping my feet cool! I saw these sandals in a shoe shop near Covent Garden (I don't remember the name!) and they cost me approximately £55 (although I see that you can get them a lot cheaper on Amazon now!).

      These sandals are khaki in colour and are predominantly made from leather - with the exception of the sole which is man made. The leather feels soft and of good quality, especially on the underneath of the straps where its most important. The sandals are largely open, with an open toe, an open heal - and an open section between the heal and the toe - and this allows the air to get to my feet all of the time. There is a buckled strap that goes around the top of the foot and ankle to secure the shoes onto your feet. The shoes are essentially flat, although there is a very slight heal so that you're not walking around completely flat-footed.

      Initially, when I wore these sandals I found them very comfortable.....very much as expected. However, i did find that after wearing them all day and doing a lot of walking, the strap around my ankle was beginning to run around the top of my foot, as well as the strap across my toes. I did infact develop a blister. Although the leather is very soft, some of the stitching on the underside was a little rough - and it was this that was rubbing on my skin. I have found, over time, that this stitching has actually softened also - and now I tend not to get any rubbing on my skin.

      The bottom part of the shoe that you stand on is partially contoured which is great for comfort. However, the bottom is fairly hard and so if I have been going a lot of walking in them, the bottom of my feet can become quite sore and feel almost bruised. I have felt this before, but I wasn't expecting to feel this with a Dr. Martens product.

      The soles are textured and ridged and so they do provide a good grip when walking in unstable terrain. The are rubbery and, as such, they maintain a good grip even when walking in the wet - although they can tend to squeak sometimes!

      Overall, these sandals were not as comfortable as I thought they would be. For general day wear they are fine (once you've worn them in), but if you're planning on doing a lot of walking then I suggest you look for another option!


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      15.10.2010 12:27
      Very helpful



      Not for me

      I do a lot of walking about during the day and I like to wear flat comfortable shoes. I wanted some sturdier sandals that would be good for long day trips and wearing around town during the day as well. Flips flops have limited uses and I wanted something that would provide me with a stronger grip and support. These Kenda sandals are made by Dr Martens, best known for their iconic lace-up ankle boots. I bought mine from www.amazon.co.uk during a sale where they cost me £19.95 including postage + packing, but the RRP is £45.00.

      Product Specifications:
      Brand: Dr. Martens
      Style: Casual
      Fastening: Buckle
      Heel Height: 0.75 centimetres
      Outer: Leather
      Inner: Leather manmade fabric
      Sole: Manmade

      These sandals have a simple and traditional design. They are basic in a minimalist way and I think that they would be suited for most people regardless of age. They have a thick rubber sole and are fully open on the top. There is a strap over the toes and a strap that goes right around the ankle. The straps are made of leather and come in a limited variety of colour choices. There was a khaki green or chocolate brown, as well as the natural tan colour that I selected for my pair. The tan leather has a warm coloured tone to it so I thought it would be good for wearing during the summer months, and the neutral colour would suit practically any outfit.

      The shoes look and feel very well made and if you know Dr Martens then you know they have a good reputation for making high quality products. The straps are thick and stiff so hold their position well and keep your feet in place without slipping. The stitching is firm and looks discreet as they have colour matched the thread very well. The soles of the shoes are a heavy rubber material and have deep ridges to provide you with a close grip on the ground which would be well suited for walking across rough ground or gravelly pebbled areas.

      The upper part of the sole that your feet rest on is quite unusual. It has been designed with dips and contours that allow your feet to sit inside the shoe very comfortably, and the sandals feel like they have been moulded to your feet. At first this felt nice but after a while I began to notice that it was uncomfortable on my feet. In my experience whenever I wore these sandals for more than an hour or two the back of the sole underneath the heel area would rub against my feet and I would get anything from dry rough patches of skin (if I was lucky), or large painful blisters (if I was unlucky). In some cases the skin even rubbed clean away and I was left with raw areas that were incredibly sensitive and took some time to heal afterwards.

      I am well aware that most shoes will need to be "worn in" and there will be a period of time after purchasing a new pair of shoes during which they may cause a little discomfort until the shoes 'take' to your feet. This is particularly common with Dr Martens, as I know from the couple of months I spent breaking in my walking boots. Even so, I was not expecting to suffer this level of pain, and after giving them many trials over summer I decided to cut my losses, as the situation had not improved. These are certainly not suitable for the purpose that I had intended them, and I was disappointed that any extended period of walking caused me these painful results. I would have expected better from a well known brand.

      The leather remained in wonderful condition and the straps fitted well with a variety of sizes that would suit slim ankles as well as larger ones. I had some difficulty in adjusting the buckle as it was very stiff and even though the straps and buckle are large it was quite a fiddly task that was made more dificult by my long nails.

      I would not recommend the Kenda sandals unless you meet any of the following conditions:
      a) you have incredibly tough feet that are impervious to pain and blisters
      b) you spend very little time walking
      c) you like to flout fashion rules and wear socks with your sandals

      These shoes look nice and practical, but for me they were not comfortable and I could not use them. If I had paid full price I would have been even more disappointed, but I have written these off and will look for an alternative walking sandal for next summer.


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