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Iron Fist Mombasa Punk Peep Toe

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Brand: Iron First / Type: Peep Toe

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    2 Reviews
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      01.05.2011 00:10
      Very helpful



      I'm rapidly starting to LOVE Iron Fist!

      I discovered the Iron Fist range of shoes last year and since then have purchased a few pairs; Iron Fist generally use fashionable shoe shapes, brought bang up to date by the use of their own (up to yet) unimitated 'punk' designs. 

      This Mombassa design is stunning and I'd go as far as saying this is absolutely one of my favourite pairs of shoes at the moment.  The hot pink body of the shoe is decorated with tiny black skulls to resemble leopard print (will the love of animal print ever end? I hope not!), but dotted around the outside of the shoe are a few of the larger rough skulls which Iron Fist are so well known for.  A touch more colour is added by the use of part of the Iron Fist logo, cleverly placed so that the wearer doesn't become a walking advertisement for the brand, and also a couple of gothic tattoo-style flowers which are absolutely amazing.

      The overall design is extremely feminine, although Iron Fist have given the shoes an edgier look with their use of punkish design and strong contrasting colours. The look can be further 'prettied up' using the large detachable red roses, which can be seen in the piccie above. These roses simply slide on and off the shoes, when they're not attached there is absolutely no sign that something *should* be there - so without the flowers your shoes won't look strange or as though they're missing anything.    In my opinion the roses look very pretty and soften the appearance of the shoes when they're added, although to be fair they look fab with or without them so the choice is yours. 

      The shoes aren't leather, the upper is actually labelled as PVC, but don't let this worry you as it's a much nicer quality that the average PVC gimp suit (for example!). The finish of the shoes is no shinier than many other shoes, and I guarantee no-one is going to look at your shoes and think 'plastic'.

      The peep toe feature is perfect, it shows only a very small amount of toe which is ideal for this style of shoe. They look great with either hot pink, bright red or black polish on my toes - other colours would work but due to the bold shade of the Mombassa shoes you'd probably need to steer clear of the bolder blues and yellows which are still so on trend. 

      Now to discuss the heel. It's a 5" inch (not the 4 1/2 as listed on some online shoe shops), and these are definitely not the easiest shoes to walk in. I'm usually fine with this height of heel, but something in the shape of these shoes makes them quite uncomfortable to walk in - and horrible to wear while standing around. The heel is a true slim stiletto and walking in them feels tottery, the 2cm platform on the toe of the shoe does nothing to even out the height of the heel so if you're not used to walking in heels you'll have a problem. I myself found they took a bit of getting used, regular readers of my shoe reviews will know I'm adept at walking in heels but these are slightly unmanageable to begin with. 

      I was surprised at this for two reasons; the first is that the Mombassa shoes have a body which reaches fairly high up my foot, this makes them snug fitting and usually this fit of shoe is very easy to walk in. Not with these. The other surprise is that I own another pair of Iron Fist shoes with the same type and height of heel and platform, that pair is incredibly comfortable - I've studded both pairs tonight and the shaping is identical, I just can't see why one pair is so much more awkward to get used to. 

      Apart from the totteriness, these shoes are comfortable in themselves. The sole has a lovely cushioned effect which keeps the balls of my feet comfortable and free of any burning sensation, thank god as heels this high can be murder when you have quite small feet (size four) in the first place. 

      Speaking of which, the sizing is perfect in this range. I bought them in a size four and they're spot on, I remember there was a short period of rubbing at the backs of my feet the first couple of times I wore the shoes but apart from that I've had no problems. Now I've learnt to walk (totter) in them!

      I do love these shoes; the vibrancy of them is a fun change but they've got attitude - just because it's summer doesn't mean I've got to dress like a soft lass!  As you've probably realised, they're not very versatile and you'll definitely have to work your outfit around your shoes if you're planning on wearing these. In fact I only own two items which work well with these shoes, a pair of black skinny jeans or sexy black dress which is perfect for the rare occasions I go clubbing but not really suitable for other times. 

