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Hudson and Rose Laceless Canvas Trainers

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Brand: Navy Hudson

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    1 Review
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      13.05.2013 21:30
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      Hudson & Rose Laceless Canvas Trainers

      Why I purchased the Trainers
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      The only flat shoes I have are my Timberland boots, flip flops and trainers. Although I find my trainers really comfortable I wanted something that I could wear with leggings or jeggings. I already have some canvas lace up shoes which I purchased from Shoe Zone, how-ever these are now a little too tight for me and I don't find them the most comfortable shoes ever. I saw some laceless trainers on the New Look website a few months ago and loved the look of them but never got round to purchasing them. The trainers I saw then were actually white, but having seen these trainers recently, I thought the blue ones would be more suitable. I could wear these trainers with leggings or jeggings and even skinny jeans as well, so I decided to purchase them.

      The Trainers
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      These trainers are casual looking and can be worn with joggers, leggings and skinny jeans for a casual, day look. The blue canvas design gives a denim effect that looks great with a range of different outfit. The shoes are laceless but do have the holes in which the laces would normally go through, this means that the trainers can be slipped on and off easily, without the hassle of doing up laces all the time. Although these are from New Look they are part of the Hudson and Rose range which can only be found in New Look stores and from their website. The bottom part of the trainers is white and feels like a rubber type material which looks really comfortable. The Hudson & Rose logo is stitched to the tongue of the trainers for a retro feel. Although the trainers also come in a Deep Red colour, I preferred the dark blue as I think they will go better with leggings, joggers and skinny jeans. I range between a 5 & 6 in shoes and am sometime half sizes. They actually only had a size 6 in my local store and didn't have a size 5 so I tried on the size 6 and found that they fitted me perfectly without feeling too tight or as though they might rub. Although they don't have many of these shoes available anymore the shoes originally came in sizes 3-9. On the New Look website you will probably find that they only have size 9 left, so it's best to check your local store to see if they have them in stock. I thought these shoes would look great during the warmer months and they would be comfortable to wear as well if doing a fair bit of walking.

      = = = = = = = =
      I purchased these from my local New Look store for £9.99 which I thought was very reasonable value. You can also purchase these from the New Look website; how-ever they don't have many sizes left which is why I went into my local store to purchase them.

      Wearing the Trainers
      = = = = = = = = = =
      I have worn the trainers a few times now and find them extremely comfortable to wear. I was expecting the trainers to rub a little when wearing them for the first time; how-ever they didn't which was good. Although you can wear the shoes without any socks, I prefer to wear small trainer socks and I still find the trainers comfortable to wear without feeling too tight around my feet or toes. The rubber sole on the trainers feel slightly springy when I walk and they look as though they will last a good amount of time as the rubber sole is quite thick. As the trainers are made from canvas I tend to only wear them when the weather is dry otherwise the material can soak up moisture a little if it does rain. You probably can purchase shoe protector for these which would enable you to wear them in wet weather, how-ever this isn't something I have done. If it rains lightly then I don't think the trainers would get too wet, how-ever if it rained quite hard I do think the canvas material would soak up some of the water causing them to feel slightly damp. I'm unsure whether this would leave stain marks on the blue canvas as well. I love that the shoes are laceless as it makes them really easy to slip on and off, especially if I am in a shop trying something on. I have worn the trainers mainly with leggings at the moment and personally wouldn't wear them with joggers as suggested on the New Look website. I probably would wear these with skinny jeans of three quarter length jeans during the summer. Because I'm used to wearing high shoes or shoes with a thick sole I was expecting these to hurt my feet a little, how-ever I was surprised that they didn't despite wearing them for at least half a day. Although these trainers do differ from the look of Vans I think I actually prefer the look of these and the fact that they don't have any laces, as I just tend to tuck most laces in anyway. Although these aren't Vans which are a well-known brand I think they still look fashionable and in trend.

      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = =
      I will admit that I couldn't wait to wear these shoes as they looked so comfortable and I needed some flat shoes that I could wear with leggings. These laceless trainers not only look great with leggings and skinny jeans but they are really comfortable to wear as well. As the trainers are a dark blue I think they would go with a number of different outfits such as leggings, jeggings and even different coloured skinny jeans as well. The shoes are well made and have a nice, thick rubber sole which also makes them perfect for walking on the beach with, especially beaches with pebbles. I also love the Hudson & Rose logo which is stitched on the tongue of the trainers as this gives them a slight retro feel. If they didn't have this label on the tongue I think the trainers would look very plain. In terms of sizing, although I vary between a size 5 and 6, I found that the size 6 was really suited to my feet and didn't feel too loose but at the same time weren't too tight either. Although you can wear these without socks, I always wear them with socks for hygiene reasons. In terms of value I think the shoes are good value as I have seen similar shoes available which are double the price of these. Due to how quickly these shoes sell out I doubt I will be able to purchase any of the other colours that have been available recently. I would definitely recommend these trainers to anyone, who is looking for a casual and comfortable pair of shoes for day time wear.

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