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Hotter Mist

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Brand: Hotter / Type: Women's Casual Walking Shoe

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    2 Reviews
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      23.02.2011 11:17
      Very helpful



      well worth the money

      I've never really been the kind of person to wear high heel shoes and prefer comfortable sensible shoes as I like to walk a lot and I am an outdoor type of person, so when it comes to buying shoes I usually go for walking shoes or trainers and these Hotter Mist shoes were one of my purchases last year and I haven't looked back since as they are worn on a daily basis when I go out with the dog and are comfortable enough to drive in.

      I bought my Hotter shoes from the Outdoor Camping shop in Hereford town centre and they cost me £79 which may sound a lot but once you have owned the shoes you really can see the quality and money's worth that's gone into them.
      I don't mind paying for shoes as long as they look like they are going to last and the stitching on these shoes looks well done. They are made of Gore-Tex and I bought the blue colour as they come in brown and red.
      The blue one's look very stylish and are a swede style upper with lace ups at the front. The inner has a removable instep but I like the cushion effect of it being in the shoe and over the months I have had my shoes the inner has kind of molded to the shape of my feet as it was noticable when I first got them, but has softened with wear now.
      They are very bendy and soon lose the stiffness of the new shoes as you wear them.

      The sole of the shoe is moulded to the upper and has a really good tread. I was out in the snow in these and never slipped over of skidded but did find I couldn't slide along in the snow with my grandchildren as these stopped me from sliding, so they aren't for playing out in the snow , but are good for walking in it.
      I love the ease of the feel of these shoes that they seem to give as you walk as they feel light and conmfortable on my feet, they don't feel heavy like some walking shoes I have had in the past but are lightweight and fit well.

      I also drive in mine as I take the dog out in the car to a lake to walk him and don't like to change shoeswhen I get there, these bend enough to be able to control the clutch and accellerator of the car so there's no problem for me to drive in them.
      The sizes that are available are from 3-9 I am a size five and these fit me properly as they have a wide fitting toe. I don't like the pointy toe'd shoes as they squash my little toes and usually rub when they are new. I found these fit correctly and didn't rub at all. The backs of the shoes have a cushioned part that helps to stop the rubbing when new so you don't get blisters at the back of your legs.

      Look wise these are quite stylish and don't look chunky so they look alright if your wearing jeans or trousers. The sole is bouncy so it feel like your walking on air as they are shock absorbant and although they aren't running shoes they don't feel heavy if you do have to jog in them to catch the dog that's running off to sniff another dog as your walking it.

      I have been walking on the road in mine and also climbing hills and for country walks where we go off roading and walking. I find they are easy to clean, they have been in the washing machine on a low wash and they towel dry easy if you just have to damp them down to get mud off them.
      I think they are worth every penny I have paid and would be happy to recommend these to you.
      I will buy another pair when these give up the ghost as I've been so impressed with them.

      10 out of 10 from me.


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      13.01.2011 11:39
      Very helpful



      A expensive but good quality walking shoe

      Towards the end of last year, I was totally fed up with the constant snow and ice and had to accept that my flimsy pair of slip-on shoes weren't up to the weather conditions at all. I wanted a waterproof shoe that would offer me more a lot protection in the snow and rain and also be comfortable to walk about and drive in, so that I didn't need to keep changing shoes for different purposes.

      I found these sturdy looking Hotter shoes in a branch of Bells shoes (also available online) where there cost £79 per pair which I do think is pretty expensive. At the time of my purchase, they were offering a 10% discount so I did get these for a slightly cheaper price. Sometimes, as my husband likes to point out, it is worth paying more for good quality shoes as they should last longer and work out better value in the long-term.

      The 'Mist' shoes are quite a sensible, functional option but do come in a range of colours. I have the chocolate brown variety which seemed like an appropriate, practical shade particularly as the side panels have a faux suede appearance which I do find quite difficult to keep clean as it can show up the dirt! Size-wise, I usually take a size six, especially with laced shoes, but found that these seemed a better more secure fit in a smaller size five as the bigger size felt a little 'clumpy' for me.

      The shoes are coated with Gore-Tex so they are totally waterproof. I have had ample opportunity over the past couple of months to give these a thorough testing and the shoes haven't leaked or allowed any moisture through, even through fresh snow, slush, mud and constant rain my feet are left feeling fresh and dry. They aren't lined as such but the soft 'nubrick' fabric that these are made from helps to retain warmth, especially if worn with a decent pair of socks. The fabric is flexible enough to accommodate different thicknesses of socks without rubbing or irritation.

      The soles are very thick with lots of chunky grip points which haven't shown any sign of wear and tear, despite a few months of regular wear. I wore these throughout December last year through constant snow and ice and found them to have excellent grip and didn't slip or slide about, whatever the conditions underfoot. As they are designed to be lightweight walking shoes, they felt secure but comfortable. Despite looking chunky and substantial, I was still able to drive in these, even from brand new, which is good as I find some chunkier boots quite difficult to feel the pedals in.

      The sole at the front is raised slightly which does offer some protection from scuffs although these have a few minor scuffs visible at the front. They do feel pretty sturdy and durable shoes nonetheless. The laces supplied seem strong, thick and very good quality as do the shoes themselves. I do find the laces are far too long so need to double knot them to avoid trailing them through mud and snow! I do like how the tongue is extra wide and really soft. It feels comfortable against my foot as well as offering a bit of extra protection from the elements. I also like the back section of the shoe which also feels soft and flexible and provides support even when walking for long distances or carrying a baby in a sling, for instance.

      Initially, I found these really comfortable to wear, as the fabric and sole and both very flexible, but after a few weeks I did find the raised insert on the inner sole didn't feel quite right. The inner sole is supposed to support the arch at the side of the foot but, as I was walking, I could feel this raised section and it didn't appear to be in the correct position. The shoes still didn't rub or become painful to wear, but they didn't feel totally 'right.' Fortunately, the insoles are designed to be removable so I have taken them out and now the shoes do feel far more comfortable. The only drawback is that I have now lost the comfortable padding on my foot and the extra warmth so I do need to replace them with a standard inner sole. I'm not sure whether this discomfort is simply due to me not being used to this style of inner sole or because the shoe is in a smaller size than I would usually take.

      Despite this issue, I would still recommend this particular shoe as a practical and comfortable Winter shoe, particularly as the problematic inner sole is easily removed and replaced, if need be. Although expensive, this is a well made and supportive waterproof walking shoe that offers a good level of protection from the elements.


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