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Irregular Choice Oz Charm Bow Floral

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3 Reviews

Brand: Irregular Choice

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    3 Reviews
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      24.08.2013 12:17
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      I love these!

      I have had these Oz Charm Bow Court shoes for a while. I managed to get them when they were reduced to around £40.00 from about £80.00. I bought them online, but I can't remember where I ordered them from.

      They are quite difficult to find now, but they come up occasionally on amazon.co.uk or ebay.co.uk.

      ~About Irregular Choice ~
      Irregular Choice is a brand that was created in 1999 by London born, Dan Sullivan to offer something new and different to the footwear market, like no other brand has managed.
      The website, www.irregularchoice.com is one of the most viewed websites worldwide, most likely because of the demand for something original.

      ~ Appearance ~
      These shoes are really cute.
      They have a round toe and are made from white, green and blue floral print fabric. The print is really small and detailed and I love it.
      There is a large bow on the front, which is navy blue with white polka dots on.
      The back of the shoes are made from navy and white gingham material.
      The shoes have beautiful bright blue Perspex heels. The heel is quite thick and it is clear with a bright blue colour going through it from the top. The heels are 10cm or almost 4 inches in height. There is a leaf pattern on the actual heel and the bottom of the heel is a purple colour.
      If you look closely at the heel you can see nails sticking into the top of it, where the heel is attached to the actual shoe, but this is not something people would notice when you wear them.
      There are 3 charms attached to the outer sides of each shoe. There is an ice cream, a strawberry and a monkey holding a banana.
      The charms are made from plastic and are attached with a metal clip to a small piece of blue leather attached to the side of the shoe so you can remove the charms if you wish. There is one clip for all three charms so you cannot remove one charm if it was damaged or you didn't like it. You would have to remove all three.
      I think the shoes are a fantastic design. I love the detailed print and all of the different fabrics are great choices for these shoes. The polka dot bow is really cute and the Perspex heels are gorgeous.

      ~ Comfort and other findings ~
      I love these shoes. I think they are really cute.
      I was really lucky to get them when they were just £40.00.
      I have found that they are comfortable to wear and they are not too high to walk in. They don't rub or nip at all.
      I have only worn them a few times, but haven't done much walking or dancing in them so I have always found these very comfortable and sturdy. I have lots of other Irregular Choice shoes with the same heel and I found that they start to hurt the balls of your feet if you have been standing or walking in them for long periods of time.
      The shoes feel hard-wearing. The toes and the backs of the shoes feel quite rigid, but I do worry about getting the fabric on the shoes dirty and I avoid wearing these shoes in the rain or when the ground is wet.
      The charms attached to the sides of the shoes do clink together while I am walking, but this doesn't annoy or irritate me. I am more concerned that they will become damaged. The charms do not look scuffed or damaged at all and I have worn the shoes a few times, but I have had other pairs of Irregular Choice shoes with these charms on and they have become chipped so you do have to be careful.
      The shoes are very pretty and my friends have always admired them when I have worn these shoes.
      I have found that being navy they go with pretty much anything, but I prefer to wear them with skirts or dresses as trousers or jeans cover them up more and I like to show these shoes off!

      ~ Conclusion ~
      I love these shoes. The design couldn't be much closer to perfect.
      I was very lucky to get these shoes for £40.00. I think it is a great price and I would have happily paid double for them as they are good quality and the design is really cute. I particularly love the small cute floral print that is on the toe although I must admit I'm a sucker for polka dots as well!
      They are comfortable to wear and to walk in for short periods, but like most heels I imagine they will start to hurt a bit after walking in them for a while. I have only ever walked from bar to bar in them and have found that they have never caused me any pain.
      I would definitely recommend these shoes. I am very proud to have them in my collection.


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        14.11.2012 16:16



        These defo show your character

        Irregular is definately the correct way to describe these quirky colourful shoes. I love quirky things, I never even liked shoes until I discovered this range. I wore these shoes for the wedding, but in red. I'm not one for wearing heels at all so was practicing walking in them around the house. I was very surprised that they are so easy to walk in. I'm putting it down to the chunky sturdy heel.

