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KG by Kurt Geiger Alone

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2 Reviews

Brand: KG for Kurt Geiger / Type: Womens shoes

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    2 Reviews
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      05.04.2012 16:26
      Not Helpful



      You need a KG

      As a craxy shoe lover I can honestly say KG shoe's are great, they are comfortable and the price is very reasonable. I have bought many pairs of shoes from Kurt Geiger and have found them to last a long time.
      I tend to wear KG shoe's to many events I attend with work and always get stopped about 'the shoes'

      However ....

      Once Saturday whilst out shopping I bought a gorgeous pair, went on with my usual routine of going home, getting myself all done up and strolling on out in my new KG's. I have a fabulous night up until the heel snapped off in a club. Literally soon as I walked in the club the heel just dissapeared!

      As you can imagine I was extremely upset, funnily enough not with KG but the fact I had to hop around for the rest of the night. My friends seen the funny side to it as eventually did I.

      I never got the take the shoes back to the shop and in the end threw them away but just like anything you buy there is always that faulty 1. Unlucky for me, it was the one's I was wearing!

      Still would not stop me form purchasing from KG!


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      15.02.2012 14:48
      Very helpful



      A lovely pair of shoes from a reputable brand

      As most of my regular review readers will know I am obsessed by shoes. They are my weakness and although sometimes parting with my hard earned cash on a pair of shoes can be tough (I'm not talking a pair from New Look here!) once they are on my feet I forget feeling slightly guilty! Kurt Geiger is one of the brands that I tend to buy from simply because their shoes are made incredibly well, they wear well and they don't tend to fall apart easily. I am a believer in the phrase 'you get what you pay for' and when it comes to shoes I'd rather pay a decent amount once and know that they will last than pay a cheaper price for the shoes to fall apart within a few months.

      In their sale which has been going on for several months now I picked up a couple pairs of shoes via their website (my nearest store is Cambridge around 50 miles away!). I know my size and I know the fit. I was specifically looking for shoes to wear to work as I find myself wearing the same shoes on a daily basis and they are getting a bit too worn and it is never good to wear the same shoes all the time apparently! One pair I purchased are by KG for Kurt Geiger and are known as 'Alone'. They come in either black patent or taupe patent and I bought the taupe version.

      Alone's description:

      "KG by Kurt Geiger Alone is a classic patent court featuring high heel and slim platform. A cute bow finishes off the smart design, ideal for the office or teamed with a pretty dress for an evening look."

      KG for Kurt Geiger is just another brand by Kurt Geiger, they are not as expensive as the main Kurt Geiger collection but they are slightly more expensive than the Miss KG collection. The shoes themselves are made from a synthetic material and are not leather but from my other shoes in the range normally the synthetic material is quite supple. These shoes are no different although synthetic the first time I tried them on they were although a little rigid they were soft enough to give a little. As they do have a patent finish it is important that you don't treat them badly as there is nothing worse than a scuffed pair of patent shoes as the scuff marks/scratches can show up so easily.

      The shoes have a lovely round toe which I think makes the shoes look rather delicate and quite girly although with an air of sophistication. The round toe does provide a decent amount of room for your feet which is quite nice but they are not the widest of shoes and although I don't have particularly wide feet, they did feel a bit too snug to begin with and although they didn't pinch at the sides they did rub slightly but this did stop after I had worn the shoes a few times which isn't too much of a problem for me but if you have wider feet they may rub quite a bit more making them quite uncomfortable to wear. But once they supple up a little the rubbing completely stops and they become quite comfortable.

      The heel of the shoes are around 10cm high which is teamed with a small platform. The heels themselves are stilettos and are rather slender, the heel tips will wear quicker than wider heels but this is quite normal. The heels are patent also which means that you have to be careful if you drive in them as they can scuff easily, it is just important that you are careful when wearing your shoes as apart from being expensive there is no point in damaging them, so no walking over muddy fields! The slim platform is also patent and is the same colour as the shoe itself. The sweet bow on the front of the shoe contrasts against the taupe as it is black and just adds a little bit of girliness to the shoe which is quite a nice little decorative feature.

      I have had my pair for a while now and although they did start off by rubbing the sides of my feet slightly it didn't take long for them to 'break in' and become actually quite comfortable. The lining of the shoe has a little padding which is quite nice especially if you spend hours in your shoes like I do. The heel arch does give a little support for your feet but after a while they can start to ache. Although not leather the synthetic material does start to give a little while after you've started to wear the shoes. They are not the most supportive shoes in respect to the sides of the shoes as they are quite low down once the shoes are on but this doesn't really both me personally as on the whole the shoes are quite snug so you do feel quite secure. The heel and sole wear well which is definitely a good thing as they won't need to be repaired frequently.

      Overall, these are a lovely pair of shoes which I was fortunate to purchase in the sale. Although a little tight at first they have suppled a little and are perfectly comfortable to wear but I am deducting 1 star simply because of the initial rubbing as it was quite uncomfortable as the synthetic material is a little rigid. However, on the whole they are a lovely pair of shoes which are comfortable (although not that comfortable after being in them for 9 hours straight!). A pair of shoes which should be considered if you want a bargain - that's if you can still get your size in the sale!

      ~ Useful Info ~

      Brand: KG for Kurt Geiger
      Colour(s): Black or taupe
      Sizes: 3 to 9 (limited due to being a sale item)
      Availability: Kurt Geiger stockists - sale item so may be limited
      Price: Was £90.00 Now £39.00


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