      These shoes are actually a bit of a worry to me. They have a 'young' and fun style, which feels perfect at the moment - but as I rapidly approach 35 I'm well aware of the Madonna effect. That is, the risk of starting to look like mutton dressed as lamb. At the moment I can pull it off, but I must admit to scrutinising myself in the mirror every time I put these shoes on - at the first sign of starting to look like I'm 'getting down with the kids' I'll send them to the charity shop!

      I paid £50 for these gorgeously edgy heels in Schuh and in my opinion it was money well spent, however looking online today I noticed they're now in the region of £35 - which makes them an absolute steal for a sexy pair of summertime heels. 


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        22.02.2011 23:55
        Very helpful



        A beautiful pair of shoes

        As I am sure you all know by now, I have so many pairs of shoes, and I am a big fan of the Iron Fist range of shoes. I own a fair few pairs of these shoes, and for those who have not heard of Iron Fist before, I will run you through a small introduction to the company.

        Iron Fist are known for their "alternative" and different styles of shoe designs. They are popular among those who like to wear something a little bit different from the norm, and I am one of those people who love them. They have many different designs of shoes, with awesome different patterns, ranging from colourful to down right strange.

        One of their designs is the Mombasa Punk, and I own these in their high heeled peep toe shoes. These are also available in flats, but I only have the high heeled versions ( at the moment!) These shoes are, as the name says, peep toed shoes, with a heel of around 4 - 5 inches high. It is a thin heel, and the front of the shoe has a slight platform setting to it, so it is easier to walk in them and it makes it easier on your foot too, which lessens the pressure on your knees and hips.

        The Mombasa Punk shoe is mostly pink, and from a distance, it can easily be mistaken for some kind of colourful leopard print pattern. When you get closer, you can see that there is actually flowers on this shoe, all over the design, and there is also a flower on the front of the show, attached just above the peep toe area. I think this flower is pretty cool, and adds an extra bit of coolness to the shoes. The flower is a reddish pink colour, but I have noticed it looks more red in the photo on here than it actually does in real life.

        The heel is black, and the flowers printed onto the design are a mixture of gray, black and pink/red colours. I think the way the pattern is laid out, and the way the colours are used make these shoes really pretty, and really eye catching. I get quite a lot of comments when I wear these shoes, mostly postive. Some people think they are just weird, but hey each to their own right?

        I know from wearing my other shoes from the Iron Fist collection that the shoes are usually very comfortable and easy to walk in. I was not expecting any different from this pair, and I was right to expect so. They are very comfortable, and they are actually easy to walk in. The heel is very stable and despite its small thinness, it is actually able to withstand a good amount of weight and walking. I have never felt it to wobble, or be in any way unstable.

        The shoes are thickly made, and of good quality, so there has never been any rubbing or pinching. They fit so well that they never slip, and this makes my feet feel more secure when I am wearing them. I have never had any problems with them coming off, or moving around on my feet, after a night of hot, sweaty dancing in them. There is a nice, comfy inner sole in the shoes, so my feet feel nice and cushioned, but not so cushioned that I feel like they are not stable enough to walk in.

        There is no problems with toe pinching either, which is a problem I have found to occur with some other peep toe shoes from other companies. Even after a long day or night in these shoes, my feet have still felt they have been in slippers all the time, and I feel that this is a great way to show how well a pair of shoes are made.

        I have had a good amount of wear out of these, and I do think that they still look pretty new. I have a small scuff on one side where I got a bit drunk and found myself walking a bit too close to a wall, but other than that they look pretty good. You can see from the under soles that they have been worn, but nothing too major and I do not think they markings you can see actually show the amount of wear and use I have had from these shoes.

        You can buy these shoes in Schuch stores across the country, and you can also buy them on the Schuh website. This is the expensive way to buy them though, as they will cost you £50 for a pair. If you go the same route that I did and buy them on Amazon, you can get them for between £35 - £40. The price seems to change each day, but if you can grab them at the lower price, then it is even more of a bargain.

        I believe that even at full price these shoes are truly worth the money, as they are beautiful shoes, which are such good quality and so comfortable too. I give these shoes a 5 out of 5 and I totally recommend them to anyone.


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