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KG by Kurt Geiger Elvira

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Brand: Kurt Geiger

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    1 Review
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      25.10.2010 11:52
      Very helpful



      A glamourous pair of shoes

      Every year for my birthday I treat myself to a new pair for my shoes as a gift to myself, yes a little excessive and I could really put the money to better use but I work very hard all year and I like to spend my money as I see fit as long as my bills are all paid and I put away into my savings each month I feel I can justify my shoe obsession! I always like to make a big deal out of my birthday as I generally try and get away for a few days and finding a new pair of shoes is the ideal gift! I always buy a pair of shoes that cannot be worn for work but are ideal for nights out and special occasions so I do wear them again. I must admit that I do buy shoes on a frequent basis but my birthday shoes have to have that special edge to them that I would normally look at admire and buying something far more sensible!

      For this year it was an extra special birthday as I was (and still am) pregnant and I wanted something extra special this year as I was being wined and dined by my beloved other half in York and I wanted to dazzle him which was the perfect excuse to buy my birthday shoes! After having a brief look around for the right pair I ended up in my usual shop, Kurt Geiger in Cambridge - I really am like a kid in a candy store.

      After trying on a few pairs my eyes were drawn for a pair fit for a ballerina. They took me by complete surprise as they were something that I really couldn't have imagined myself but there they were in a gorgeous display just aching to be tried on! The shoes in question have a pretty simple name; Elvira. If you heard the name of the shoes you would certainly conjure up a different image in your head!

      What KG say about Elvira:

      "KG by Kurt Geiger Elvira is a lavish high heeled court shoe, with silky satin laces that lace-up the front of the shoe, tie around the ankle and fasten in a bow at the back. This unique statement shoe is sure to make you stand out in a crowd!"

      First of all I will start off by saying Elvira is available in three different colours - black, grey and metallic (as is show in the picture). I opted for the metallic colour as it has a lovely pink/ blush tone to it which adds a bit of glamour to any outfit. The shoes are made of leather and has a snakeskin detail to the shoe which adds a bit of detail - only the metallic colour has this snakeskin/ scaly effect. Both the lining and sole are synthetic and are a caramel colour which contrasts nicely with the pink colour of the shoes.

      The heels are incredibly thin and stand quite high at 10cm which make balancing quite a problem if you are not used to such high and thin heels. The heels are gold metallic and I find incredibly delicate compared to the whole of the shoe which is quite robust. The heel tips will need no doubt need to be replaced after a lot of wear as it doesn't have a lot of surface area to cover.

      What I find makes these shoes so special is the ribbon/ laces which start from round the toe and cross over nicely into the colour matching rivets until you have to manually wrap them around your ankle and tie in a neat bow. The satin ribbon is colour co-ordinated with the shoe and is quite a thick ribbon which goes nicely with this delicate shoe. You don't have to worry about the ribbon fraying at the ends as there is a little gold metallic stoppers at the ends of the ribbon. I think the ribbons help give these shoes a lavish, sexy look to them whilst still being incredibly girly.

      As I said above the main body of the shoes are made from leather and they are really well made but I would definitely recommend that you wear them in at home for a few times as even though the leather does soften enough for them to fit around your feet well as with all new shoes there tends to be the customary pinching and rubbing around your heels. I always now put a very thin layer on the inside of the heels of my new shoes in order to prevent rubbing when I am wearing them in. The leather softens just enough for them to be comfortable but they don't crease so they do stay in shape as some leather shoes especially if they are thin leather can loose their shape.

      The heel and the footbed of the shoe has slight padding which proves invaluable especially if you are wearing these shoes for a night out but they don't offer a lot in the way of support other than having the ribbons tied around your legs!

      Despite the heel height these shoes are actually pretty comfortable to walk in even if I do worry that the heel will snap at any second! As soon as I got used to walking on such a slim heel I found them fine to walk in. It is really important that the ribbons are not laced up too tight as this again can prove quite uncomfortable but they do give a bit once you have tied them up and are walking around.

      Elvira are a part of the KG collection for Kurt Geiger meaning that they are the cheaper range of shoes if you can even call them cheap! The black version is still readily available but the metallic version (which I have) have been reduced from £110.00 to £89.00. They come in sizes 3 to 8 but due to having been reduced now for so long limited sizes may only be available.

      For me, these were the perfect birthday shoes and really complimented me on my outfit. I have worn them since at a wedding and have plans to wear them quite a few times next year too so they were certainly not a one time wear purchase, I will definitely be getting my monies worth!


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