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KG by Kurt Geiger Aristocrat

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Brand: Kurt Geiger / Type: High Heels

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    2 Reviews
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      08.10.2011 08:31
      Very helpful



      A statement pair of KG shoes which are not the best example of KG shoes.

      I've always had very little self-control when it has come to buying shoes, especially KG shoes. I love the design and I spend hours browsing at the different styles of shoes from this brand. I was looking for a pair of shoes to go with a very plain black dress for Christmas last year and wanted a statement pair of shoes to give the outfit a more special quirky look. Since having children I have seriously curbed my spending habits and I stay away from designer brands and buy more affordable shoes. But when I noticed a pair of KG shoes which were perfect for the occasion I had in mind with over a £100 discount on them I had to buy the KG Aristocrat Court Shoes.

      ***KG Aristocrat***
      The description of these shoes are " Kurt Geiger Aristocrat is a round-toe court with a slim, super-slick high heel and platform. Simple yet sexy, these will go with anything, adding a sassy, seductive edge!"

      The KG Aristocrat shoes come in three different colours, black suede, a royal blue satin and a silvery grey snakeskin version. I own the silvery grey version therefore my review will be based on these particular shoes.

      KG Aristocrat is available in UK sizes 3-8.

      The shoes are a dark silvery/ mid grey colour. Unlike most other KG courts that I own the toe of the shoe is much more rounded and the design of most other KG shoes tend to be slightly pointier at the front than the Aristocrat. The main section of the shoe is a silvery grey colour which has a slight shimmer to the appearance but it is not shiny. The shoe has a darker grey snakeskin/ lizard print patter to it but this is very light and subtle. The platform of the shoes and heel is a very dark steel grey colour which I initially though was black when I came to purchase these online.

      The shoes have a 13cm heel and a 2cm platform. The platform is cut away from the front of the shoe by about 1cm which gives a sloping look to it. The shoes are leather with a synthetic sole and lining.

      KG Aristocrat are available from KG stores and online from KG. However these are an older KG shoe therefore are discounted. You can also purchase these shoes online from ASOS, Very, Simply Be and Amazon. The RRP for the shoes is £150.00 however as these are from the winter 09 season most retailers (including KG outlets) sell this shoe at a discount. ASOS are currently the cheapest retailer and at time of writing (October 2011) are selling these shoes for £75.00. I purchased these shoes in December 2010 from ASOS during a sale and with money off and a discount code I only paid £48.00. At this price I did feel like I got a bargain as £102.00 discount is massive!

      ***Wearing the shoes***
      I purchased these shoes online so I was unsure of the sizing when I ordered. I ordered a size 4 as this is the usual size that fits me with KG shoes although I do own some size 5's. When I first tried these shoes on I did feel size wise the shoes were quite tight and a size 5 might have been better. I have quite narrow feet and the shoes actually felt quite tight and pinched slightly. Therefore those with wider feet may find these shoes very uncomfortable. I did find that after 2 or three wears the shoes have stretched slightly and are more comfortable but even for my feet I do feel Aristocrat are a very narrow fit.

      When the shoes arrived I was really pleased with the overall look of the shoe and thought the colour and design was very unusual and very striking. The grey shoe is shimmery but not too shiny so the shoe looks overly cheap and the snakeskin pattern is visible but not so stark that it looks cheap and tacky which I feel is a plus point when you have spent a lot of money on a pair of shoes. I was slightly disappointed that the heel and platform were a very dark steel grey colour not black like it looked like on the website. I did think this coordinated with the silvery grey shoe and was a less of a stark contrast than black would have been but I did feel that this made the shoes harder to match with black outfits like I had planned to and personally felt the grey colour just did not look right with black tights. With a pair of shoes with a striking pattern like the choice of outfits that you can wear these shoes with is already limited.

      These are a high pair of heels with a 13cm heel but the platform does add some stability when walking in these shoes. I'm very experienced in walking in heels this high and most of my KG shoes have a heel this high (or higher) but I do feel these are the most difficult pair of KG shoes that I own to walk in. Firstly I do feel that this is partially being due to these shoes hurting my feet slightly because they feel tight around where the shoe meets my foot. Secondly the soles of the shoes are very slippy and have less grip on the sole. This makes walking on shiny surfaces difficult and you need to take care if you are walking on a wet floor especially with a heel this high. The main issue is design of the platform makes these shoes slightly unstable to walk in. The sloped front of the platform looks good but because it is cut away at the front you need to take care when putting your weight on the front of the shoe. If you put too much weight on the front of the shoe you are likely to fall forward. When walking on flat ground this is not too much of an issue but if you are walking downstairs or on a slight decline you will feel very unstable, made worse by the thin heel of the shoe.

      I have worn these shoes 6 times now and they are still in good condition. The shoes are quite hardwearing and I feel that the platform and heel in particular have not taken too much wear and tear in the same way cheaper shoes do from the likes of New Look which I find tend to scuff very easily. Looking at the heel tip it has worn down much quicker than the heels on my other KG shoes but I feel this is due to the shoes forcing you to put you weight on the back of the shoe more than in other pairs of shoes because of the unsteady design of the front of the platform. I do use a shoe protector which I have purchased from KG for £5.00. This was sprayed on the shoes before I started wearing them which has helped protect the shoe absorbing any spillages and you can't see any traces of the pint of blackcurrant cider that was poured over my feet by a work colleague (by accident) when wearing these shoes!

