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Just Sheepskin Donmar Sheepskin Slipper

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Brand: Just Sheepskin / Men's sheepskin slippers. / Type: Slippers

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    1 Review
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      05.10.2012 17:09
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      Just Sheepskin Donmar Sheepskin Slipper

      I initially bought these slippers for my husband two years ago for Christmas but they have now turned into my slippers. They live under the stairs and so whenever I am in the house with no shoes or socks on I tend to slip them onto my feet and find myself wearing them during most of the day much to my husbands disgust as I did initially buy them for him and he wants to wear them. He is sort of happy to let me wear them though as he doesn't really like the slip on aspect of them and finds them hard to wear as they keep slipping off his feet and he cant do things like walk fast or climb up the stairs in them but me as a girl find it no problem to wear slip on slippers as I am used to wearing slip on shoes so he doesn't mind sharing these slippers with me which is great as they are lovely and soft and gorgeous to wear and keep my feet nice and toasty!!

      Slipper are such a cliched present to buy at Christmas but when it turns cold all thoughts of warm and fluffy things are what keep me warm. I initially wanted to buy him a pair of mens UGG slippers but was put off when I saw the price, over £100 for a pair of slippers, I think not, even if they are a pair of UGGS. I found this pair of slippers in John Lewis and was happier about the price. I think I paid in the £50 region which is still expensive for a pair of slippers but much better than £100 and they are 100% sheepskin so are very good quality.

      In fact, after two years I am still very impressed by the quality. Ok, we only wear these in the house and perhaps sometimes to walk outside to put the rubbish in the big bins but the soles have not worn down at all and still look as good as new. The soles are quite hard and have a non slip rubber grip on them so on our wooden floors and tiled kitchen floor they work really well. I also think the non-slip sole is essential when you have a slip on slipper as this gives you a bit more traction when you are walking around in order to keep your slipper on. The sides of the slipper come down quite far on the foot so I think this also helps the slipper to stay on a bit better.

      Like I've mentioned above the slippers are slip on which I find very handy as you can just put them on and slip them off quickly without having to actually put them on your feet yourself. The inside of the slipper is filled with a lovely soft off white sheepskin which is quite thick and luxurious. These really keep my feet warm, even with no back to them and my heel exposed, I can wear these with no socks and my feet still stay warm. Thats the beauty of these slippers as you can wear them without socks or also with socks which is really nice too. I think my feet with socks fit inside these slippers though as I bought the slippers in a size 9/10 as this is my husbands size. The size is printed on the bottom of the slipper so you know what size you are buying.

      After two years the sheepskin inside the slippers has worn down a bit and is moulded into the shape of our feet but its still all there and hasn't worn away which is nice. The outside of the slippers features that suede material that you find on the outside of UGG boots and that too is lovely and soft and still looks as good as new in my opinion. The slippers come in two colours, chestnut which we have which is a lighter brown and chocolate which is a darker brown and this is nice too. There is a little seam up the middle of the slippers where the two sides of the suede is sewn together but I think this also gives the slippers a bit of a nice design. There is a J.U.S.T sheepskin tag on the outside side of each slipper as their advertising.

      A lovely snug pair of slippers.


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