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Emu Jolie Slide Slippers

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2 Reviews

Brand: Emu

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    2 Reviews
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      15.04.2013 18:49
      Very helpful



      Hugs for the feet

      ===The Purchase===

      I purchased these well known branded 'Emu' slippers, an Australian brand, at the beginning of January 2013 from Amazon at the price of £40.85, the RRP is £60, currently they are selling on Amazon at the price of around £50.00, this does not include delivery. I would never normally spend this amount of money on slippers, however my boyfriend bought me slippers that were the wrong size as a gift for Christmas, therefore he got a refund and allowed me to purchase and choose a similar product.

      I purchased the Emu Australia Jolie Slipper in black as it was slightly cheaper than the other alternatives. There are a wide range of colours, charcoal, purple, pink, blue, mushroom so there is plenty of variety.

      ===£40-£50 quid on slippers are you crazy?===

      At that time, I thought it was a crazy amount to pay but my boyfriend was adamant, however, using the product for nearly 5 months now, I actually think these slippers are an investment. If you are like me, and love to put your feet into cosy slippers all year round when you are pattering about the house, then you will love these slippers. With previous slippers I had purchased I would spend around £10 max, however with such frequent use, the cheaper slippers just did not cut it I am afraid. They would split, go all grubby and overall be made of poor quality materials. Therefore, having to get around 3-4 pairs of slippers a year, really forking out the same amount at once gives you a quality product that LASTS!

      In saying that- I purchased my slippers for £40, I would never pay the suggested retail price, I do think this is crazy money and to be honest, £20 is a lot of money extra to pay, so price about for definite! Essentially these slippers are a luxurious buy, so may not be for everyone. Certainly in comparison to Ugg slippers, Emu slippers are more affordable and arguably a better structured slipper built to last.


      My slippers came in a black box with the Emu brand across the top, the box looked fab. I am always between a size 4-5 in shoes so I purchased a size 5, which was a wise choice, slippers should be a little bit big so that they are roomy to add on those comfort points!

      The slipper came in plush black, and honestly, the sheepskin and wool are just amazing. The sheepskin outer, as Amazon refers as 'naturally wicking away moisture' is 100% true, when making my favoured cuppa tea, (preferably strong, 2 sugars and a dash of milk) in my sleepy stupor I accidentally splashed a bit of tea on my slipper- it was almost slow motion to be honest- and it just ran off the surface. This was pretty impressive- however- do not go out and hose them down with water thinking the same will happen- I won't try this to my little gems but I don't reckon any footwear could withstand that abuse.

      ===You wear them everyday- pretty sure they must stink?===

      Gleefully no, they are odourless which is amazing. I wear these slippers everyday, as soon as I get back from the daily grind, and honestly they smell fine, not like roses, don't get me wrong they don't perfume themselves, but they don't hold smell either. Sound like pretty magical slippers? I think so! The reason why I think they don't smell is because your feet are never sweaty in these slippers, they look super warm but in fact they are really quite smart, in the summer the wool cools your feet down and in the winter they warm those toes right up. I know in my experience, my cheapy slippers failed in comparison.


      Absolutely, the sole on these slippers are really quite thick, and I would go out regularly to fetch the bins or get something from the car, I wouldn't sacrifice them in rain though, who would at £40 a pop, but if I did go out in damp conditions, I reckon they wouldn't fall apart like other slippers would. The stitching is superior, they seem to be double stitched. The wool, although it had a nice grove of where my foot has been, they aren't worn down, they are still fluffy and just simply lovely.

      ===Love affair then?===

      Completely, I can't believe how much I have gushed about these slippers, but they are something special for my little bunions.

      5* - They may not suit some people due to the price, but for me, as a gift, they are my absolute favourite and I cannot remove a star for price.


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        04.10.2012 20:34
        Very helpful



        Comfy, cosy, and cocoon your ... toes.

