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Juicy Couture Radiant Kid

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Brand: Juicy Couture / Type: Flats

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    2 Reviews
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      08.05.2011 15:30
      Very helpful



      My review

      If you know me or have read any of my previous reviews you can tell I was a big Juicy couture fan.
      Juicy couture is a large designer brand in America. They sell, jewellery, watches, velour tracksuits, stunning handbags, shoes, perfume and more. There are a few shops in the uk that stock genuine Juicy products the likes of Asos, bank fashion, debenhams etc.

      My sister was away on holiday to america last summer and brought my girls back stunning velour Juicy couture dresses back with a pair of Juicy Couture radiant kid shoes each to match the dresses she had bought.
      As the radiant kid shoes were bought from the Juicy store direct in america the shoes were cheaper costing $75 which is around £42 in british pounds.

      Juicy Couture radiant kid shoes come in a choice off colours, black, silver, brown and bright pink. My girls have the bright pink as their dresses are hot pink. The shoes are sized from toddlers size 6 up to a size 3.

      Juicy Couture radiant kid shoes come in a stunning light pink box with the black juicy logo plastered on the box, inside comes a little care book telling how to clean the shoes. Each shoe is wrapped in contrasting tissue paper very sweet and thought it was a nice touch.

      We have the hot pink Juicy Couture radiant kid shoes both in a size 8. The shoes really stand out and are patient leather material all over. The shoes are very flat to the ground and don't have much of a sole probably due to the style of the shoes looking like a ballerina pump style.
      I also noticed the soles have no tread at all on them and while my daughters have them on their feet they enjoyed sliding up and down on the laminated flooring however the shoes seem to be ok outside and neither of my girls have fallen or tripped.
      The shoes fit pretty snug on the feet and don't slip off, my girls can also walk on them ok.

      The main part of the Juicy Couture radiant kid shoes are the cute design on the front. Their is a velour hot pink bow to start with, this also has gold trim like a zip pattering around the edges of the bow looks very funky. In front of the bow the toe area is decorated with six gold studs and four light pink crystals. The crystals really sparkle when the sun shines on them look lovely.

      My daughters both love their Juicy Couture radiant kid shoes and often very keen to wear them unfortunately the shoes are too good for every day use and just not practical for nursery. I would say the shoes would be ideal for a party or sunday best.

      Should the shoes get dirty a damp cloth will clean the shoes up but need to be dried off with a duster to pollish them up.

      I love the girls wearing the Juicy dresses and these shoes really set the outfit off , look so cute and smart. Both girls find the shoes comfortable to wear too due to the nice padded insole.

      The shoes only fitted my daughters around february time so only have another few moths left in them before their feet grow yet again.

      I think the shoes are stunning , very different , very juicy but i find it hard enough to justify Juicy prices for myself let alone a child, luckily the shoes were a gift for the girls but i know personally I would not buy these shoes, however if you are loaded them why not.

      I do recommend the stunning Juicy Couture radiant kid shoes. Beware there is not tread on soles can be slippery and not practical shoes for everyday use so for this reason i will only give 3 dooyoo stars.


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        19.04.2011 23:20
        Very helpful



        A gorgeous pair of shoes for any little Diva!

        I bought both Alice and Hollie these shoes when the Juicy Couture brand were being sold at knock down prices, this was sometime last year and unfortunately I can't remember exactly which site I bought them from so you'll have to have a browse around if (after reading this) you decide you'd like some for your own 'Radiant Kid'.

        They are a ballerina style shoe available in black or the hot pink you can see in the piccie above. Alice actually preferred the black ones but I ordered both girls' the pink version as in my opinion the black looked more like school shoes than I really wanted. These are such gorgeous shoes though, the black ones look very smart while this pink shade is more fun and perfect for the toddlers and young children they are designed for.

        Available in UK sizes (infant) 8 to (child) 3, the sizing isn't particularly accurate and while Alice's shoes (size three) came up very big, Hollies seem to be on the small side. This has actually worked well both ways for me as it has meant they have worn these fairly expensive shoes for longer than they would have done if the sizes had been spot on when I first purchased them. Still quite irritating though to order the size I'm know should fit, only for Alice to be forced to wait weeks until she grows into her new shoes.

        The shoes have a much sturdier body than the usual type of kiddies ballerina shoes, the price for me is justified in the high quality of the shoes and also the fact that they provide plenty of support for my daughters' growing feet. They are a nice mixture of suede and leather, with the side panels of the shoes being suede and the leather being used on the toe and heel. I was a bit surprised when they arrived actually as the photograph on the website made them appear to be completely suede, although thinking about it now I'm happy with the leather sections as they do protect the toe and back of the shoe from damage.

        The colouring on the shoes is seamless despite them being made of the suede/leather mixture, I expected there to be a slight variation in colour due to the different materials and their dying processes but the pink is exactly the same shade across the whole shoe. The bow at the front of the shoe is a stiff corded ribbon, it's obviously there just for decoration but gives the shoes an interesting and very pretty look which looks equally good on three year old Hollie and Alice who was then eleven.

        Sole-wise the shoes aren't great, they have a very flat sole which is hardly cushioned inside at all and therefore the shoes aren't particularly comfortable. Hollie has never mentioned it, but Alice did used to moan occasionally that she would get a burning pain in the balls of her feet if she walked any distance in them. Slipping my hand inside one of the shoes now I can tell you that I know they'd hurt my feet as the thinness of the sole would definitely mean you'd feel every lump and bump in the pavement as you walked. The outside edge of the sole is also extremely slippy, there are a few small ridges in the rubbery sole but not enough to prevent a child slipping over in wet or icy weather and I'm always a bit concerned about this when Hollie wears hers out to play.

        I like the rhinestone decoration on the toe, they are very well secured and not a single gem has dropped out during wear. Overall the shoes are quite easy to keep clean, Mark's in charge of shoe cleaning and keeping our centipede-inspired shoe racks in good order and he has never said that these are particularly awkward to take care of. I've noticed the suede can start looking grubby quite quickly, especially if the girls' have been wearing these shoes in the wet weather (in particular, Hollie: small child + large puddles = messy shoes) - this is easily sorted out with a damp cloth though so it's not worth curtailing your child's fun while they're wearing these.

        And, well, these shoes aren't the cheapest. In a fit of splurging I paid £72 for each pair, although have since seen the same ones at www.panachekids.co.uk for £45. In all honesty, the price I paid is a little too much for shoes for such young people. They really are excellent quality and still look as good as new, but still. I'd jump at the ones on Panache Kids though as that's a cracking price for a pair of (semi) designer shoes which look so good. Even if they are a bit uncomfortable.


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