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KG by Kurt Geiger Doris

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Brand: Kurt Geiger

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    1 Review
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      14.03.2012 20:39
      Very helpful



      A gorgeous pair of shoe boots

      My love of shoes is quite overwhelming as I am actually quite obsessed! Whenever I manage to get together with my friends it always results in a gossip over coffee and a rather long shopping day and at some point we always end up in a shoe store, it just cannot be helped as we all love our shoes. We all seem to love Kurt Geiger as a brand and if meeting up in Cambridge we can't help ourselves and spend quite a long time in store.

      The Kurt Geiger sale has been on going for months and I have been very fortunate to have bought a few bargains. Of late I have been very careful in what type of shoes I buy, generally for work wear as my work shoes get worn quite a lot. However, on a shopping trip with friends I stopped being so serious when it came to what shoes I bought but instead felt the need to be a bit spontaneous and I therefore bought a pair suitable really for evening wear only. I have desperately tried to rein in my shoe shopping but when you see shoes marked down so heavily in price I can always seem to justify it!

      The pair I bought are by KG for Kurt Geiger and are known as Doris. Doris is the style of a shoe boot - I do like the style of shoe boots especially in the winter as when going out on a night out or meal out somewhere nice and wanting to wear a nice pair of shoes shoe boots come in useful as they manage to keep your feet warm! They are however not the most practical considering the heel height but as I am used to wearing high heels the height isn't an issue for myself.

      Without doubt Doris is a striking statement shoe boot, there is no denying that it isn't impressive in shoe terms! They come in black only and have a slightly pointed patent toe which provides a bit of interest as without the patent toe cap they wouldn't be so noticeable in my opinion, they would simply just be plain black shoe boots. They feature a largish gold zip on the side which again apart from being helpful in getting the shoes on and off the gold contrasts nicely against the black and adds again a bit more detail which is a nice touch. The zip is on the inside of the shoe boots which although discreet the contrasting gold does stand out a little especially with the attached tassels.

      The main part of the shoe boots are made from leather which is definitely what you'd expect if you were buying them full price at £160.00. The leather is supple but a little rigid which is perfectly fine as it needs to be to keep the shape of the shoe itself, being too flexible and it wouldn't be able to keep the shape of the shoe. The leather however is soft enough and although I have found that they do need a little breaking in it doesn't take long for them to supple up enough to be really comfortable. Because of the style the sides of the foot and over the arch of your foot is supported and your feet do feel enclosed and secure.

      The shoes do have a rather large but slender stiletto heel at a towering 12cm which yes is incredibly high and if not used to wearing exceptionally high heels I don't recommend you trying with a pair of these! The heel is slender and therefore won't help your balance much if not used to high heels however the wide platform at the front of the shoe does take off a little height off the heel so when wearing them they don't actually feel as high as they look as silly as it sounds and the platform does help to keep your balance as it is quite wide. As with any pair of stiletto heels they will wear down quicker than a shoe with a hider heel or wedge and if you were to wear them on a daily basis you'd probably find yourself in the shoe repair shop quite easily.

      The inside of the shoe boots is synthetic lined and has a little padding for your feet which is certainly much appreciated especially considering that these are so high. What I have noticed is that the patent toe may scuff easily and I have been extremely careful when wearing them as patent leather shows up any marks or scratches so easily and when you are paying so much for something you don't want to damage them in any way! Either that or you get some complete idiot that is drunk on a night out and walks all over your feet in a crowded bar and proceeds to ruin your gorgeous shoes!

      I've had my pair for over a month now and although I don't wear them on a daily basis I have worn them several times on evenings out with friends and I am pleased to say that they haven't rubbed once. I did admittedly wear tights the first time I wore them which I do find helps when breaking in a new pair of shoes but the leather is already soft and they are not too tight on my feet which of course helps. I have had quite a few comments about my Doris shoe boots which is nice as they certainly make for a statement pair of shoes even when just out with friends wearing a pair of skinny jeans it is nice to add a bit of glamour into an outfit. I have to say I am really pleased I didn't pay full price as although I do wear them I don't wear them enough to get my money's worth straight away but as I got them in the sale I definitely got a bargain!

      ~ Useful Info ~

      Brand: KG for Kurt Geiger
      Sizes: 3 to 9 - although limited due to being a sale item
      Colour: Black
      Price: Was £160.00 Now £49.00
      Availability: Kurt Geiger Online - you can always try a Kurt Geiger stockist but it is a sale item and may be limited


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