      I would be very disappointed with these shoes if I had paid the full £150.00 for them as I do not feel firstly that they are the best looking pair of KG shoes and secondly I do not feel the quality and comfort of these shoes is as high as other pairs of KG shoes that I own.

      I like the overall look of the shoe and they offer something slightly different with the rounded toe and slanted platform but the colour and pattern on the snakeskin shoes make these quite difficult to match and coordinate with outfits.

      I feel because these are quite unusual you find yourself wearing very plain outfits. I initially thought the platform of the shoe was a black colour but in fact it was a dark grey which I think if you plan on wearing the shoes with black tights just doesn't look right. The shoes do match with black outfits but I find myself going to flesh coloured tights and a plain dark black or grey dress just so another colour is not next to the shoe.

      Because of the slanted platform and thin (high) heel even for someone who regularly wears very high heels I feel these are not the most stable of shoes and I have found myself not feeling like I am completely steady on my feet when wearing these shoes especially when walking down flights of stairs.

      Not my favourite pair of KG shoes in my collection but the £102.00 discount from the £150.00 price tag sweetens the blow!


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        11.02.2011 18:21
        Very helpful



        A gorgeous pair of shoes to look at but uncomfortable to wear

        I currently have my sister living with me until her house purchase goes through which although we are close we have very different living styles - I am incredibly neat and tidy and she is incredibly messy! However, one thing we do have in common is shoes we both have vast collections which have taken years for us to build up and fortunately we are the same size! We both love a good shoe sale and we tend to shop in the same stores which is great but when we are together we do end up spending money when we probably shouldn't!

        A pair of shoes I have borrowed from her a few times were originally purchased full price and as soon as she saw them in the sale she was a tad upset as they were certainly not cheap to begin with! Having her live me is great as I do end up wearing a lot of her shoes and of course I get a free babysitter!

        The shoes she bought are from one of our favourite stores, Kurt Geiger. They are called Aristocrat and are from the KG by Kurt Geiger range - just another collection for Kurt Geiger but not quite expensive as the main Kurt Geiger range. They come in grey or black but the grey version have a lizard print pattern.

        What KG say:

        "Classic design leather courts with mid size platform sole and lizard print leather detail."

        I had seen these shoes many times when I have been in store but I was always put off by the initial price and I ended up buying something else. However, my sister can be a bit more free with money and can have spontaneous buying sprees! She has the grey version which has the lizard print pattern, the pattern is quite subtle which gives these court shoes a bit of detail as without this they would be a plain grey leather shoe which is actually quite boring but the pattern gives it a little bit of much needed detail.

        Aristocrat are made of leather which is quite supple and manages to keep the shape of the shoe well and it doesn't gape. The leather does give a little when you wear them - my sister had only worn them once before I got my hands on them! I do think that they are a little narrow and even though I have quite normal width feet I could feel a little pinching when I first wore them but this soon went after a while but they do remain quite snug. Aristocrat have an almond shaped toe which again is a little narrow and your toes are a little pushed together more than I would have liked. The inside lining of the shoes is taupe in colour which is a nice contrast with the grey and black lizard pattern, there is a little padding for your heels which is certainly welcomed in such a high heeled shoe!

        As you can see from the picture the stiletto heels are a slightly different shape than most which again give these shoes a little extra detail and makes them look a bit more unusual than other court shoes. The heel is 13cm which is quite high especially with such a slim heel and when I put them on for the first time I did feel slightly unbalanced. The platform is slightly undercut and is around 1cm which does balance out the heel height a little but they are still quite an unbalanced shoe when you are walking in them. After walking around in them for a while I didn't find any problems with them but I did have the odd wobble! It would have been nice if the heel had either been a bit thicker to give a bit more support or a bit shorter to balance it out a bit more. Both the heel and platform are black in colour which matches nicely with the grey.

        I've worn these a few times and even though they haven't caused any major rubbing or redness they are not 110% comfortable. I think this is due to being quite narrow at the toe and although the leather does soften it still stays quite rigid in order to keep the shape of the shoe. Even though when I've worn them I've been okay walking in them they do still fee a little unstable and I am constantly worried that the thin heel may snap! KG do brand these as a casual shoe but I think they are much more suitable for an evening shoe as they do look a bit much when you are walking around Tesco! On the occasions I have worn them my feet do start to ache after a few hours and I can't wait to take them off and get my slippers on. I definitely do not think they are worth their original price and I am so glad that I didn't pay as much as my sister did!

        Aristocrat are still in the sale at Kurt Geiger and come in sizes 3 to 8 although the size range may be limited as they have been in the sale for quite sometime. They now cost £69.00 and their original retail price was a whopping £150.00! They are definitely not worth this price and I certainly told my sister that! Their sale price is much more reasonable but if I had tried them on in store and had the same issues I certainly would not have purchased them.


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