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Dune Polar Knee High Boots

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Brand: Dune / Type: Boots

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    1 Review
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      30.08.2012 21:39
      Very helpful



      fleecy polar boots

      I bought these Polar knee high boots from Dune in the winter of 2010, and surprisingly enough Dune actually still sell them. That's a rarity for shoe shops as normally the styles change from season to season never mind from year to year. These currently retail for £139, and they are available in two colours; black or brown. Back in the winter of 2010, I'm sure that I paid £125 or maybe £129 for these, and they were only available in the one colour at the time - black. So I have these in the black.

      As with a lot of Dune shoes I've gone up a size in these and I have them in a size 6, rather than my usual size 5. I normally find Dune shoes and boots to be on the narrow side and as I have little fat feet I normally need to go up one size in Dune. Also I found that the leg width on these was slightly wider on the 6 as opposed to the 5, and as I have fat calves the 6 was a better fit, i.e. I could actually pull these up on my legs, whereas the leg width on the 5 was too small and I couldn't actually pull them up. Having said that though these are still quite snug on my legs and I can only wear them over tights or thin leggings, or on bare legs, I can't get these over my skinny jeans.

      These are leather boots, and the leather is very good quality and so super soft. My boots have lasted very well, and it's only now after nearly 2 years of use that they are starting to show signs of wear and tear. They have flat sturdy soles, and the soles have a decent amount of grip to them. The soles are really cushioned and comfortable, and I wear these all day and walk for miles and miles in these with no discomfort whatsoever. These are true knee high boots on me, and they do come all the way up to just under my knees if I don't have the top turned over.

      These actually have two looks, or two ways to wear them. You can choose to wear them with the tops of the boots folded over as in the Dooyoo picture above, which will expose the faux fur lining of the boots. Or you can choose to wear them pulled all the way up and then only the leather exterior of the boots is on show. I think that folding the tops of the boots over and exposing the faux fur lining creates a more casual look, or a more wintery look. And that pulling them all the way up creates a slightly smarter look. These are more of a casual looking boot, however I can pair these with a dress for work and make them look slightly smarter. The faux fur lining keeps my legs lovely and toasty and warm on cold winter days. The leather on the legs of the boots has a slight slouchy effect look to it, although the boots themselves don't slouch, they do pull up taut on my legs, if that makes sense!

      They have a decorative silver metal buckle detailing feature on a chunky leather strap around the ankle portion of the boots which gives them a kind of biker boot look. And they have a detachable chunky leather strap detailing on the backs of the boots at the top. The straps at the back of the boots just attach to each side of the boots with press studs, and I've found that they can very easily ping off if you catch the strap on something, I've lost count of the number of times one side has pinged off, or even worse both sides and I've had to go chasing after my boot straps! These straps are just decorative though so it wouldn't be the end of the world if I lost them.

      I've worn these boots to death, and I've definitely had my money's worth. I may even consider getting another pair this year seeing as how Dune still actually sell them, maybe the brown this time for a change though. These have been toasty and warm, and ever so comfortable. They look really nice on and they've stayed looking good for the time that I've had them. In an ideal world I'd be able to wear them over my skinny jeans, but that's a fault with my fat calves and not the boots! My only real gripe with these is how easily the straps at the back seem to ping off, but maybe that's actually just another fault with my fat calves and not the boots or the straps themselves!


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