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Faith Light Pink Florence Peep Toe

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Brand: Faith / Type: Peep Toe

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    1 Review
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      06.03.2011 22:03
      Very helpful
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      Ouch, owwww, eugh!

      I bought these in an ASOS sale; having owned Faith shoes in the past I bought them in good, well, faith but after a few wears they're definitely an impulse purchase I regret. In fact they're in my to-be-got-rid-of box, destined for Ebay next time I have a listing session.

      The main problem with them, and I might as well get straight to it, is that they are unbearably uncomfortable. The sole is so hard that they hurt whenever you're walking or standing still, I've worn them four times and they definitely rank as one of the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever worn - and when you've worn as many shoes as I have that's saying something.

      I actually noticed something today while I was sorting out my shoe cabinet, when I lined these up next to another pair of shoes (in the Ebay pile) these are shaped very awkwardly. The sole dips sharply underneath the arch of my foot, but this steep drop means the toe is elongated which makes them very uncomfortable.

      They also make my heels ache, which sounds ridiculous but is nevertheless true. The heel isn't particularly high at around 4 inches, but the shoes feel very unstable to walk in. At one point I took a shoe off as I was so unbalanced that I was convinced the heel was loose. It wasn't, the shoes just really are horrible.

      They look nice, actually looking at them now I think the corsage is a bit tacky but the shoes look nice in a dressy situation. They are a peach/nude leather upper which has been overlaid with a delicate lace, this has been tastefully done and they look sophisticated rather than tarty (as some cheaper lace shoes can).

      They're actually excellent quality, and despite the poor fit I can recognise how well made they are. The leather is a snug fit, the cut is flattering and the peep toe shows just enough toe cleavage to be tasteful but sexy at the same time. I'd love them, if only I could walk in them!

      They're ridiculous though, I've walked in much higher heels than this without the pain these cause. The minimal padding in the sole doesn't help to cushion the foot, meaning you'll feel every lump, bump and stone you step on. The heel doesn't rub (thankfully) but the awkward shaping of the sole means my heels will start aching after a while, they actually ruined a party for me as I had to spend most of the night sitting down due to these horrible shoes!

      They look as good as new after a few wears, definitely good enough to put on Ebay - hope I haven't put any potential buyers off with this review, but from one Dooyoo-er to another STEER CLEAR. Unless you like having sore feet.

      £55 from ASOS.


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