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Irregular Choice Trinkletina

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Brand: Irregular Choice / Round toe: yes / Stiletto heel: yes / Colour: Turquoise / Designed for: women

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    2 Reviews
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      21.08.2013 21:05
      Very helpful




      I absolutely love shoes and my favourite pair are these Irregular Choice Trinkletina shoes in blue and red.

      ~About Irregular Choice ~
      Irregular Choice is a brand that was created in 1999 by London born, Dan Sullivan to offer something new and different to the footwear market, like no other brand has managed.
      The website, www.irregularchoice.com is one of the most viewed websites worldwide, most likely because of the demand for something original.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      These shoes are currently available from the Irregular Choice website, www.irregularchoice.com for £79.99 or they are available from www.houseoffraser.co.uk for £71.99.
      These shoes were first launched a few years ago and there are other fabrics and prints available, but I think these blue and red ones are the most popular.
      There have been at least 5 matching handbags and clutch bags released to match these shoes and there is a matching laptop case as well.

      ~ Appearance ~
      I think these shoes are beautiful.
      There is a picture on www.irregularchoice.com/shop/womens/product/2877/trinkletina.html?offset=58
      They are made from bright blue coloured felt and there is a large red bow on the front with white polka dots on. The back of the shoes are made from red and white gingham fabric.
      The shoes have rounded toes and beautiful Perspex heels. The heel is quite thick and it is clear with a bright blue colour going through it from the top. I call them 'glass heels'. The heels are 10cm in height. There is a leaf pattern on the actual heel and the bottom of the heel is a dark red colour.
      If you look closely at the heel you can see nails sticking into the top of it, where the heel is attached to the actual shoe, but this is not something people would notice when you wear them.
      There are 3 charms attached to the outer sides of each shoe. There is an ice cream, a strawberry and a monkey holding a banana.
      The charms are made from plastic and are attached with a metal clip to a small piece of blue leather attached to the side of the shoe so you can remove the charms if you wish. There is one clip for all three charms so you cannot remove one charm if it was damaged or you didn't like it. You would have to remove all three.
      I think the shoes are a fantastic design. I love the bold colours and the polka dots on the bow are really cute.

      ~ Comfort and other findings ~
      The fact that Irregular Choice made 5 matching bags for these shoes suggests to me that they knew that they would have mass appeal.
      When I first wore them on a night out with my friends, they all admired them and one friend insisted on taking photos of them. They even got attention from people I don't know. A girl in one bar said they were amazing and marched me over to her husband to show him them!
      They are my favourite shoes. They are undoubtedly stunning.
      If they got cheap enough I would definitely buy them again so that I have a pair to wear and a pair to keep good. I have done that before with a pair of shoes, but after a while I decided it was a waste and gave the second pair to my sister who is the same size. They are shoes that I am going to have to show the grandchildren (and I don't even have children yet)!
      They are comfortable to wear and they are not too high to walk in comfortably. They don't rub or nip at all. I have worn them on a few occasions where they were fine. On those occasions there was a little bit of walking and dancing involved, but I was also seated for large parts of the night.
      Recently I wore them on a night out where I was on my feet all night and they really started to hurt the balls of my feet after an hour or so of just standing. They weren't too painful and my feet had recovered by the following day so it wasn't a case of painful blisters, which I was pleased about.
      They do start to hurt the balls of your feet after a while, but I do find that with most heels and these shoes have not hurt at all on some occasions when there has been less standing around and walking.
      I found that when I walk in these shoes the charms on the sides do clink together, but I don't find them irritating and they never fly up and hit my ankles. I think they make these shoes look even more cute than they already do.
      After a rather quiet night out I was really disappointed to find that on one of my shoes the monkey charm had a chipped banana. Other than this the charms have not scuffed or damaged from knocking against each other.
      These shoes don't exactly 'match' with anything, but I find that they look great with a little black dress or any other dress for that matter. They also look good with skirts, but I prefer not to wear them with jeans as I don't like to cover them up and I can show them off more when I wear them with a skirt or dress.
      Being made from felt and fabric, I do worry that these shoes will get dirty and I worry that I will spill a drink on them, but so far they have survived without any signs of wear.
      I have never worn them when it was wet or raining to minimise the risk of staining them or getting them dirty.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      These shoes are gorgeous. They are my favourite shoes from my whole collection.
      I think £79.99 is a reasonable price to pay for shoes that are so stunning. They are guaranteed to attract positive comments.
      If one of my friends had seen these shoes before me I would still have copied off them. I think these shoes are worth it.
      They have bold colours and stand out patterns. The round toe makes these cute and the Perspex heels are bright blue and look stunning. The charms make these shoes even more charming.
      The shoes are quite comfortable, but they do start to hurt the balls of my feet if I am stood or walking around in them for a while.
      I think these shoes are great and I would definitely recommend them.


