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George Ruched Ankle Boots

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Brand: Asda George / Type: Ankle Boots

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    2 Reviews
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      26.11.2012 10:51
      Very helpful



      Despite the leaky heels, I'm still pleased with these boots

      A couple of months ago, as autumn and winter approached, I began to think about my winter footwear. A few years ago I bought a nice pair of ankle boots, but the heels are now badly worn plus last winter I had decided I didn't actually like the low block heel. So I decided to get new boots for work this winter, and to make sure they were completely flat.

      A combination of being a bit strapped for cash and reluctant to pay out for footwear that I tend to walk through quite quickly led me to look at cheaper retailers. Looking on the Asda website, I saw a couple of pairs of boots for under £20 which I liked, so I headed to Asda that weekend to look at boots while doing my weekly shop.

      I ended up with the George Ruched Ankle Boots, which were £12. I actually think these might have been the cheapest pair, but that wasn't why I chose them - yes I wanted cheap, but I liked the style and fit of these boots.

      The boots are really very plain, which is fine by me. The foot is completely plain black synthetic leather, and the ankle is slightly ruched. The top of the boot is slanted, and is a little higher at the front than back. The boots are completely flat, with no heel at all.

      As soon as I tried the boots on, I could tell how comfortable they would be. Having worn them every day for about six weeks now, I can still say they are very comfortable. Although they are cheap, I don't feel the sole is too thin - they are comfortable and easy to walk in. The ankles of the boots are slightly padded, which adds a bit more comfort around my leg. Being synthetic leather, they are easy to wipe clean if they get a bit dirty.

      The fit of the boots is almost perfect. Sometimes I find it tricky to get just the right fit, as my ideal size is 6.5, and not everywhere does half sizes - surprisingly, Asda does. I really didn't expect a lower cost retailer, a supermarket at that, to cater for half sizes. I tried on a few styles in 6, 6.5 and 7, and these boots in the 6.5 were far and away the best fit. They are snug without being tight, and have just the right amount of space for my toes without being too big. This good fit probably has something to do with the fact that I've had no discomfort while wearing the boots at all; not even a bit of rubbing for the first few days I wore them.

      However, nothing is perfect, and certainly not a pair of £12 boots. After six weeks they are still comfortable, still look good, and have proved to be cozy now that it's starting to get a bit colder. However, they have also started leaking. At first they were watertight, but as time has gone on they have become worn at the very back of the sole, where the upper meets the sole - exactly where my summer pumps get worn. Now when the weather is wet, I get wet heels. Because it's only the one place that the boots are leaking, my whole foot doesn't get soaked and it's not too unpleasant, but it's still really disappointing given how pleased I was with these boots at first.

      I am still pleased with the boots - but that is maybe because it has been a dry autumn so far. I think I should also point out that I walk through just about every pair of shoes I own within a pretty short time, so if you are less punishing on your footwear than I am, these boots may well be worth considering. I have also been wearing them Monday-Friday for six weeks, so it's not like they only get occasional use.

      Strangely, despite the soggy feet, I would buy these boots (or similar) again. After all, they were only £12, and they are just the plain and flat style that I like. Besides, there's no point in paying more given that I can wreck expensive shoes and boots just as well as cheap ones.


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        21.10.2012 21:02
        Very helpful



        A good overall pair of boots but I just find they look too shiny!

        ~*~*~ George Ruched Ankle Boots ~*~*~

        ~ What are they? ~

        These boots are a pair of black flat ankle boots, the backs are slightly lower than the front and they have a ruched effect at the top, they are quite shiny and have a thin sole.

        ~ Price and sizes available ~

        As these are a George product they are available from Asda store that have a George department and also online at www.direct.asda.com/george.
        They cost a decent £12.00 and the sizes available are ~
        4, 5, 6, 6.5, 7 & 8.

        ~ How do they look? And would I recommend them? ~

        These boots are flat, very flat. The sole has no heel at all, they have the sort of soles that are seen on ballet pumps and it feels quite rubbery. They have a nice smooth rounded toe and the whole of the boot is quite a nice trendy shape, if they had been in a tan colour I would have liked them so much more.
        Apart from the ruched detail at the top part of the boot there is no other decoration to them at all, they are very plain.

        I didn't actually buy these, my Nan did for my cousin, however when she got home she realised she had bought a size 5 pair that had been put on a size 7 hanger so they were obviously no good for my cousin who is a size 7, and like I do everyday I popped into my Nan's before collecting my children from school and she told me what had happened with the boots and asked me if I wanted them instead, initially I said no as I would have taken them back for her, but she said not to worry about it as she had found a different pair, very similar to these in town and bought them instead, I then offered her the money for them much to her disgust and after shouting at me not to be so stupid I happily took the boots! I wasn't about to argue with my Nan! She said she was sick of seeing me in my 'yetti' boots - UGG style boots haha!
        I put them on there and then as she insisted I try them on, just like when I was a child and I just left them on then, they are comfortable and the sizes are true as I am a size 5 and these fit me perfectly.

        If I am honest I probably wouldn't have bought these as I think they look a bit shiny but they look alright.

        I have only worn them with leggings and a long jumper and I think that they look fine, they aren't anything to shout about but they are shoes!

        They keep my feet warm and dry and feel comfortable, they don't pinch my feet or rub.

        I would recommend them if you are after these style boots in black as they are as good as any non branded boots, the sole are rubbery so you don't slip and slide and for £12.00 I think they are a good deal.

        They are made from a synthetic material but I don't find my feet feel especially sweaty in these and they don't make my feet smell either like some cheap shoes do.
        They are very plain so will go with almost anything, you can tuck your jeans in, wear them with leggings or even wear them under you trousers.

        Thanks for reading :o)


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