        ~~~ Jolie range of Emu Slippers ~~~

        As a forty something mum of two, with very little money for luxuries, I don't buy what I would class as luxury footwear. My youngest daughter gets Clark's shoes at around £40 a pair and the rest of the household have to make do with cheaper ranges from New Look, Next (at a push) and Tesco etc. How come you are reviewing a £60 (R.R.P) pair of slippers then, I hear you ask? Well, I originally purchased them about a month ago as a Christmas present for my Mum. She has a few criteria for slippers and these fitted the bill exactly, or so I thought.

        Mum is disabled, having had two knee replacements. She also has osteoporosis and a few other complaints that I won't go into here. As such she drags her feet, and we are careful to buy slippers with the toes in, so the sole of the slipper (underneath her toes) doesn't get caught on anything, which would lead to her falling, damaging her knee replacements and/or causing fractures. Despite her frailty, she's always in a hurry to be somewhere or do something, as much as she can anyway; this is why she prefers slip on slippers rather than the full, foot enclosing ones.

        ~~~ My Purchase ~~~

        I bought these from Amazon for the bargain price of £25 (I personally wouldn't pay £60 for slippers), but they are available from many stockists on the high street, and online sellers such as Q.V.C. and other footwear retailers. My parcel arrived and even looking at the shoe box I could tell it had a superb quality pair of slippers contained within. You wouldn't need to wrap these up if you were gifting them, just hand them over as they are.

        ~~~ The Jolie Slipper ~~~

        The slipper is a bog standard slip on mule style. It has sheepskin suede upper and sheepskin lining. The free edge on the slipper (which isn't attached to the sole) has been rolled over to show off the luxurious sheepskin, and makes them look so comfortable and inviting. A little suede EMU branded tag to the side of each slipper adds the final designer touch.

        The sole is thick and has the familiar Emu branded logo embossed to give plenty of grip and stability. Not owning Emu branded boots before, I can't really compare these to standard boots/shoes for wearing outside, but these are so heavy and durable, I can't see why not; and I have indeed I have worn these myself for putting out the bins, and popping to the car etc. They are so substantial if you wanted or needed to wear slippers out of the house for any length of time, these would easily cope with the rougher pavement terrain. I wouldn't want to wear these when it was damp or wet for fear of ruining the lovely swede though.

        You said that you bought these for your mum, so why are you wearing them then? This is the one thing that really put me off. They are just so incredibly heavy compared to ordinary everyday slippers from other retailers. As previously mentioned, my mum drags her feet anyway, and I just felt that the soles on these were just too solid, with no give in them, and too weighty for her to deal with; so as I was in need of new slippers with winter approaching, I kept them as we are the same size. Lucky me! These are true to size, and if ordering over the internet I recommend ordering the size you normally wear. If you are a half size though, I would go up a size, just to be on the safe side.

        They do take a bit of getting used to at first though for the reasons mentioned above; but after a few days I guarantee you'll love them. These slippers are like slipping your feet into a marshmallow. They are so soft and cosy. They give warmth without that horrible sweaty feeling that you get from being enclosed in manmade materials. They breathe, and as such do not give off that familiar sweaty foot odour. I have worn these constantly whenever I've been at home, for well over a month, and can testify that these are the comfiest slippers I have ever worn.

        These are really a fashion brand, even though they do look like slippers your granny would wear. As such (a fashion brand aimed at the younger market) these are a superb quality slipper that you would get a lot of wear out of. There is absolutely no way these babies are going to wear out any time soon, with in the next decade would be my estimation, probably more.

        ~~~ My Thoughts ~~~

        Overall, I am more than happy in recommending the Jolie range of Emu slippers. They have more than met my expectations, even though they were not suitable for my mum, they are more than suitable for my own personal use. The price is my only bugbear, but one I will happily put up with, and save up for, whenever these do wear out, and I expect that could be years and years away anyway.

        Five out of five from me.


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