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Golddigga Bud Ladies Boots

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Brand: Golddigga / Type: Boots

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    1 Review
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      07.05.2011 13:35
      Very helpful



      A great pair of boots

      ==Golddigga Bud Boots==

      I really didn't need any more shoes (or that's what Himself says) but these are not shoes they are boots!

      I have far too many pairs of high heeled shoes and boots and sandals but not enough flat ones. Therefore when I am out walking with Jack or Himself I have to try and find something which I own that is suitable attire for a stroll along the esplanade. I had nothing and therefore I totally needed these boots and it wasn't as if they were expensive like the CAT boots I was looking at!

      These Golddigga Bud Boots are being sold in Sports Direct either online or in the store. I went into my local store in search of something completely different but couldn't resist picking these up. They only cost £15 but the RRP is £59.99p (although I am not entirely sure this is right). However for £15 even if they only last me a year I think that it still not a bad price.

      The boots themselves are high ankle boots. They are flat but the grip that they have on the bottom of the shoe is amazing (I should know because I spent the best part of Sunday trying to get all the dog poo out that I had the misfortune to step in and I cursed the enormous tread!) and when out walking in the countryside it gives a good firm hold on the ground. I like the brown colourings of the boot but I can't say that I am overly keen on the pink aspects of the boot. However this doesn't bother me too much because every time I wear them I have on a pair of jeans that not only covers the top cushioned ankle section which is pink but it also covers the pink laces. I have invested in some brown laces just in case I wanted to change them which I was sure I would but as yet just haven't got around to it.

      The laces are made of pretty strong stuff though and I have had no trouble tying them up nice and tight and they seem to be made of good stuff just like the boots themselves. The rubber sole grip is made from a good solid type of rubber too and I think it would take a very long time for this sole to be worn away so that anyone would notice.

      They feel really comfortable to wear as well. I wasn't sure that they would seeing as though I am classing them as a cheap pair of foot wear but they really are. The rubber sole seem to give them a little bit of bounce when wearing and takes a lot of the impact of walking. They are not especially lined inside but they do feel snug and there are no obvious joins in the material like you get with other cheap foot wear.

      They seem to wash up pretty well too and even though we have been on a very good amount of countryside walks they have managed to keep looking more or less as good as new. Of course the dog poo was indeed a right royal nightmare as it took forever to get it all out. The fact that the poo was fresh and must have been made by some sort of monstrously massive dog made it all the more laughable (looking back at the time I was fuming mad!).

      All in all though I have to say that these boots are really very good. They are great for walking in and they are a fantastically cheap price. They give comfort and a little bit of style at a price that most people would find affordable. I have even started to not mind the pink colours so much!

      I think a 5 out of 5 star rating is in order for these Golddigga Bud boots and a high recommendation!

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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