        This kind of design is perfect for spicing up a normal looking outfit to show your quirky side. the inside of them are made from velvet and are very comfy on your tootsies. The design on them is very artistic and shows alot of character. the heel is make from clear plastic and has colours in it with a leaf design on the outside. The charm on the outside is a sup[er added extra to make the shoes look even more special.

        I can only usually wear heels for an hour or so before my feet feel like they are about to die, but these shoes made my feet feel like their life had only just began. The price is rather expensive but a pair of shoes like these is not to go amiss.


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        18.04.2011 12:01
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        I love them!

        I've never considered myself someone who had a passion for shoes . I might, on occasion, opt for something a little more stylish than my usual trainers or flat black work shoes, but it would generally be whatever was cheap at Jonathon James at the time, rather than a well thought out style purchase .

        No, I never loved shoes - until I walked past my local branch of Schuh and saw a display of shoes by Irregular Choice in the main front window . Irregular is the perfect word to describe this unusual range of quirky, colourful, and quite frankly pretty insane shoes . Stepping into the store for a closer look, I spent almost an hour looking at and trying on the various styles, before finally shelling out £70 for a pair of their Oz Charm Floral shoes .

        There is so much going on visually with these shoes. The very sole of the shoe, the bit that touches the ground, is striped in lemon yellow and pepto-bismol pink, with a design of white rabbits and stars. And that's the part of the shoe that nobody normally sees!

        Then, lets take the heel - an impressive 10cm high, but with a satisfyingly chunky and sturdy feel, perfect for people like me that feel a bit wobbly on more delicate heels . Its transparent, but with some blue tinting, dark at the top and almost non existent at the bottom. The bottom is not ignored though - the very base of the heel is tipped in a bright red colour. The perspex heel also has a sort of fern leaf design etched into it also, which sparkles and bounces off light at odd angles as you walk.

        Then we move unto the upper of the shoe - the main body as it were. There are a mixture of fabrics used here. The front part of the shoe is covered in a delicate floral print in shades of blue, cream, and green, and perched on top of this is a large bow in a dark navy colour, with small white dots and delicate white stitching around the edges. The back of the upper is made from a navy and white gingham checked fabric, and this part of the shoe bears a small navy tag loop - to which you can attach the detachable charms that come with the shoe.

        These clip on easily, and there are three charms on a short chain - a cute, chubby cheeked monkey with his fist tightly clenched around a banana, a bright red juicy looking strawberry, and a cone of ice cream. These charms are really well finished with no sharp edges and a glossy appearance, and can be moved from shoe to shoe, or left off entirely, or even removed from the shoes and clipped onto a keyring as the mood suits.

        For a shoe that looks a little like the lucky result of an explosion in the laundry basket, these are surprisingly well put together . The stitching is well carried out, and nothing in these shoes feels as if it will rip, or become damaged otherwise .

        They are incredibly comfortable to walk in - surprisingly so, as I actually thought the perspex heel might be a little uncomfortable . I normally wear a size seven or eight shoe, and ion this case I purchased a size 8 as I found it a more comfortable flexible fit for me.

        Now, I will admit that these shoes are pretty hard to match with an outfit - they are practically an outfit on their own, and they certainly draw attention . I tend to pair them with black leggings and a relatively simple top, with minimal jewellery . These are statement shoes and really work best when paired with simple clothing.

        I haven't worn these that often, perhaps four or five times since purchase. They show no signs of wear or tear yet, although the front of the shoes is starting to get a little dusty, but can be cleaned with a wet cloth . I wouldn't wear these out on a rainy day though, as any mud or dirt would be more likely to sink into the shoe and would most probably prove difficult to remove.

        I love these shoes. They're not practical, they cost a bomb, they only work with a limited selection of outfits, and I can't wear them down the street without someone stopping me to comment on them. My dad thinks they look like something a transvestite would wear, and another friend thinks the perspex heels make them look like stripper heels .

        I don't care - I think they are perfect . They're comfy, and quirky, and seem to have a personality all of their own. I love them!

        4 stars.


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