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        17.08.2012 08:29
        Very helpful



        Crazy shoes from Irregular Choice

        For several years it was one of the more minor dreams of my life to own a pair of Irregular Choice shoes. For those who haven't heard of the brand, they make crazy off-the-wall shoes, brightly coloured and with all sorts of mad decoration. Unfortunately they are also rather pricey. However, at the beginning of 2011 I bought a pair on sale from the Schuh website - £49.99 reduced from £69.99.

        The pair I chose were the Oz Charm Bow Court. The Oz name appealed to me straight away - that, and the turquoise, gingham and red featured in the shoes, made me think of my favourite film The Wizard of Oz. After looking at other pairs of shoes, however, I've come to the conclusion that Oz refers to a style of shoe - there are other pairs, similar in design but different in colour, sold by Irregular Choice.

        The description of the shoes on the Schuh website read:
        "Follow the yellow brick road in the delightful Oz Charm Bow courts by Irregular Choice! Felt and gingham fabric upper with cute spotted bow on the vamp. Detachable charms add fun, finished off with a perspex heel of 10cm. You could still be Dorothy!"

        The shoes are covered in fabric: red and white gingham around the heel and turquoise felt around the front. There is a huge white-spotted red bow on the front. The heel, as mentioned, is clear Perspex with an embossed design. On the side of each shoe is a little charm with a monkey, a strawberry and an ice cream. The charms can be removed completely, or you can replace them with charms of your choice by hooking them through the fabric loop. The sole of the shoes has a gorgeous multicoloured floral pattern. Attention to detail is paramount with these shoes - you can tell they have been well-made.

        The shoes are surprisingly comfortable to wear. The burnt orange interior is of crushed velvet and feels very soft on the foot. The shoes are close-fitting and some reviews I read suggested that it was best to get a size larger than normal. I'm glad I didn't do this as the shoes are so high I'd rather my feet are securely lodged in them! The heels are much higher than I normally wear, but they are quite wide and have a bit of a grip. The soles don't have any grip, so I was a bit worried when wearing them, but in the end I was fine.

        I spent a long day in these shoes, with lots of time on my feet, and my feet did ache after a while, as I'm not used to wearing heels as high as this - I tend to stick to flats or small heels. However, the shoes themselves didn't rub or cause blisters - it was simply the height of them that caused me problems, and the same would happen with any high shoes.

        Finding an outfit to match the shoes was a challenge - as with all Irregular Choice shoes, they are so detailed and brightly coloured that it's easy to clash! In the end, I decided to wear them with a red Fifties-style dress from eBay (this one, if anyone's interested: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-CLASSY-VINTAGE-1950s- ROCKABILLY-STYLE-RED-BOW-SWING-PARTY-EVENING-DRESS- /130629494922?pt=UK_Women_s_Dresses&var=&hash=item6420d13d2d#ht_1117wt_952). I wore the shoes and outfit to my cousin's wedding and got loads of compliments!

        Looking on the Irregular Choice website, it seems that these shoes are still available but they have been renamed as the 'Trinkletina'. There are also matching bags called 'Lola' (I think I might get a clutch bag to match the shoes). I highly recommend these shoes as they are so different and unusual, and would certainly consider purchasing another pair.

        As mentioned above, Irregular Choice shoes are available at Schuh, as well as on the website www.irregularchoice.com. There is also a standalone store in London on Carnaby Street (Tel. +44 (0)207 494 4811) and another on Bethnal Green Road (Tel. +44 207 729 6877), as well as one in Brighton on Bond Street (Tel. +44 (0)1273 777120). I would also recommend looking on eBay as there are loads of Irregular Choice shoes and bags on there.


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      • Product Details

        Irregular Choice Trinkletina Shoes / Irregular Choice Trinklettina / Red and white check fabric heels with turquoise felt and leather / Detatchable trinket / Height category: 80mm and above / U-Fabric / L-Synthetic / S-Synthetic /

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