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Emu Australia Paddington Hi Boots

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Brand: Emu / Type: Boots

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    1 Review
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      16.04.2010 15:42
      Very helpful



      A high quality sheepskin boot from Emu Australia

      I'll admit, it wasn't love at first sight for me and Ugg boots. I thought they were a nasty fad where young girls and women would wear ugly shapeless shoes just because the magazines tell them to, and for a long time I turned my nose up at them. Plus the whopping price tag really put me off (they cost approx £180). But the more I saw them, I got used to the idea (and I love comfortable shoes) so here we are with my review of my latest Ugg boots!

      ** WHAT ARE UGG BOOTS? **

      For Ugg virgins, the term 'Ugg' describes the style of the boot, a very simple slip on sheepskin boot design, which were originally invented in Australia. Many companies now produce Ugg boots, including normal British high street shoe brands, and even supermarket clothing companies. Quality, is the major differentiating factor here, as there are many cheap and nasty versions out there. I know, not everyone has money for the big brands, but the cheaper versions are usually not very good for your feet, and don't even last long, so its debatable if its worth buying them.

      The most famous brands producing Ugg boots are "Ugg Australia" (the ones almost EVERYONE buys, with a uGG on the back of them) and "Emu Australia" which have been seen worn by some celebrities including Cameron Diaz. Both of these companies are based in Australia and are made of the best quality material, in my opinion, as I have seen a number of Ugg boots around, and some are just awful and look like they're falling apart after a few wears!

      For good quality Ugg boots, costs vary from between £75 to £250 for the differing styles (short, tall, special edition versions, etc).

      You are actually supposed to wear Ugg boots with bare feet, but I'm not quite convinced I like this idea, so always wear thin socks!

      ** COLOURS **

      Ugg boots in general tend to come in standard colours:

      - Black
      - Chestnut (light brown)
      - Dark chocolate brown
      - Sand
      - Grey

      There are also some funky colours out there, such as pink, metallic, leopard print, etc but I personally think the standard colours above are nicer.


      There are a few technical factors which contribute to the high quality of these Paddington boots:

      - Natural Australia sheepskin (naturally 'wicks away moisture' meaning odourless footwear)
      - Moulded suede leather heel cup for extra fit and support.
      - Removable contoured sheepskin insole with arch support
      - Durable emusoleTM hard wearing rubber

      They are boots that you slip into, and there is a toggle design running down the outer side of each boot, and are probably named after Paddington bear because of the toggles! They have a suede outer material, and fluffy soft sheepskin lining. They have a small 'emu' displayed on the back of the heel, made of rubber, and the sole has a trademark 'emu' written all over it.

      They are well made, and comfortable, and you can tell the company takes pride in the products they make. Visit www.emuaustralia.com for more info.


      A year and a half ago, I purchased a pair of black Emu Australia 'Hip' boots at the bargain price of £40 on sale, and they were so nice and comfy, and great quality. I was pleased with my purchase, especially as
      I had some compliments on them (they're quite a unique design).

      The Paddington boots I am reviewing are my second purchase of Ugg boots, and I stuck to the Emu brand again, because of the price and comfort. I bought them in Chestnut colour, and they were soooo cute in their design with the toggles, I just had to have them! (They look better in real life and on the Emu website than on the picture above!!)

      I was very pleased with my Paddington boots, as they are quite unique in their design and are really comfortable. They weren't as cheap as my first pair though, and cost me £120 (they are now reduced to £99 - the price keeps going down the longer they are out) but the quality of shoes was definitely worth it. I have worn them lots and they're still comfortable and in great shape.

      Ugg boots are not waterproof, and its optional whether to waterproof them or not, but my first pair got a bit ruined in the snow so I purchased an Ugg boot care kit from Emu Australia for my Paddington's which included a spray for waterproofing, a cleaning spray, and a shoe brush. This set cost me approx £14. You do need to re-waterproof them from time to time, as the effect must wear off, which would be a little annoying. You don't have to waterproof them, but it might be recommended if you decide to wear them and it suddenly rains.

      The website I have bought my two Emu Boots and care kit from was NatureShop (www.natureshop.co.nz) who are based in New Zealand. I cannot recommend them enough as their prices are excellent and the service is brilliant. They offer free shipping, and were very helpful in allowing me to exchange them for another size.

      I am glad I bought the Emu boots as they are recognised as a good brand but not as common as the Ugg Australia boots. Ugg boots have been popular for a few years now, and I'm not sure how long the popularity of them will last, but they sure as cosy and comfortable boots!

      I hope this review has been useful and you've learnt a little bit about Ugg boots!


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