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Fleet Street Ms Honey Boys Boots

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Brand: Fleet Street / Type: Boots

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    1 Review
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      22.10.2010 09:16
      Very helpful



      A Boot not worth buying

      ==Miss Honey Fleet Street Boys Boots==

      These little boots looked so great in Brantano last year and for the cheap price of £12 I snapped them up right away. The fact that they were pretty wide fitting was the main aspect of buying them as Jack's little feet are very wide and we struggle to find non Clarks shoes that fit him.

      The boots looked good too as the looked just like little desert boots with a nice light sand colour, high ankle support and two Velcro fastenings over the toe. Jack seemed to like them as well especially when I said these were the boots that Bob the Builder wore quite a lot.

      The boots have a great sole on them as it is wonderfully thick and chunky and not only won't wear down but gives a great grip for any pair of little feet wearing them. I was under the impression these boots were built to last and that I wouldn't have to buy Jack another pair of boots till the Spring.

      Unfortunately I was totally wrong. The boots when straight on the feet from the shoe shop and at first they looked pretty snazzy. The fact that they are chunky makes them look pretty cool and the colour of the boots went with a lot of Jacks clothes. Jack found them easy to walk in and didn't seem to struggle with them being chunky. The trouble really started with our first trip out to the park in them. Not only did the sand colour pick up all the black dirt from the rubbery flooring in the park, but also (and the main flaw in the boot) when the toe or any part of the shoe was scuffed, it seemed to tear a top layer off of the boot to reveal a white layer underneath.

      This of course looked really terrible and it wasn't long before half a dozen scuffs on each boots mean that the toe area was completely white looking and made the boots look cheap (which they were) and pretty much unwearable.

      We have kept the boots and they have been worn to the woods and certain occasions when we will be getting mucky and not really seeing anyone. But otherwise I would have to say that the boots were really a rubbish purchase and not even worth the £12 that we paid for them. It is a shame that they are not made better because they do fit really well and look really good.

      I would have to say for the fact that little boys scuff their shoes quite a lot and that these shoes are really not built to handle this, that they are not worth buying. For this reason I think they have to get a low score of 1 star out of 5 and no recommendation.

      I do hope that this has been of some help to you.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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