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Dr Martens Bella Sandals

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Brand: Dr Martens / Type: Sandals

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    1 Review
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      21.11.2009 19:16
      Very helpful



      Robustly-constructed summer shoes that shoud last ages

      I got these flip-flops as the bargain of the year from Amazon back in September- £12 for a pair of new, leather, Dr Marten shoes! And this being Amazon, no postage to pay for either! A total steal!

      Of course, the slight disadvantages that always accompany offers of this type (ie. bargain buys that appear to be such astoundingly good value that one has to be a bit suspicious of them really) do apply in this case. First of all, though flip flops from the 'Bella' range are available in a range of colours (red, green and blue as well as yellow) the '£12 special' running on Amazon when I bought them only applied, for some reason, to the ones that came in bright canary yellow. But personally I quite like wearing 'loud' flip flops anyway, so that was all right.

      The next, and slightly more significant problem I encountered with these flip flops concerns Dr Marten's standard, not-very-generous shoe sizing policy. It was only after I'd already purchased my size 5 flip flops over the internet that I belatedly recalled the important rule I'd learned back in the days when I used to wear multiple-eyeletted Dr Marten boots all the time, which is that these shoes come up small so you should always, always buy one size bigger than you think you need. With Dr Marten boots that have enclosed toes for example, buying the size you think you take always results in discomfort, with your toes hitting and getting squashed up against the leather at the front of the boot.

      Still, I was delighted with the yellow Bella flip flops when they arrived. They have the traditional Dr Marten 'air wear' chunky sole (in that distinctive slightly translucent grey coloured plastic, complete with yellow stitching to hold the sole to the rest of the shoe) and a suede foot-bed (real suede mind you; the number of pairs of purported-to-be suede flip flops I've purchased over the internet, that have turned out to have foot beds made of synthetic material instead) in a nice pale beige colour. I think the footbed is slightly cushioned / padded. The yellow straps of the flip flop are made of (real) nice-quality leather, and the shoes feel good and robustly constructed. What with the chunky Dr Marten sole, they're slightly heavier to wear than your standard flip flops, and may need a bit of breaking in before they're completely comfortable, but that's standard again for Dr Marten footwear, and these flip flops are so sturdily made they look like they'll last for ages.

      They sell in colours other than yellow, and when they're not on special offer, for an RRP of anything up to about £40. Would I buy them at such a price? Well, possibly in theory yes I would, because Dr Marten make very good shoes, and especially I would if I'd had a chance to try them on in a shop beforehand, and had a chance to get over Dr Marten's weird shoe sizing policy (in recognition of which I have subtracted one star from the rating I would otherwise have given the flip flops on this review) and I decided I really, really liked them. In practice however, I would probably not, given that after buying the size 5 pair from Amazon I immediately sent off for a size 6 pair (in case they ran out of sizes on the special offer) and though I intended to return the ones that didn't fit and get a refund, I ended up keeping them both, as unfortunately while the size 5s seemed just a shade on the small side, the fit on the size 6 was just a little bit out as well. In any case for an initial outlay of £24 now I have enough robustly-constructed Dr Marten flip flops to last (at a conservative estimate) for about the next 10 years, so I won't be needing to buy any more of these in a hurry.


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