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George Quilted Ballerina Shoes

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Brand: George / Type: Ballerina

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    1 Review
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      09.10.2012 16:06
      Very helpful



      A lovely pair of shoes

      Party shoes
      My little girl does love her shoes. Of course, I have no idea at all where she gets this from ....

      As anyone with small children will no doubt know, they grow out of shoes ridiculously quickly. Now and then I take my little girl off to Clarks to get her measured, and splash out on a pair or two of shoes for her. But I have to admit I do resent having to pay such a lot of money for her shoes! And so she doesn't wear them all the time, I also tend to buy a few cheaper pairs for her. As she likes all things pink and sparkly, the 'extra' shoes often tend to be party type shoes for special occasions. But then of course she ends up wanting to wear the party shoes all the time leaving the expensive Clarks shoes to gather dust! So I am quickly coming to the conclusion that however well the Clarks shoes are designed, and however well they fit, I am probably better off with the cheaper shoes - after all, they grow out of them just as quickly!

      Easy to order
      I recently decided it was time to buy a pair of warm boots for my daughter, and I ended up finding a pair from Asda Direct. As I was shopping around on the website, I spotted these - or rather my daughter did, and asked if she could please have them. Well, for £6 I decided to add these to my basket along with her new boots.

      I have never used Asda Direct before but I was perfectly happy with how easy it was to order products on the website, and they arrived within just a few days. My daughter was of course very excited about the purchase, and was far more interested in her new shoes than the boots.

      Soft and silver
      Although these are described as bronze on the website, I would actually say they are more of a dark silver colour - a kind of gunmetal silver. The material has a soft leather feel to it (although at this price I am sure I don't need to mention that these are not actually made of leather) and although these are a metallic colour, they are not particularly shiny or at all glossy. I think this is a good thing as these are actually quite subtle shoes so they make my daughter happy because they are silver, but they aren't too ridiculously over-the-top like a lot of the other things that appeal to her! As metallic shoes go, these ones are actually pretty sensible looking.

      I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these shoes. The material is thicker than other cheap shoes I have bought for my daughter, and the quilted effect gives them a nice padded feel. The stitching to create the padded effect is the same metallic shade as the shoes themselves, and the stitching is in the shape of hearts. The lining of the shoe is pink and has hearts printed on them. Other nice details include a bow at the front of the shoe - again these are in the same material as the shoes so it keeps the look quite simple.

      These shoes have velcro straps that go across the front of the shoe. These are really secure and are an essential for me when buying shoes for my little girl - slip-on shoes are a definite no-no as they always slip off!

      No signs of wear and tear
      These look lovely on my little girl - they are pretty without being sickly, and they also go with everything as they are a nice neutral metallic colour. She loves wearing these and has worn them a great deal since we got them, and despite the fact that she walks, runs and plays outside a lot in these they are still in very good condition. Although the front of the shoes has scuffed slightly, the soles are still in great condition with no real signs of wear and tear. She clearly finds these shoes really comfortable as she is so happy to spend hours playing around in them.

      In summary...
      Overall I really have no complaints at all about these lovely shoes. They are really nice looking and seem to be very durable. My little girl loves wearing them and they have quickly become her favourite footwear. I will definitely be checking out George at Asda for future shoe purchases!


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