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Dr Martens Lynette Boot

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Brand: Dr Martens / Type: Flats

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    1 Review
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      05.02.2011 11:15
      Very helpful



      waste of money

      I bought these Dr Marten 'Lynette' boots shortly before Christmas 2009. Being a fan of practical, sturdy footwear, I've owned a few pairs of docs in my time but hadn't bought any for several years prior to these.

      I went for them because as well as expecting that they would last well, I liked the look of them, practical but attractive too. I was confident they would be hard wearing and waterproof, just the thing for a North East winter.

      ~looks and materials~

      They are a mid calf length or high ankle boot. They are available in black or brown, mine are black. The cross stitch patterned band across the top and down the outside gives them a different look to the standard Dr Marten, makes them seem a bit more feminine. The patterned bands are suede and the top band folds down over the top of the boot.

      The rest of the uppers are leather, 'full-grain Portinari leather' no less, (sounds impressive, but I don't know what it means). Down the front and back are raised seams with cream stitching. There is a small inner ankle zip and the Dr Martens logo is embossed into the leather heel at the back. The black fabric lining is thin but tough and no doubt adds some warmth.

      The heel is slightly raised, about 1.5 inches/4 cms. The thick rubber soles are cushioned, (airwair), and have a light grip, rather than a deep tread, but reassuring enough for someone like myself who really doesn't like to walk on icy surfaces.


      When I tried them on in the shop I found them to be rather stiff and and I had to pull hard to get them on. As docs can be stiff at first but soften up with wear, I wasn't too concerned. When the shop assistant offered me a little plastic bag to try with they slipped on no bother.

      I wore these no more than a handful of times last winter, as it continued to be a struggle to get them on. The feet fitted well for length and width once on, so I don't think getting the next size up would have helped - it was just actually getting my foot past the stiff ankle area and into the heel that was tough. As I got a bit more used to them I discovered that gripping under the top fold over band was the quickest way to pull them on.

      Once on they were fine for walking in, and they did well on icy surfaces, but they weren't that comfortable for sitting around in, I found, on long car journeys especially, that my feet tended to go numb. They have quite a low depth, particularly in the toe area, which might explain this.


      I barely wore these all year, but got them out again once the cold weather hit. The first time I tried to put them on, the outer seam on one of them ripped open as I put my foot in it. I was a bit shy of returning them to the shop as even though they'd had very little wear, I had owned them for the best part of a year. Although the leather and suede had separated, the fabric lining was still intact, so rather than throw them out, I decided that they would still do for wear underneath wide legged jeans.

      A late November afternoon 2010, and the snow has begun falling in earnest. I am about to go out so I sit on a chair in the kitchen to pull on these boots which are about the best thing I have for snowy weather. I tug really hard to get them on as usual and, ouch! My back went. Not good, not something I've experienced before, (well, except once, twenty years ago, but it had nothing to do with footwear). Hence several days of agony every time I make a sudden movement.

      The snow continued, as did my determination to get a little more wear out of my boots. I resorted to putting a plastic bag on my foot before wear which made them easy to slip on and off, (don't tell anyone). But, after a few treks through the snow I realised that they were far from being waterproof. I'm not sure, but I assume the snow was getting in via the raised seams. It was time to let them go.

      These cost me £79.99 from Scorpio in Durham, but that was in 2009, they are currently on sale for £47.99, I've seen them at various prices online including ,(at the time of writing), £55 on Amazon co.uk, but I really wouldn't recommend them.


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